R3 Global automates Retail Process with iVend Retail

Company: R3 Global

Country: United States of America

Industry: Relational Marketing through brick-&-mortar and mobile stores

The mission of R3Global is to be the most superior Total Support System in the relational marketing industry by providing a complete range of Teaching, Training, Motivation, Inspiration, Communications, Calendar & Events, and Promotional Items.

With the passion to influence “Personal Development for Prosperity in the 21st Century” for each and every one of our customers, R3 Global reaches out to its customers through a well established network of distributors and members of its Relational Marketing Program.


  • Ability to quickly and easily setup mobile stores and kiosks
  • Transaction processing speed with minimal clicks to a sale
  • Seamless and deep integration with SAP Business One
  • Ability to capture Debit Card sale – in offline mode

As the business grew, with it grew the complexities and challenges of running a successful multi level membership business.

Even after replacing their aging QuickBooks application with SAP Business One, their existing POS system was not able to match to the pace at which transactions were conducted. Added to this was the unique business process where substantial portion of their sale was done in conferences and meetings.

The challenge was to have an application that could allow R3 Global quickly and easily set up mobile stores and kiosks to manage the transactional volumes. It was challenging to increase sales, reduce transaction processing time and reduce stock out & overstock situations. It was imperative to have flexibility in setting up promotions with inventory visibility across stores.

One of the other challenges was the ability to process debit cards – quickly and in off-line mode.

Required was a consolidated view of the retail operations, inventory and associated financials, and an easy way to transact with their customers, and members.

Solution: iVend Retail


  • Consolidated retail sales data with improved accuracy and transparency through iVend Retail Management Solution
  • Comprehensive view of the retail operations – revenue, costs and inventory valuation in real-time
  • Ease of use in executing the unique business processes

The move to iVend Retail with SAP Business One as the back end ERP was a clear step forward in integrating and effectively managing its retail and financial data more effectively. Selecting CitiXsys solutions to complement its SAP investment seemed the right choice as it easily integrated with SAP Business One.

The main benefits that the iVend solution provided R3 Global, was its ease of use, its complete integration with SAP Business One, and its overall speed of transaction processing. R3 Global has not only automated and streamlined its retail business processes but also gained a positive return over its IT investment for the present and in the long run.

“iVend has given us performance on the front line. The user interface is intuitive and easy to learn. The speed of (credit card) transactions is great.

Beyond the product strengths, we really like the configurability, especially with the user defined fields for our membership program.

Single thing we value most is the speed of processing”

Mark Morgan, R3 Global

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