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iVend Passes

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iVend Passes is a revolutionary platform for retailers to deploy Digital Passes on Apple Passbook/Wallet and Android devices.

Moving away from paper passes and coupons, retailers can engage customers with a digital Loyalty Card, digital Coupons or digital Gift Cards. As an application, iVend Passes remove the technical challenges of creating Digital Passes, allowing retailers to focus better on consumer engagement. iVend Passes is an integrated part of omnichannel-ready iVend Retail that enables retailers to use the service seamlessly at their point of sale.

Retailers can also make Digital Passes like loyalty cards, gift cards, coupons in iVend Passes and send them to customers on their mobile, saving capital and ensuring each pass reaches the desired customer. Once a Pass is sent, customers can add them to their ‘Passbook/Wallet’ application easily. Being a Digital Pass, up to 10 locations can be added to each Pass, as in once a customer stores a Pass in his iPhone/Android Passbook/Wallet, a location is programmed via GPS coordinates and/or iBeacon UUID. And another advantage of being digital is that up to 35 languages can be stored per Pass.

In a nutshell, iVend Passes helps retailers to stay connected with their customers. A Pass can be created at an iVend Retail POS terminal and sent to all customers without any hassle of a custom mobile application.

Business Benefits

Faster Checkouts

Always updated

Enhanced Customer Experience

Better insight into customer

Enhanced Customer Engagement

No misuse

A Greener Alternative to paper and plastic

iVend Retail Integration

Product Features

Easy to deploy

Comprehensive Dashboard

Geo fencing in iVend Passes

iVend Passes APIs


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