Inventory Pro released with major enhancements

About Inventory Pro Inventory Pro is a light Warehouse and Inventory Management Software from CitiXsys. It is deeply integrated with SAP Business One &  lets its users effectively execute inventory management across the organization. Increased automation and item tracking capabilities in Inventory Pro helps improve accuracy and better the correlation of stock on hand with customer demand.

This post explains the business context of the 4 new features which have been developed in this release and the bugs that have been successfully fixed.

Release Description

The post outlines the enhancements / bug fixes incorporated in Inventory Pro version

Inventory Pro version is only supported on

  • SAP Business One 8.8 SP00 PL07 and above
  • SAP Business One 8.81 PL05 and above
  • SAP Business One 8.82 PL04 and above

Inventory Pro version will not be supported on the following environments:

  • SAP Business One 2007
  • SAP Business One 2005
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Contact CitiXsys support for details on Hardware and Software specifications for Inventory Pro version

  • You must install Crystal Reports 2008 Run time with this version of Inventory Pro.
  • With this version of Inventory Pro you would need to install .Net Framework 4.0


  • Chinese Localization – This release of Inventory Pro extends support for Chinese localization.

Benefit– This feature will help promoting & adapting the product functionality and appearance to meet the needs of Chinese-speaking markets.

  • VGA Display based RF Handheld Devices – This release of Inventory Pro extends support for VGA display based RF Handheld devices.
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 for RF Handheld Devices – This release of Inventory Pro extends support for Windows Mobile 6.5 based RF Handheld devices.

Benefit– These features shall extend the applications compatibility to most widely used new breed handheld RF scanners along with Windows Mobile 6.5

  • Order Management – With this release of Inventory Pro all selected rows in the Order Management screen will be highlighted and the screen scroll will be maintained (i.e. – the screen will not scroll back to the top).

Benefit– This feature shall help ware house staff to work efficiently & accurately with a clear view & track of orders

Bugs and Defects Fixed

Following bugs have been fixed in this release:

Multiple UOM bar-code in GRPO transaction via RF Module – The new release has fixed the issue, where the system would not determine the alternate UOM bar-code when performing a GRPO transaction via the RF Module..

Warehouse determination in Production Document – The new release of Inventory Pro shall determine the appropriate warehouse code while performing a Receipt from Production or to Production transaction from the RF Module.

Incorrect Date format in RF Transactions –The latest release of Inventory Pro that the system would determine correct date format for non-English locales.

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