Sales, Marketing & Coupons


  • Related Products (Alternate Products)
  • Upsell products
  • Call to Order (Phone Orders)
  • Product Price can be hidden until product
    added to cart
  • Product X requires Product Y
  • Multiple UOM (Unit of Measure)
  • Recently viewed products
  • Customers who bought X also bought Y
  • Customer levels (Customer Group) supported

Marketing & Promotions

  • Gift Card Support

    • Email,
    • Physical
    • Certificate
  • Gift Registry
  • Period and volume discounts
  • E-Mail Product To A Friend
  • Customers can review & rate products
  • Profanity checking
  • User Polls
  • Gift card recharge by shopper


  • Product Specific Coupons (apply to only specified product)
  • Coupon discounts by amount or percent
  • Coupons can have expiration date.
  • Coupons can be marked as use once per customer, use once by only one customer, use N times, etc.
  • Coupons requires minimum order amount before they are valid

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