iVend Loyalty

iVend Loyalty


Loyalty is an oft-used word in retailer-customer relationships. The forward-looking retailer, more often than not, puts in place an effective loyalty programme which promises repeat shoppers. Bringing back a satisfied shopper to the store is infinitely easier than convincing a fresh one to visit, browse, compare, decide and buy. Which is why retail loyalty programmes are so important in the connected omnichannel age.

iVend Loyalty is a points and rewards management application designed to improve customer retention by

  • Bringing them back and,
  • Improving customer experience

iVend Loyalty is a seamless part of iVend Retail and can integrate with any business management or retail application, using its APIs.


iVend Loyalty- Reward, Retain and Engage

Business Benefits

Develop that relationship

Get more sales with rewards program

Acknowledge the Loyal Customer

Ability to track shopper habits


Product Features

Auto Detect Operation Modes

Multiple Registration Modes

Flexible Card Number Management and Allocation

User Defined Loyalty Schemes

Level Based Redemption of Points

Rewards Management

Deployment Landscape

Deployment Landscape