Newsletter – June 2013

Newsletter – June 2013
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Retail Insights: May-June 2013
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Partner Testmonial
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iVend Retail 5.8 Released
iVend 5.8 comes with an upgraded and more intuitive installer. Running this installer allows the user to install iVend Unplugged in a demo mode with demo database for a faster and quicker setup of a demo environment. The installer also allows to utilize an existing iVend Unplugged database.
Upcoming Training Webinars
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27th June at 02:30 PM
28th June at 02:00 PM
Mobility enhancing Retail Customer centricity
Mobile device multiplication among store associates, floor managers, back office and supply chain workers — and, perhaps most importantly, customers — has accelerated rapidly. Forward looking retailers who are focused on customer centricity, mobile tech integration has become the propelling force.
Recent Partners Acquisitions
Alenu IT Alenu IT – Singapore
Alenu Consulting provides in-depth solutions & industry expertise that helps you quickly realize your business visions and objectives. Company’s professionals work with customer’s to identify & rapidly implement the right solutions, improve your opportunities through analyzing your business challenges, by capturing your business requirements, increasing your employee’s productivity and thus improving your overall work environment.
TRC (Total Retail Control) – EMEA
Total Retail Control (TRC) was founded in Dublin in 1991.
Technology, no matter how feature rich, is only a tool. Without the passion and expertise of a technology partner the tool cannot perform. TRC brings together the best and most innovative technology with a passionate and talented team. Our partners have been rewarded by working with some the best retailers in Ireland and the UK.
Recent Customers Acquisitions
A La Orden Discount
To Order Discount is Puerto Rican retailer which began operations over 35 years ago. From modest beginnings in the carport of the home of its founders, had the mission of providing the consumer with the highest and best variety of furniture, electronics and furniture at the best prices, backed by excellent service and support.
Sirena International SA
SIREN INTERNATIONAL SA is a company with over 20 years experience in domestic and international markets, they have a wide variety of high quality competitive products and very soon the company will move into new premises. They are one of the leading denim retailers in the region with over 10 popular brands in the South American market
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