Six ways to prosper Online retail business

Getting started in setting up a fancy eCommerce store with attractive features can really not start till one gains faith of the browsers to our online portal. eCommerce businesses globally are facing a fierce issue Browse but not buy behavior from online community.eCommerce

To combat abandoned carts, what steps must a Retailer really take??

The only possible way out to this is by gaining trust, which means by gaining the confidence of visitors to your site so that they buy from your online store without any fear. The best possible way through which online retailers (especially pure online retailers – with or without inventory) can gain trust is to “HUMANIZE THE ONLINE STORE”.

Question in focus is how?

It simply refers to making your online store more interactive by providing value added features  which ensure the genuinity of transactions to online shoppers & makes them  believe that they a dealing with are a real business and/or person to automated machine or a piece of junk software.

There are a few strategies that can help you humanize your eCommerce store, which in turn would help you gain trust and build a huge & loyal customer base.

Chat Live: Adding a LIVE CHAT button on an eCommerce website is a method for telling people that their queries will be straightaway answered by the appointed customer support representatives. More often, live chats are text based & one can easily manage resources from their existing Brick & mortar channel without much of  pain

Speak Live… with your customers: Providing a facility for your online shoppers to speak to you or your associates is one of the best ways to humanize online business. Employing Toll-free numbers has been a globally accepted phenomenon to interact with your client & reaffirm that he is doing business at the right place. With Cloud telephony becoming a rage call back forms or click to call functionality too can be conveniently integrated to an eCommerce portal.

Broadcast Live: Videos of product reviews, demos, and so on from your product expert would also add value. … Videos are one of the most effective ways to communicate with the modern mobile, social shopper, it generates curiosity and has been a great medium to generate sales.

Mail Live: Another feature that can help is email forms and email ids provided on your website. It allows people to email instantly to reach you if they have any queries.

Answer Live: Online shoppers are always on the quest for product information, so they ask questions on forums, visit review sites and other authentic sources. Making your staff/product experts available at these places for answering these queries will help shoppers gain trust.

Be Social:  Integrating your online store to the social environment contributes a lot towards humanizing your store. Social media plays a monumental role in brand building; there are numerous tools to publish yourself and network with end users directly. Successful online retailers have used them to track customer preferences & choices and have succeeded in outshining others who didn’t