Platinum Partner

Platinum partners are a fast growing elite group of CitiXsys partners who consider being profitable as their mainstay ambition. A Platinum Partner always strives to remain competitive by offering to their customer’s best in class solutions and value for their money.

At this highest level of partnership, Platinum Partners create a business model around iVend Retail suite of Applications.

Introduction of Platinum Partnership is in continuation to further strengthen CitiXsys’ commitment to ensure its Platinum Partners maintain increased profitability and competitive edge. Platinum Partners manage the complete sales process cycle and engage directly with the opportunity. CitiXsys enables its Platinum partners, membership to which is through invitation only. Their responsibilities include the management of the entire sales process for iVend Retail Solutions, implementation of the product, training for end users and providing Level 1 and Level 2 support.

By becoming a Platinum Partner you are entitled for all the benefits of a Certified Gold partner.

How to become a Platinum Partner

To become Platinum partner, you will have to:

  1. Get at least two (2) of your sales consultants and four (4) of your implementation consultants certified online.
  2. Submit s business plan and agree to the minimum Net to CitiXsys revenue as defined in the partner program guide.

Consultant Certifications

CitiXsys conducts two types of online certification courses around the iVend Retail Applications. Platinum partners are required to earn 6 certifications and commit to Net to CitiXsys revenue to attain this level.

  • 2 Certified Sales Consultant
  • 4 Certified Implementation Consultant

These certifications available to the partner consultants online.

Benefits of being a Platinum Partner

Platinum Partner benefits are listed below

  • Joint Marketing Programs
  • Co-funding opportunity for events/ Campaigns
  • Regular source of leads from several CitiXsys funded marketing campaigns
  • Higher Marketing Development Fund (MDF)
  • Local PR Support
  • Dedicated account managers

Become a Platinum Partner Today!