More Payment Processors integrated with iVend Retail

As promised to you in the past we are successful in adding new payment processors to iVend Retail , we will ensure that this list keeps getting longer in future. If you want your payment processor to be integrated with iVend Retail, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post or send us a email.
Heartland Payment Processor-
Heartland payment processor integration for US has been incorporated in this release. The integration also supports the debit card sales with the PIN entry.

iVend’s Shop and Swipe feature allows cashier’s to complete transactions without the need of clicking any button at the POS. The feature makes the POS operation ‘click-free’ as the cashier just swipes the card after scanning all the items. The feature also removes the need of swiping the card once at EFT machine and then again at the POS for recording the payment details. In constant endurance to provide the hassle free billing at the POS, iVend Retail is integrated with many popular payment processors for different countries. That’s not all; all this comes with the highest standards of security practices recommended by the PCI council.

 Updated list of payment processors are integrated with iVend Retail:

S No. Processor Region
1 Authorize.Net (Both card present and card not present scenario US
2 Commidea UK
3 CyberBit UK
4 DataCash UK
5 EWay Australia
6 Ogone Europe
7 Protox UK
8 SecurePay UK
9 Verisign / Paypal/ Pay Flow Pro(Both card present and card not present scenario) US
10 Moneris US/Canada
11 DPS Australia
12 PC-EFTPOS Australia
13 Caledon Canada
14 Heartland US
15 Plutus India
16 TransFirst US
17 YESpay Europe

Please feel free to mail us on [email protected] with your suggestions on new payment integration’s for iVend Retail.

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