iVend Retail Detailed Feature List

For the Head Office and In Store Management

Feature Functionality
Replenishment Planning
  • Available for execution at Store or at the Enterprise
  • Generate recommendations for stock transfer or purchase orders
  • Take into consideration
    • Minimum level
    • Order multiple
    • Lead time
    • Replenishment sources
    • Pack size/UO
Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Forecasting model with automatic “best pick” option
  • Sales Forecasting can be consumed in replenishment planning
  • Generate forecasts based on
    • Product
    • Product group
    • Product categories
    • Merchandise hierarchy
Merchandize Hierarchy
  • Logically group items into a merchandise hierarchy for effective planning
  • Define upto 15 hierarchical levels in an hierarchy
  • Fully interactive business intelligence dashboards
  • Drag & drop feature to create dashboards in record time
  • Can be viewed from iVend management console/ any standard browser using the iVend web viewer
Inventory Management
  • Setup Product database for standard, serialized, batch managed, kit, assembly and non-inventory items
  • Items can be marked as non-refundable
  • Inventory control for serial and batch managed items based on expiry date
  • Define Open Items which can be used with price override
  • Create, manage, build and break down kits at individual stores
  • Store and track offline inventory
  • Create and manage assemblies at individual stores
  • Data Optimization
  • Unit of Measurement and Multiple UOM
  • Data Purge store wise
  • Barcode Masking
Cycle Counting / Stock Take at store
  • Perform physical inventory counting at store
  • Barcode scan file can be imported to reconcile inventory
  • Perform stock take using barcode scanners
Inter-Store Transactions
  • Visibility of stock across the retail chain
  • Book orders to be fulfilled by other stores
  • Perform sales refund from any store
Customer Management
  • View credit limits, balances and customer contact information at the POS
  • Define multiple billing and shipping addresses for customers
  • Extend discount on items based on Customer Groups
  • Analyze customer buying habits using sales reports at the head office
User Management
  • Define employee positions such as sales executive, cashier, store manager etc.
  • Time clock management
  • Analyze employee performance by reviewing sales reports/ dashboards grouped by sales persons
  • English, French, Latin American Spanish, Italian, Greek, German, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simple & Traditional), Arabic, Dutch and Polish
Customer Catalog
  • Manage customer catalog numbers in parallel to the product numbers
  • Use customer catalog numbers in sale transactions
Security Management
  • Assign security roles to users
  • Biometric Support for Login in iVend
  • Hide non-mandatory Fields
  • Sales person attachment  to an individual store
  • Set password policies for users
  • Print item and shelf labels for individual stores
  • Option to print customize labels
  • Define security roles and assign various rights to the roles
Up sells and Alternative Items
  • Assign item substitutes and up sell items
  • Up sell and alternate item recommendations automatically pop up on the POS
Pricing and Promotion
  • Tax Exclusive / Tax Inclusive Pricing
  • Store specific pricing
  • Period and Volume Discounts:
    • Pricelist Based
    • Special Prices for Business Partners
  • Discount Groups: Define discounts for Business Partners based on:
    • Item Groups
    • Item Manufacturers
  • Define promotions to allow discounts for a specific quantity and/or combination of goods
  • Promotion based on sale totals
  • Happy hour based promotions
  • Define discounts based on:
    – Item Groups
    – Manufacturers
  • Coupons – by Manufacturers or by Retailer
  • Fixed Price Promotions – Buy X Get Y at Fixed Price
Passbook Integration
  • Passbook Integration with iVend for iOS & Android based devices
    • Designing a Pass
    • Template creation
    • Email Passes
    • Transaction with passes
    • Redemption with Passes
    • Statistics of Passes
Loyalty Management
  • Setup and manage multiple loyalty schemes which assign points on customer purchases
  • Loyalty points can be redeemed across the network of stores
  • Redeem loyalty points against new customer purchases
  • Define ageing criteria for loyalty points
  • Promotional tool to increase brand awareness and extend discounts
  • Both type of coupons are offered – By the manufacturer and By the Retailer
Handheld Devices
  • Manage store inventory using a handheld device running Windows Mobile OS version 6.0 or 6.5
    Transaction types:
  • Good Receipt PO
  • Stock Transfer
    • Shipment
    • Receipt
  • Item Lookup
  • Stock Management
    • Goods Issue
    • Goods Receipt
  • Goods Return to Vendor
  • Stock Take
Gift Cards / Certificates
  • Setup and manage multiple gift cards
  • Gift Cards can be sold and redeemed across the network of stores
  • Cash back on gift cards
  • Support for card or paper based gift cards
  • Recharge of Store Credit & Gift Cards
Inventory Turns Report
  • Calculate number of times an inventory is sold or used in a time period
  • Generate reports to show sales breakdowns, identify slow-moving items, and check sales for any day—by store, item, Item Group, Customer, Customer Group or Sales Person
  • iVend provides multiple reports in the following categories:

Sales Reports | Collection Reports | Inventory Reports | Fulfillment Reports

  • Reports can be previewed on screen, printed, or exported/email
  • Ability to edit existing reports as per the user format
  • New reports can also be added using the custom reporting feature
Item costing
  • Standard Costing feature to determine product profitability
Training Mode
  • Training mode allows new recruits to get trained on realistic data without the test transactions getting integrated into the LIVE system
Store Groups
  • Group Stores based on their individual needs
  • Pricing Store Group – group stores based on same pricing structure & policy
  • Taxation Store Group – Group stores based on same tax structure
  • Inventory Store Group – Group Stores to restrict inventory visibility across entire retail chain
  • Setup surcharges which can be applied as additional cost during sale transactions
Layaway Management
  • Create and maintain flexible layaway plans
  • Define installment count, minimum installment count, maximum installment count, layaway duration, and inventory issue method for layaway plans
Cash and Till Management
  • Create and track cash being disbursed and collected from each POS from the start till EOD
  • Maintain opening balances for each POS
  • Record Till Count variance
  • Print Cash-In, Cash –Out & expense receipts
  • Ensure till counts at various stages.
Discount Group
  • Define multiple types of discount groups
  • Manual discount group
  • System discount group
  • Coupon discount group
  • Promotion discount group
Item Matrix
  • Integration with CitiXsys Item Matrix application. Item Matrix application allows you to define /manage items by attributes, such as Size, Color and Style
  • Support for variants of the product
Local Purchasing at the Store
  • Local purchase orders are automatically synchronized into SAP suite of Business Management Applications
  • Receive stock against local purchase orders which are automatically synchronized in SAP suite of Business Management Applications as Purchase Order based Goods Receipt
Integrate SAP Business One UDFs on Business Partner Master Data and Item Master Data with iVend
Stock Transfer Create Stock Transfers between stores or between stores and head office warehouse /distributions centers
Inter-Store Transactions Orders booked in SAP can be fulfilled from Retail Stores
Customer Management Setup customer database or synchronize from SAP
Tax Status Integration Tax Status Integration of customer over the POS
Cash and Till Management
  • Record Till Count variance and post variances in SAP Business One
  • Detailed counting for custom tenders
Franchisee Operations iVend can be configured to operate in the following franchisee models
:- Company owned – franchisee operated – Franchisee owned – franchisee operated
Label Designer
  • Design your own Item Label templates that can be saved and further used for printing Item Labels
Query Builder
  • POS Visual query builder to create Adhoc reports using SQL queries

Quick Facts – POS Operations

Feature Functionality
Multi-currency Flexibility to cash-back in foreign currency to the customers
System Info System Information menu on POS
Signature Capture on POS Signature capture device integration with following transaction:

Sale | Sale Order | Sale Refund
Transaction Server On demand replication of intra-store transaction processing at stores
User Interface Enhancement
  • Collapsible Menu Bar in iVend Management Console
  • Changing Captions
  • Validation Rules: Validation rules available for setup from iVend Management Console on the right click context menu :
    • Hiding fields on screens.
    • Making a field mandatory on screens.
    • Specify Minimum and Maximum length for data
    • Specify Minimum and Maximum value for data
    • Specify regex pattern in which data should be entered in the field
Periodic Activities
  • Create and track the cash being disbursed and collected from each POS from the start till end of each day
  • Maintain opening balances for each POS and ensure till counts at various stages
  • Perform Cash In/Cash Out for the till at the POS
  • Facility to book petty expenses at the POS
  • Detailed Tender Counting for Credit Cards/ Debit Cards/ Voucher/ Check / Travelers Check
Transaction Processing
  • Automatic Barcode determination: Hierarchical resolution for Product, Customer, User etc.
  • Display customer balance and credit limit at POS
  • Customer facing display
  • Automatic price and tax determination at POS
  • Override price, discounts and taxes on the POS
  • Look up quantity on hand, item attributes, display a picture
  • Item description override on POS for selling open items and special order items tied to a single item master record
  • Build / Break down Kits in real-time on the POS
  • Transaction Preview and Printing at POS
  • Ship to address integration at line level
  • Support for multiple transaction types in a single POS transaction: Sale, Sale Return etc.
  • iVend POS can be used with both Keyboard and Touch Screen equipment
  • Age verification
  • Ability to attach reason code to transactions: Based on the system setup
  • Ability to add sale level comments at the POS. These comments can be printed on the receipt.
  • Apply surcharges to POS transactions
  • Prompt the user to book a Sales Order when the store is out of inventory
  • Automatically lock the POS terminal when left idle.
  • Customer credit limit check on POS
  • Ability to suspend and recall transactions
  • Separate fulfillment plans for Sales Order items
  • Create & manage customer records from the POS
  • Reason code integration
  • Visibility of inventory of all stores or group of stores and warehouses at the POS
Payment Processing
  • Payments on the POS can be made by the following tenders:
    • Cash
    • Credit Card & Debit Card
    • Check
    • Travelers Check
    • Store Credits
    • Voucher
    • On Account – This special tender enables the user to leave the payment amount on account
    • Store credit can be issued in case of refunds
    • Custom tender – This special tender allows businesses to define their own financial instruments and control their integration with SAP
    • Gift Card & Loyalty Points
  • Support for the following Credit / Debit cards:

    Master Card | Visa | Amex | JCB | Diners Club | Discover
    | Others cards
  • Collect payments by multiple tenders
  • Secure Credit Card authorizations: Eliminate losses due to unapproved or unauthorized credit card transactions.
  • Automatically update balance / change amount
  • Automatically update transactions with the default tender for change
  • Collect advance payment from customers
  • Transaction payments can be staggered across multiple transactions
  • Ability to print payment receipts
Multi-level Button panel
  • Easy access button panel on Point of Sale with following areas:
    • Product level
    • Product group level
    • Product category
    • Custom