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iVend Retail
Integrated eCommerce Solution for Real-time Shopping Experience
iVend eCommerce - Anytime. Anywhere
Online Trends Predicted for Year 2014
Sales from eCommerce portals are steadily gaining an upward trend and steadily becoming a significant portion to total retail sales. The contribution percentage of eCommerce sales is increasing at a much higher rate than retail sales in general boosting retail sales. eCommerce is also complementing in-store sales, transforming consumer experiences. The current trend will continue and eCommerce sales will eventually become an imperative and a must have for any retailer.
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Fiscal Printer Integration
Woo customers digitally
The onset of digital era started a decade ago, and retail has undergone a complete makeover since then. The smartphone revolution has completely altered the way people shop today.
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Download - Retail Insights
Download – Retail Insights
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Edge Ahead with mobility
NRF 2014 Video
NRF 2014 Video
Control your retail business end-to-end with iVend Retail & SAP integrated solutions
Retail Asia Expo 2014
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Recent Partnerships
Eliason Consulting Group - United States
Eliason Consulting Group – United States
Eliason Consulting group is partner that aims to be the business engine by which 100,000 SMEs adapt innovative, integrated management systems of performance excellence that generates results. They are working ahead and want SME retailers in the region to adopt iVend Retail, the innovative, integrated retail solution and help them succeed and decrease stress.
VTM2 - Canada
VTM2 – Canada
VTM2 Technologies Inc. is a leader in the field of information technology for projects related to the management of enterprises. Our partner has a team with diverse experience in field of IT and accounting. VTM2 has a mission is to be a leader among SMEs in the process of selection, implementation, training and support for retail applications and other software accounting applications.
Recent Customer Wins
Addide started operations in March 2008 with the pioneer store, Akoka offering a selection of national brand grocery items, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cosmetics. Today the chain operates as one of the fastest growing convenience-store chains in Nigeria under the Addide banner, with twelve stores in just three years,(with plans to increase to twenty within the next five years of operation) strategically located in medium income neighborhoods in Lagos State.
Fernandes Bakkerij NV
Fernandes Bakkerij NV
Fernandes Group is one of the largest company chain of bakeries in Surinam,with approximately 1,100 employees, a wide variety of activities and a high social status. Fernandes is an automated Bakery that mastered the bread and pastry category in Suriname. Their continuous attention to ensure quality improvements for years and a strong consumer base are the main attributes to the success.
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