Take better Retail decisions with iVend Analytics

Some of the top challenges rated by three types of retailers – the winners, the average performers and the laggards

While 58% laggards agreed that they are not able to identify their best customers so that they can offer special incentives to them while shopping, 33% of retail winners were also of the same opinion. Predictably – only 10% of the retail winners had issues in matching inventory to demand, where as 50% of the laggards struggled to match inventory to demand. 68% of the average performers and 57% of the laggards feel that they do not know the customer sentiment till the time they see it in sales. And interestingly, 57% of the retail winners feel that their merchants don’t get information fast enough to react to differences between forecast v/s sales whereas only 33% of the laggards share a similar view

Similarly, talking about how does BI help overcome business challenges, 74% of the respondents felt BI helped them improve promotion effectiveness. 73% said that BI helped them respond better and faster to changes in customer demand. 43% of the respondents feel that the Brick and Mortar selling channel gains the most for a BI solution, 37% feel that all channels gain from a BI solution and given that e-commerce and mobility are relatively new channels of sale – they tend to gain 14 and 6% respectively.

Have a look at the video to know more about these retail challenges and ways to solve them.

iVend Analytics is a set of pre-packaged, shrink wrapped Business Intelligence dashboards specifically for retailers. iVend Analytics integrates seamlessly into iVend Retail which is a complete Retail Management Suite and is being used by diverse retailers ranging from Electronic Stores, Apparel Retailers, Footwear, specialty, departmental stores and many more.

One of questions that we are asked many a times is – what is the minimum threshold for a retailer to embrace a BI solution? Is the decision based number of stores, transactional volume, or a completely different parameter. Honestly, there is no fixed equation which would determine whether a retailer is BI ready or not. However if a retailer’s data is Diverse, Dynamic, Dense or any one of these, the retailer is BI ready.

It is more than obvious that BI has now become an essential tool – in an integrated retail environment – for a retailer to be successful.

iVend Retail Implementation with SAP Business one – Training

CitiXsys Australia conducted a 5 day iVend Implementation webinar series from April 16th to 20th 2012 for CitiXsys partners and customers in South East Asia. The sessions were 3 hours each day with 2 breaks in between. In total there were 15 sessions of 1 hours each. The sessions were recorded, refurbished by our creative team, packed within 30-50 minutes each and made available at http://www.youtube.com/citixsys/ so that other consultants willing to learn iVend Retail implementation can quickly learn the product.

These sessions are beneficial for Retail customers using SAP Business One as their backend ERP while running iVend Retail to run their retail enterprise.

The recorded sessions shall take you through an in depth experience from the initial SetUp phase to Rollout for iVend Retail. These comprehensive sessions aim to make attendees an expert in iVend Implementations. The sessions conclude with a discussion on the Blueprint document , the system landscape, accelerated implementation template and post production support.
After completing these sessions, attendees shall be able to take the online exam to pass & certify as “iVend Retail Certified Implementation” consultant. Please contact your local CitiXsys manager to participate in the certification program.

You may click above to start the 15 session playlist or go to our Youtube Playlist page to review each session. There are over 600 minutes (over 10 hours) of recording. So make sure you have your coffee, popcorn and a blanket before you start. Have fun with the training.

iPlan 1.5 released for SAP Business One 8.82, PL04 and above


Release Description

This document outlines the enhancements / issues fixed in iPlan version 1.5
iPlan 1.5 is only supported on:

• SAP Business One 8.82, PL04 and above
• SAP Business One 8.81, PL03 and above
• SAP Business One 8.8
• Microsoft SQL Server 2005
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008


• Ability to inactivate an item: With this release, you can now mark an item as inactive for MRP Run, OTB and Forecasting. The system will continue to make stock transfer recommendation for items which have stock on hand.

• Ability to add manual recommendation: With this release, you can manually add additional rows to MRP Recommendations before executing the order recommendations.

• Import planning parameter: With this release, the “Minimum Inventory” information for the item warehouse combination can also be imported.

• Forecasting of new items: With this release, new items can be forecasted based on the sales history of a replacement item.

• Analyze forecast in terms of cost and sale: With this release, apart from quantitative view of forecast, the forecast can additionally be viewed as an amount based on a price list.

• Overriding forecasted data: With this release, you can now override the forecasted data at Item group level which will get applied to all the items in that group.

• Imported historical sales consideration: With this release, the treatment of the imported historical sales data can now be based on any one of the following parameters.

  • All – All imported historical sales will be considered while generating the forecast.
  • None – The system will not consider any imported historical sales data while generating the forecast.
  • Previous – Only those imported historical sales data that are prior to the first transaction of the same item in SAP Business One will be considered while generating the forecast.

• Auto application of distribution rule: With this release, the system can be setup to apply the distribution rule automatically in the MRP recommendations.

Bugs and Defects Fixed

• Plotting of historical graph: Due to an issue in the previous release iPlan considers the historical sales as zero for the month that has not passed yet and therefore the graph plotted for the month shows 0 sales for the month. This has been fixed in this release.

iPlan – Inventory Planning for Business One is a tool that allows organizations to further improve inventory management processes. The enhanced MRP (Material Requirement Planning), OTB (Open to Buy) and Forecasting engines enable companies in Retail, Warehousing & Distribution to have a better control on their inventories resulting in better margins. Forecasting enables predicting sales in the future based on past or legacy data. MRP enables the procurement process per warehouse. OTB ensures optimal spend on inventory as and when required based on forecasted sales.

ATP in SAP Business One Vs ATP in Inventory Pro (Available to Promise)

This video demonstrate the ability of Available to Promise (ATP) functionality in Inventory Pro compared to same in SAP Business One

Inventory Pro 6.6.5 for SAP Business One 8.82 Released

Release Description

This document outlines the enhancements / bug fixes incorporated in Inventory Pro version

Inventory Pro version is only supported on

  • SAP Business One 8.8 SP00 PL07 and above
  • SAP Business One 8.81 PL05 and above
  • SAP Business One 8.82 PL04 and above

Inventory Pro version will not be supported on the following environments:

  • SAP Business One 2007
  • SAP Business One 2005
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Contact CitiXsys support for details on Hardware and Software specifications for Inventory Pro version

You must install Crystal Reports 2008 Runtime with this version of Inventory Pro.

With this version of Inventory Pro you would need to install .Net Framework 4.0


Following features have been added / enhanced in the Inventory Pro version

  • Automatic Allocation – A new service has been included in Inventory Pro to automatically allocate item quantities periodically. A new setup screen has been included in the Inventory Pro add-on to configure parameters for Automatic Allocation.
  • Label Printing from GRPO screen – A new button has been added to the GRPO screen in SAP Business One to enable the user to print item labels for item quantities received in the GRPO.
  • Block user from changing allocation control on Sales Order – A new setting has been provided in the Inventory Pro > Document Setting to prevent the user from changing the allocation control on Sales Order. In this case the default allocation control defined in the Inventory Pro > Document Setting will always apply.
  • Inventory Transfer Request – Inventory Transfer Request document included in SAP Business One 8.82 has been added to the Order Management process and RF Transactions. Using the RF Module the user can perform picking transactions against Inventory Transfer Requests and can also post Inventory Transfers based on Inventory Transfer Requests subsequent to the picking process.
  • Picking Report for Independent Picking – Printing of Picking Report for Independent Picking has been enabled on the Picking Screen.
  • Put-Away Transactions from RF Module – Put-Away transaction from RF Module has been extended for A/R Credit Memo, A/P Invoice, Return and Receipt from Production documents.
  • Production Order transactions from RF Module – Issue from Production and Receipt from Production transactions have been incorporated in the RF Module.
  • Customizable Report for Stock Take – With this version of Inventory Pro the Stock Take report can be customized. A sample report template has been included in the Sample Reports folder.
  • Copy UDF values to Delivery Document – A new setting has been included in the Inventory Pro > Document Settings to enable copying of UDF values from Sales Order to Delivery document.

Issues Fixed

Following issues have been fixed in this release:

  • Gross Profit in Marketing Documents – With this version of Inventory Pro the Gross Profit Base Price will be populated appropriately based on the SAP Business One > Document Settings and selected Item UOM.
  • Quantity to Move – With this version of Inventory Pro the Quantity to Move column will be set to Zero after the row is moved to selected matrix.
  • Service Type Marketing Documents – Due to an issue in the previous version of the Inventory Pro Add-on the system would prompt the user to enable the Unit Price column for Service type marking documents whereas this prompt should only display for Item type documents. This has been fixed in this release.
  • Un-do picking for Production Orders – In some rare cases an un-do picking transaction could not be performed for Production Orders which were subsequently updated. This has been fixed in this release.
  • Closing Locked Pick Tickets – Due to an issue in the previous version of the Inventory Pro add-on the user was able to close a pick ticket from Order Management screen which was locked by the RF User. This has been fixed in this release.

Inventory Pro from CitiXsys enhances SAP Business One inventory features facilitating the easy management of inventory either paper based or RF. Designed for companies with light transactional inventory volumes that deal with multiple items, Inventory Pro comprises of four modules – Bin Locations, Available to Promise, Multiple Units of Measure and Allocation.



Implementing iVend Retail Got Easy with- A Successful Webinar Series


iVend Implementation Webinar series successfully concluded earlier on Friday (20/04/12).

The webinars were a resounding success with participation levels of over 90%. Spread over 5 sessions of 3 hours each, the series covered all the finer details of iVend Retail Implementation and gave the participants a complete view of the application set. Though scheduled for the APAC region, the webinar was attended by participants as west as Mexico.

The sessions ranged from installation & configuration to suggestions on how best to implement iVend Retail in different business scenarios. The sessions were extremely informative and gave the implementation consultants an opportunity to discuss implementation related challenges in a LIVE session.
The format of the webinars was such that the participants could interact with the organizer and panelists during the breaks between the sessions. The participants also interacted with a team of panelists on http://forum.citixsys.com to get detailed explanations to their queries.

Not only were the features of iVend Retail discussed at length, the sessions also covered implementation scenarios where iVend Retail is being implemented in an already implemented SAP Business One OR is being implemented together. Also covered in the sessions were topics on how best to implement iVend Loyalty and other CitiXsys Line of Integrated Retail Solutions along with iVend Retail.

The last session covered the accelerated implementation templates and other artifacts required in iVend Retail implementation. Emphasis was given to the process of handover from implementation to support so that the support team is fully aware of the application landscape when extending support to the customer.
All the participants are now trained to undertake the implementation certification test on, Successful candidates will be awarded a framed certificate valid for 2 years.
For the benefit of the partners who could not join the webinars due to differences in time zones, the recordings of these webinars will be uploaded on CitiXsys website in the next few days. We will keep you informed on when the recordings will be available.
We once again thank the participants and the organizations they represent for making this a great success. We leave you with a promise to conduct these and such sessions more often in the coming future.

iMatrix 5.5.4 for SAP Business One 8.82 Released

Release Description

This post outlines the enhancements / issues fixed in Item Matrix version 5.5.4. Item Matrix 5.5.4 is only supported on

  • SAP Business One 8.82, PL04 and above
  • SAP Business One 8.81, PL03 and above
  • SAP Business One 8.8
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008


  • Blanket Agreement – With this release user can now use the Item Matrix Catalog button to filter out the item that needs to be added on the blanket agreement document in SAP Business One 8.82.
  • Inventory Transfer Request – With this release user can now use the Item Matrix Catalog button to filter out the item that needs to be added on the Inventory Transfer Request document in SAP Business One 8.82.

Language Support:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

About iMatrix

This is a product variant management solution on SAP Business One designed for companies that sell, manage or procure items that have similar attributes such as size, color or style. A matrix item structure is identified by a parent item and categorized by child items having similar attributes.

iCharge 10.5.6 for SAP Business One 8.82 released

Release Description

This post outlines the enhancements / issues fixed in iCharge version 10.5.6. The Release Notes can be downloaded here.

iCharge 10.5.6 is only supported on:

  • SAP Business One 8.82, PL04 and above
  • SAP Business One 8.81, PL03 and above
  • SAP Business One 8.8
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008


Compatible to SAP Business One 8.82 – Starting this release iCharge will now be compatible to SAP Business One 8.82 PL04 and above.

Issues Fixed

  • Due to an issue in the previous release, in case of eWay payment gateway iCharge sends the amount in dollars instead of cents .This has been fixed in this release.
  • Due to an issue in the previous release, if a customer has multiple credit cards attached to it wherein two or more cards have same last 4 digit number, iCharge could not display customer cards in payments means window. This has been fixed in this release.
  • Due to an issue in the previous release, iCharge could not send Transaction No. of length less than 29 characters to Ogone Payment Gateway. This has been fixed in this release.
  • Due to an issue in the previous release, voiding an authorized credit card at A/R Invoice, used to get delayed captured and hence double charging the card. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • Due to an issue in the previous release, online report for Paypal Payment Gateway generates runtime error. This has been fixed in this release.
  • Due to an issue in the previous release, voucher number could not get updated in bank deposit which causes problem in reconciliation. This has been fixed in this release.
  • Due to an issue in the previous release, any web orders uploaded to iCharge was not getting cancelled through iCharge. This has been fixed in this release.

About iCharge

Certified by SAP & PCI, iCharge is a Credit Card Application that integrates SAP Business One with Payment Gateways globally. iCharge processes credit card information between sales transaction in SAP Business One and payment processor service that obtains authorization information needed to approve the transaction. For all sales transactions generated in SAP Business One, iCharge authorizes and settles payment in real time and integrates them back into SAP Business One.

Following gateways are supported.


Payment Gateway

Countries Supported

1 Authorize.net US
2 PayPal US, Aus
3 Heartland US, Canada
4 Skipjack US
5 Commidea UK
6 Ogone UK
7 Moneris (Canada) Canada
8 Moneris (US) US
9 eWay Australia, NewZealand, UK, Europe, India, Hongkong, Singapore
10 DIBS Payment Denmark, Sweden, Norway
11 FirstData US, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific
12 ChronoPay Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portgual, Russia, SanMarino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK

iVend Retail 5.5 Released with APIs

A major version of iVend Retail is released today with many functionality and enhancements. This version will have full APIs (Application Programming Interface) that can be used by partners and customers to integrate iVend with other applications for integrated retailing. Main points of this release are below.

Integration API’s for iVend

This release of iVend delivers web services APIs for integration with third party business applications other than SAP Business One. For more information related to the iVend APIs please contact your regional sales manager.

Integration with SAP Industry Solution for Retail

iVend 5.5 is integrated with SAP ECC 6.0 with industry solution for retail (IS Retail). This version is completely integrated with SAP Retail using PI Server (Process Integration Server). Customers can purchase the Integration Package for iVend – SAP Retail which has all ready made integration content written for SAP Retail integration. Additional integration content can be written by partners using iVend APIs.

Sale Order Enhancement

The improved functionality will prompt the cashier to open the latest sales order copy in case the Sales order is modified several times. This would ensure that the user always gets to work on the latest sales order.

Transaction Roll-up

The following enhancements were done in the transaction roll-up features.

  1. Roll can now be enabled for all transactions or only for the transactions that are done for the store’s cash customer.
  2. If Roll-up is turned ON only for the store’s cash customers then transactions done against customers other than the store’s cash customer would integrate to SAP Business One in real time.
  3. Roll-up feature can be turned ON and OFF based on the customer’s requirements. However while switching the settings there should not be any pending transactions for integration.
  4. Roll-up feature can also be switch ON along with the inter-store transactions feature.

Support’s SAP Business One 8.82

iVend 5.5 has support for SAP Business One 8.82 PL 04 onwards.

Extended Language Support

Apart from English, iVend application is now also available in the following languages:

  1. French
  2. German
  3. Greek
  4. Italian
  5. Latin American Spanish
  6. Simplified Chinese
  7. Vietnamese

Innovate or Face Extinction

A business needs to innovate or they risk becoming irrelevant.

The typical sales model no longer applies for retailers. There’s no doubt that there will always be a need for brick and mortar stores; people need to touch and feel a product before purchasing it. In fact, over a third of online consumers cite this as the top reason they don’t prefer to buy online.

Innovate or Face Extinction in RetailToday, however, it’s really all about convenience: consumers want to buy whenever they want to, wherever they are, and as easily and hassle-free as possible. They may love shopping at your store most of the time; but they also want to be able to purchase from you when they are stuck at the office late or at midnight when they are shopping for holiday gifts. Retailers big and small must integrate multi-channel retailing into their repertoire or they will experience attrition in sales and their customer base consistently.

The latest innovations in retailing tend to be adopted early by large retailers. Consider these interesting new innovations:

  • Nordstrom’s just announced that they are testing a mobile application that will allow customers to order custom made men’s suits whenever they desire. Can you imagine sitting in your hotel room at midnight, while away on business in Asia, ordering several thousand dollars worth of custom, high end suits?
  • Neiman Marcus has a mobile app that allows you to work with your favorite sales associate.

Are you embracing innovation in your business? If not, imagine the impact of the following scenarios on the success of your business.

A frequent client stops by your shop, looking for a dress for an upcoming special occasion.  After trying on several dresses, she leaves, saying she’d like to think it over more. Later that week, she decides on one of the dresses at your shop, but she’s at a mall twenty minutes away and your store is closing.

She looks up your store on her mobile phone’s browser so she can purchase it and then pick it up tomorrow. Alas, your webpage doesn’t have mobile capability. She gets frustrated when it’s cumbersome to navigate your site, and ends up ordering the same dress from another store at a nearby mall.

Loss of convenience = Dollars flying out the window.

Your children’s retail boutique recently started carrying a decorative accessory that is aimed toward the preteen girl’s demographic. It’s predicted to be the new hot trend. While in-store sales are fairly flat for this item, they seem to be selling well online. However, you don’t have the time or the tools to assess who’s buying these items. You soon run out of stock and the item is backordered.

If you had a retail management solution that integrated with your multi-channel retailing, you’d have quick access to important customer data, such as detailed demographics of purchasers as well as anyone who clicks on your site. What if a young teen in Texas wore this to her school and started a huge trend, which quickly spread in the area?

By having quick access to this data and integrating it with your social media platforms and customer loyalty programs, you could have marketed to a targeted demographic. Instead, some other retailer has capitalized on the trend. 

No management tools = Lost sales.

You own a chain of electronic and consumer goods stores. They become crowded during weekends, especially when you are running popular promotions, and it often seems like your sales staff isn’t able to keep up with all the questions.  A male shopper who is well-versed in IT equipment stops by to purchase a computer and other accessories, all of which are on sale. However, he can’t get anyone to help him and the checkout lines are long. Because he’s in a hurry, he leaves and plans to come back later. But he doesn’t get a chance to stop back before the sale ends, and takes advantage of a competitor’s sale on the same item the following weekend.

If your store had been equipped with mobile solutions, such as in-store tablets, your customers could order their purchases throughout the store and speed up the process.

Imagine making your customer’s shopping experiences a simple and easy task. Whether at home, on the road, or in your store, your innovative systems are providing them with ideas, information, and convenience. This translates into more sales and revenue for your business.

Can you afford not to innovate?