MiniJumbuk replaces Attache with iVend retail + SAP Business One

Company: MiniJumbuk

Country: Australia

Industry: Retail – Home Wares

A proudly 100% owned Australian icon, MiniJumbuk has been manufacturing and selling exceptional quilts, underlays and pillows for over 30 years. Based in Naracoorte, South Australia, MiniJumbuk developed the first woollen blanket in Australia, and today continues the tradition with its emphasis on quality, innovation and craftsmanship, being committed to providing the best possible night’s sleep. MiniJumbuk quilts, underlays and pillows are available from all leading department stores and Manchester specialty shops.


  • Improve inventory and customer management
  • Fully integrate enterprise accounting application with retail operations
  • Create gift certificates from retail system
  • Improve employee productivity and overall store performance

With its products sold throughout Australia, Europe and China, it was important for the backoffice and point of sale solution chosen by MiniJumbuk, to be robust and easy-to-use. The company began to explore the possibility of investing in a solution that could integrate their business processes and information across their enterprise. In addition, they also evaluated the possibility of acquiring a solution that could provide real time (POS) data, visibility and insight into sales numbers and help in accelerating and improving the execution of transactions. Their greatest challenge was to find an affordable, easyto-use solution that would help them manage their critical business functions across sales, financials, and operations in one single integrated system.

The main benefits that the iVend solution was perceived to provide MiniJumbuk during the review process, was its ease of use, its complete integration with SAP Business One, and its ability to recall transactions for refunds and reprinting receipts. The staffs who use the system also commented on iVend’s friendly user interface and how quickly they grew accustomed to it.

Solution: iVend Retail with SAP Business One


  • Increased visibility across all sales and purchasing transactions
  • Intuitive solution scalable for future growth
  • Improved customer management & retention through gift cards and layaways
  • Comprehensive view of the company’s revenue, costs and inventory valuation in real-time

Previously using Attache, MiniJumbuk elected to implement SAP Business One and its integrated point of sale solution iVend Retail – which would be used at their retail outlets. The solution was so complete; there was no need to source alternatives. SAP Business One and iVend Retail offered it all. According to Angela Hahn, Finance Administrator at MiniJumbuk, iVend Retail was rolled out in exactly four days.

“Due to our location, the CitiXsys team arrived on Saturday night, and on Sunday, they began training some of the staff that were commissioned to handle this transition at MiniJumbuk. The software was loaded on either Sunday or Monday and was tested out that very day. It’s incredible but we actually went live on Tuesday,” she said.

“We needed a better system to support our company, so we went with SAP. Our retail shop also needed an easier, user friendly system which integrated with SAP so we selected iVend Retail. We are now better able to track transactions through the system and can also create gift certificates on the fly.”

Angela Hahn,
Finance Administrator MiniJumbuk

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