iVend Analytics Detailed Feature List

Store Analysis

  • Net Sales Vs Transactions
  • Transactions on POS
  • Store wise Net Sales analysis
  • Average sales transactions/store
  • Month on Month Analysis
  • Top performers & bottom performers
Product analysis

  • Product wise contribution in total sales
  • Product store wise net sales
  • ABC analysis by products
  • Upsells & gift certificates
  • Special categorization for lost Sales
  • Newly Introduced & Non Moving Product Indicators
Customer level analysis

  • Company & Individual Contribution
  • Sales trend of each time
  • Calculation of basket size from generated revenue
  • Customer Type Vs. Net Sales Trends
  • Transactions Vs. Salesman
Inventory Snapshot

  • In Stock & available Stock
  • Actual Stock display keeping aside committed stock
  • Reorder Alert basis average weekly, Net quantity Vs. Available quantity
  • Shrinkage details based on Actual stock take to ascertain pilferage
Payment Analysis

Store wise & trend analysis by various payment modes

Comparative Sales Analysis

Net sales Growth Comparison for Store, Product group, product Drill-down


  • Promotional Sales Vs. Overall sales Analysis
  • Statistics by Promotion Type
Attribute Analysis

  • Attribute & sub attribute analysis for Matrix Child Products
  • Trend Analysis
Side by Side Analysis

  • Product Group /product-comparison by adhoc groups
  • What sells more with what
  • Strategic Insight to determine promotions and combos
Sales Persons

  • Top Performers
  • Trend Analysis
  • Individual Contribution