Safety & Security

  • PCI compliance
  • SAP Certified
  • Supports SSL Encryption for secure ordering. Cart automatically switches into secure mode appropriately. Supports any brand SSL certificate.
  • IP Address Tracking: For safety and auditing, IP addresses are logged
  • Require periodic admin password changes
  • Password Salting + Hashing
  • Store Admin can lock out any customer account for security/fraud reasons
  • Access Rights
  • All Password Change Operations Logged
  • RegEx AppConfig control over strength of passwords required for store logins and admin logins
  • Support for dynamic encryption key changes via admin site
  • Comprehensive 1 Year Aged Read Only Security Log built into admin site. Viewable only by admin Super User
  • Any order can be marked as fraud for later forensics
  • Allow Customers to individually select if they want their credit card information stored (overrides by store admin possible)

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