iVend Retail 5.4.8 released

Biometric Support for Login in iVend

iVend Retail, solution integrates with leading fingerprint biometric Digital-Persona to enable retailers to quickly and securely identify users when performing tasks or accessing applications and records. Fingerprints can be captured on the Security Use setup while setting up a user in iVend. Employee can then log into the retail POS system, instead of punching in his id & password, he simply scans his thumb or finger on the biometric fingerprint reader.

Fiscal Printer Integration for Dominican Republic

iVend is integrated to Epson TMU-220 printer to support the printing of fiscal documents. Printing the fiscal documents is government mandate in Dominican Republic.

Fiscal Printer Integration for Kenya

iVend is integrated to Datec FP 300 printer to support the printing of fiscal documents. Printing the fiscal documents is government mandate in Kenya.

Global Pay Integration

Global-Pay payment processor integration for US and Canada has been incorporated in this release. The integration also supports the debit card sales with the PIN entry.

Importing File in Stock Transfer Requisition

Store would now be able to create requisitions from iVend even by importing the files into the iVend requisition screen.

Extended Language Support

Apart from English, iVend application is now also available in the following languages:

1. French

2. Latin American Spanish

3. Italian

4. Greek

5. German

6. Vietnamese

Auto Deliver Layaway Item

The new functionality will prompt the cashier to add the items that are put on Layaways automatically for delivery in a transaction if the customer has paid all the installments. Using this functionality the cashier operations are eased as there would no need to add the items for delivery once the customer has paid for the Layaways.

Gift Cards/Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate functionality has been enhanced with this release of iVend. This release allows selling and redeeming the Gift Certificate in single transaction. With this feature enhancement the cashier can now redeem the Store Credit that was given to the customer and can still issue a new Gift Certificate in the single transaction.

Printing Enhancements

The following are now supported by the thermal receipts of iVend

1. Barcode (Single or Multiple) can be printed anywhere on the receipt: Earlier version of iVend had a limitation that the barcodes will always be printed at the bottom of the receipt. With the new release it would be possible to print the barcode anywhere on the receipt. This is beneficial specially in printing the Gift Certificates from iVend.

2. Paper Cut: Receipt can now be configured to be cut from more than one place now.

3. Showing the decimal values as whole number on receipt: User would now be able get rid of trailing zeroes of the shown value on the receipt. This would make receipt more readable.

Inventory Transactions

All inventory transactions screens of iVend now shows the line number in front of each row of detail. This is helpful in user to identify the number of rows in a document specially while entering the Goods receipt at store.

Security Rights for Closing the Till

A new security right has been introduced in this release of iVend to restrict/allow the cashier from closing the till at the POS. This setting would normally be used when the till is assigned to a Team instead of a User and only one User of the team is allowed to close the till at the POS.

Quick Button

Quick button functionality has been enhanced with this release of iVend. User would now be able to setup a Quick button for a Matrix item also. This would enable the user to click on the button and quickly select the child product for selling.

Inter-Store Transactions

The Inter-Store transaction functionality is now split in two parts

1. Can Deliver from General Warehouse: This functionality will allow configuration of the system to capture the Sales/Order at Store which are to be delivered from General Warehouse from SAP Business One.

2. Allow Inter-Store: This functionality will allow the configuration of the system to capture the Sales/Orders at the Store which are to be delivered from other retail stores or from general warehouse of SAP Business One.

The major differentiating factor between the above 2 options is the way the records are replicated between the stores. In second case the transaction done at the one store are replicated to all other stores whereas in first case the transaction done at store is replicated only to the iVend Enterprise.

Integration Enhancements

The integration cycle will now integrate the records from SAP Business One to iVend before posting the transactions into SAP Business One.

SAP Business One Integration

iVend integration engine will now populate the transaction id of iVend transaction in the Journal Remarks field of the SAP Business One invoices and payments. This would help SAP Business One user in reconciling the customer accounts within SAP Business One.


Payment Processors integrated with iVend Retail

We get a lots of mails from iVend partners, customers and prospects about recommendations on payment processors. This blog post is about all integrated payment processors that work with iVend Retail currently as on August 2011. We will keep increasing this list and keep adding new payment processors in future. If you want your payment processor to be integrated with iVend Retail, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post or send me an email.

iVend’s Shop and Swipe feature allows cashier’s to complete transactions without the need of clicking any button at the POS. The feature makes the POS operation ‘click-free’ as the cashier just swipes the card after scanning all the items. The feature also removes the need of swiping the card once at EFT machine and then again at the POS for recording the payment details. In constant endurance to provide the hassle free billing at the POS, iVend Retail is integrated with many popular payment processors for different countries. That’s not all; all this comes with the highest standards of security practices recommended by the PCI council.

The following diagram depicts the scenario at the POS

iVend Retail credit card feature


Following are payment processors that are integrated with iVend:

S No. Processor Region
1 Authorize.Net (Both card present and card not present scenario US
2 Commidea UK
3 CyberBit UK
4 DataCash UK
5 EWay Australia
6 Ogone Europe
7 Protox UK
8 SecurePay UK
9 Verisign / Paypal/ Pay Flow Pro(Both card present and card not present scenario) US
10 Moneris US/Canada
11 DPS Australia
12 PC-EFTPOS Australia
13 Caledon Canada
14 Heartland (Certification Pending) US
15 Plutus India