EMPR Holdings, Sydney uses Inventory Pro for Inventory efficiencies

Company: EMPR Holdings Pty Ltd

Country: Australia, China and New Zealand

Industry: Wholesale Distribution for Computer Replacement Parts

Located in Sydney, EMPR® is a Global Multinational and a leading distributor of HP, Toshiba and ASUS. They have been supplying genuine parts and accessories to all sectors throughout Australasia including Government, Corporate and home users.

What began as a small company, EMPR® over the years has evolved into a Global Multinational Company in the Asia Pacific region with operations in Australia and New Zealand. China Operations are due to commence in early 2011 together with future expansion plans within the Asia Pacific region.

EMPR® has grown rapidly to become a major computer hardware supplier in the region and are the recipients of many awards for being in the top performing HP Master Parts Reseller for the replacement parts Business within the entire Asia Pacific region.


  • Improve order tracking and shipment status across warehouses
  • Seamless and deep integration with SAP® Business One
  • Maintain the niche, be competitive by improved inventory and customer management

The company decided to implement SAP Business One as an ERP solution to manage its critical business functions across sales, distribution and financials – via one flexible responsive system that could integrate and provide real time access to information.

Multiple product lines being catered to from multiple warehouses, made the company look for a warehousing application that was integrated with SAP Business One to provide important functionality required in their distribution ecosystem.

As a full service distributor, they required a cost effective warehousing solution that could process sales transactions, monitor inventory movement, manage order entry and integrate data in real time at their head office.

In addition, they required a solution that could confidently keep track of orders sent to warehouse for fulfillment and shipment, offer easy process to reconcile backorders and could support future growth.

Solution: Inventory Pro with SAP Business One


  • 360 degree view of order and stock status across multiple warehouses
  • Improved inventory management with advanced warehousing features like allocations
  • Comprehensive view of the company’s revenue, costs and inventory valuation in real-time

After evaluating various options, EMPR® decided to implement Inventory Pro for SAP Business One from CitiXsys. Both solutions were installed and implemented by Key Business Solutions. Since the rollout of Inventory Pro, the company has realized various business benefits. Access to real time information has enabled better supply chain planning and efficiency.

In addition, stock positions are easy to obtain at any given point of time at any of their warehouses, providing visibility and streamlining distribution operations.

The company is also able to track orders in real time, manage growth and meet customer expectations for higher service levels to support repeat business. Improved forecasting and enhanced visibility across the business has also helped improve business performance providing a scalable platform that supports the company’s plan for rapid expansion.

According to Ben Holmes, IT Director of EMPR Holdings, Inventory Pro has greatly helped them improve their process efficiencies.

“Inventory Pro improved our business processes in terms of our stock accuracies.

IP has enabled us to have a better process in picking, packing and order accountability.

At the end of every day we know the status of every order and we can reconcile our backlogs and account for all the orders where as in the past we may not have been proactive enough in finding the problem orders.”

Ben Holmes,

IT Director, EMPR®Holdings.


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