• Calculate Shipping By:
    • Order Weight
    • Order Total
    • Use Fixed Prices
    • Specify All Orders As Free Shipping
    • Fixed Percent of Order Total
    • Fixed Item Shipping Costs (e.g. Shipping Cost By Product)
    • Real Time Shipping Rates
  • Multiple ship-to addresses per order (a customer on one order can ship some items to address A, and other items to address B)
  • Mark Customer Levels/Profiles as free shipping (or tax exempt)
  • Configurable local pickup option that can be restricted by geographic region
  • In Store Pickup
  • Enhanced Order Delivery Management using Order Best Fit, Item Best Fit and Specific Warehouse
  • Refund supported through Store Credit
  • Admin defined shipping methods (e.g. Ground, Next Day, 2nd Day, Priority, etc)
  • Real Time Shipping carriers can vary based on Domestic or International shipping address.
  • Filter Real Time Shipping Rates You Want To Allow
  • Add Shipping & Handling Extra Fee To Orders
  • Shipping Methods Verified Against User Addresses During Checkout (this avoids the ground shipping to Hawaii situations!)
  • Shipping Tracking #’s e-mailed to Customers
  • Support for Downloadable Products
  • Support for “No Shipping Required” Products (e.g. services)
  • Allow “Free shipping over $X” for site
  • Batch Shipping Order Printing/Tracking Integration with UPS WorldShip and FedEx Shipping Mgr.
  • ShipWire Interface Supported
  • Approval based Order Integration

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