Approval of FDI for Multi-brand Retail in India – A big Leap ahead

The recent approval for opening up the retail sector for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India is expected to give a boost to Indian retail sector and shall bring ample business opportunities for small and medium business. CitiXsys is overwhelmed with the decision as it’s a tremendous leap forward in Multi brand retail business and allows large chains such as Walmart, Tesco and Carrefour make a global footprint in Indian Retail segment.

The current disinvestment opportunity will offer wider choice with better quality to consumers and bring in more business opportunities for SMEs. With large investments expected in this sector, global retailers shall be interested to explore the Indian manufacturing base more, once they are allowed to set up local operations here.

Multi-brand retail with 51 per cent ownership will change the game completely and make the market more competitive, it shall also reduce wastage and reduce distress sales for farmers involved in fruit & vegetable cultivation; that is expected to give a definitive surge for Indian economy. The organized retail is expected to increase affordability for consumers. The quality of products is expected to improve with greater transparency and easier monitoring of adulteration. The organized sector will redefine India’s supply chain infrastructure and bring down the prices, and the consumers shall gain from the same.

“Indian retail shall see a serious competition between the organized retail and traditional unorganized mom-and-pop shops, it will increase their effort to enhance their customer proposition through adoption of innovative ways. These steps  may vary from adding new product lines, brands, better display, renovation of the store, introduction of self service, enhanced home delivery, more credit sales, acceptance of credit cards, etc.” said Mr. Kamal Karmakar, CEO, CitiXsys Technologies Ltd. He further added ” for Retail Management & Integrated Retail Solutions CitiXsys has a Suite of Applications for business owners, hence we also see it as a welcome business opportunity for us in India.”

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