Elevating efficiency through technology

COMPANY : PT Mitra Buana Elok

Country: Jakarta, Indonesia
Industry : Beauty and Make-Up

Started in 2014, PT Mitra Buana Elok, the main distributor of Beyond Beauty products in Jakarta, is one of the newest entrants in beauty business in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company sells cosmetics with the Beyond brand name (originally from South Korea) and provides one of the largest ranges of makeup and skin care in Indonesia. PT Mitra Buana Elok, or also known as MBE, was established in February, 2014, and they are the biggest distributors of Beyond Beauty. Sheila Lesmana of PT Mitra Buana Elok, says that, “The founder Mr. Yanto also has other companies in other ventures (textile manufacturing, agriculture, etc).”

Currently, the retailer has seven stores in various areas (such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, etc); and next year, they plan to open another 10 branches.Pt mitra buana- citixsys


The company spokesperson Sheila said that they needed an effective solution to their business needs. It was important that all stock and sales data across all stores was noted accurately to enable them to coordinate efficiently. Another issue that the company was facing was getting reports. The retail suite should have the capability to generate meaningful reports and offer analytics for the management.


iVend Retail, iVend Loyalty with SAP Business One

Benefits :

  • Reliable functionality and easy to use interface
  • Integrated Data Management
  • Faster decision making process
  • On-time data and report availability
  • Better understanding of customer buying preferences
  • Improved analysis and control
  • Efficient accounting & finance
  • Help stay connected with customers via iVend Passes
  • Integrated Loyalty for reward management

“Business is growing, and iVend Retail with SAP is a good decision for furthering expansion. iVend Retail seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One, hence is a natural choice for PT Mitra Buana Elok. Overall, we are satisfied with the efficiency of iVend Retail Application.”

Sheila Lesmana, PT Mitra Buana Elok

PT Putra Gemilang streamlines their Retail operations for increased profitability by adopting iVend Retail and SAP Business One

COMPANY : PT Putra Gemilang Prima

Country: Indonesia

Industry : Building Material

Only a few modern retail stores in Indonesia selling building materials place their customer’s comfort and shopping convenience as top priority. Our customer Gemilang group were always focused on creating great buying experiences and hence engage with customers. Gemilang group were innovators to bring the concept of convenience retailing among hardware vendors, and industry known for rugged retailing.

Established in 1975 in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Gemilang’s outlets always stand out among competition with their customers speaking positive about them. Gemilang’s objective has been to make shopping convenient for customers. Each of their outlet is conceptualized with availability and access to an ATM center, minimarket, coffee shop and food stall and a kids play ground, so that children could engage in play activities while their parent’s shop.Gemilang


Mr. Arya Iwanputra, owner of Putra Gemilang Prima, considers IT as the most crucial department in his enterprise. Gemilang group had aggressive expansion plans and wanted adequate inventory planning and resource optimization. To support their plans company needed a reliable and scalable IT system with automated business processes. Management at Gemilang wanted deeper strategic insights from their retail system for optimally managing inventory and purchase at their retail stores. However, Gemilang’s existing system was unable to deliver expected results to match with the company’s growth.


iVend Retail, iVend Loyalty with SAP Business One

Benefits :

  • Reliable functionality and easy to use interface
  • Integrated Data Management
  • Faster decision making process
  • On-time data and report availability
  • Better understanding of customer buying preferences
  • Efficient accounting & finance
  • Improved analysis and control

“Our system was primitive and could not accommodate our growth, a simple process such as report generation would consume enormous manual effort and had to be reprocessed again and again to derive metrics”

Arya Iwanputra, Owner of Putra Gemilang Prima

Milano Impex goes Online to expand customer reach with iVend eCommerce

COMPANY: Milano Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Country: India
Industry : Footwear

Milano Impex Pvt. Ltd owns two brands EGLE & LOUIS ALBERTI and has been successfully selling them globally. After carving a niche in European market, Milano Impex Pvt Ltd introduced brand EGLE in India in 2003 followed by introduction of LOUIS ALBERTI.

Milano Impex Pvt. Ltd initially followed the dealer & distributor business model which contributed to a major chunk of their revenue. After achieving considerable success in their maiden Retail venture, company looks forward to expand their reach with an online offering.


With a successful lineage of introducing European shoe brands EGLE and Louis Alberti, Milano Impex wanted to launch a new business-to-consumer eCommerce Portal. A portal that would allow them to sell merchandise directly to the consumers and deliver an integrated brand experience to match the spirit of “Shoes for all occasions”.

The company wanted an eCommerce portal that seamlessly integrates into their iVend Retail and SAP Business One so that their. Online and Physical stores function as a unified retail unit.

Milano wanted their eCommerce portal to come alive with innovative and intuitive design, that features images, description and media to showcase their wide range of Men’s Shoes.


iVend eCommerce with SAP Business One

Benefits :

  • Customers can quickly find products and create wish lists by selecting products in Categories / Brands or by using the shop-by filter
  • Increase in the average order size with promotions, smart up-sells and crosssells
  • Marketing, merchandising and sales staff have better control to manage portal content without IT intervention
  • Conduct integrated sales as a result of seamless integration with iVend Retail and SAP Business One
  • Eases the process of rolling out international Web sites in multiple languages and currencies
  • Supports Web traffic exceeding one million page views per day, helping the company meet or exceed its sales expectations
  • Ease of reporting and order information analysis to comprehend and optimize marketing, online sales, billing and customer support, returns management, shipping and product distribution logistics
  • Higher customer satisfaction with engaging shopping experience

We really like iVend eCommerce Portal’s ease of access with update capabilities…it is expected to support company’s expansion strategy and provide real-time brand visibility and shopping access for our customers anywhere anytime.

Prem Raj Sharma
CEO, Milano Impex Pvt. Ltd.

DeVrina – Driving profitability with integrated retail operations

COMPANY : De Vrina

Country: Australia

Industry : Footwear

De Vrina shoes specialises in quality, affordable wedding shoes for ladies, shoe clips and handbags. De Vrina is into design, wholesale and retail distribution of ladies shoes and handbags since the year 2000. They are known for sourcing of the best products and are appreciated for price and quality. De Vrina incepted its retail operations in the year 2000 and have aggressive plans to expand their retail operations in the next two years.


  • Non-integrated retail system
  • Unavailability of clear and consolidated inventory view across stores
  • Several man hours spent in manual preparation of monthly sales and inventory reports
  • Manual replenishment and reorder led to frequent stock outsituations

De Vrina, is a fast-growing brand name in high-end wedding and formal footwear, appointed CitiXsys to implement iVend Retail Management Suite with SAP Business One. One of the biggest challenges that De Vrina had was limited visibility and inadequate reporting of in-store stock and warehouse.

With ambitious plans to grow their business, De Vrina chose iVend Retail Management Suite to manage their retail operations with SAP Business One as backend ERP. The need was to have a system that could manage a fast growing business and be easy to use and maintain with limited IT resources.

The other challenges that prompted management to invest in Retail system included non-integrated and scattered data spread over Store, warehouse and head office. They did not have integration into an ERP connecting retail data. As a result De Vrina could never effectively manage inventories.


iVend Retail with SAP Business One

Benefits :

  • Clear view into Retail operations for effective loss control
  • Unified view of inventory at POS helped in Rapid stock turnaround
  • Synchronized data transfers between Stores and Enterprise ensured operational accuracy
  • Achieved faster order processing

The key to maximizing profits in the Footwear retail industry is to aim for the highest level of optimized business solution and customer satisfaction. iVend Retail with SAP Business One has proven to increase stock accuracy up to 99%, which has led to a sales increase of 5 – 25% averting excess stock and stock out conditions.

Additional benefits of the system:

  • Integration of stores helped in generation of transparent view of Sales, purchase, stock data across stores
  • Necessary inventory and sales data is accessible in real-time across stores
  • Store sales reports can be processed daily, weekly or monthly with ease
  • Ease to set up sales, discount and promotions
  • Promotions and price discount settings have reduced manual entries atthe POS level

“The integration of iVend Retail with SAP Business One has streamlined many business processes that were previously lengthy, manual and cumbersome. Vast improvements in Inventory management and purchasing were realized by the implementation of iVend Retail with SAP Business One. Our Loyalty program has greatly improved the client partnership relationship and in particular is very easy to use.”

Helena Du

DCC S.A. – Efficient retail process to boost business performance

COMPANY : Desarrollos Culturales Costarricenses Corporation’s

Country: Costa Rica, South America

Industry : Book Stores

Costa Rican Cultural Development, DCC S.A. is based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Dedicated to the development of culture,

DCC.SA Case Study

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the company is one of the leading importer, distributor of books, educational products and fine stationery of Costa Rica and Central America.

As a well-established retailer with over 22 retail stores and supplying across the country, DCC wanted to use the advantage of a strong market position to drive business growth. To achieve this objective, the corporation wanted to maximize sales opportunities from its existing customer base, and to expand into other areas of South & Central America.


  • Non-integrated retail system
  • Difficulty in setting up promotions & discounts
  • Inefficient stock monitoring and stock movement
  • Inadequate customer information

With the goal of improving productivity, increase inventory visibility across the retail chain and to increase sales from its existing customers, DCC started searching for an Enterprise Class retail system that could integrate their overall retail business functions.

Managing hundreds of inventory items, DCC was struggling to effectively control the inventory levels and cope with the fast changing demands of their customers.

Managing retail operations with inventory control and good customer service seemed like a complex task since their retail stores were located in different regions of the country.

DCC was keen to analyze sales and inventory performance in real time. The company’s goal was to gather more accurate and timely figures to support decision making.

Their existing legacy system was unable to manage such transaction volumes and was falling short of the expectations.


iVend Retail with SAP Business One

Benefits :

  • Standardized business processes based on industry best practices
  • Enhanced Inventory Control
  • Improved customer service
  • Ease to setup and monitor discounts and promotions
  • Faster order processing

iVend Retail Management Suite has helped DCC integrate their retail operations across all 22 stores spread across the country. The solution helps DCC stay connected with collaborative insights to his business operations.

iVend Retail Management Suite delivers up to date visibility of stock across the retail chain extending complete stock visibility across the retail chain.

DCC’s legacy point of sale (POS) and back-end applications were hindering the company’s attempts to streamline its business processes to access timely and accurate business information.

iVend Retail Management Suite, a complete Retail Management Suite seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One was the solution set that addressed all the business expectations of DCC.

“Yes, we improved importantly the time of attention to customer at the register, we now have more information about the transactions and the promotions are set up quicker, training and induction of new employees is now faster due to the iVend’s user friendly interface

Marco Montoya,
Financial Manager