iVend Retail gets Commidea payment processor certification in United Kingdom

London, October 18, 2010: iVend Retail, a complete Retail Management Solution from CitiXsys Technologies gets Commidea payment processor certification in UK for Ocius for PC.

CitiXsys Technologies got iVend certified for Commidea’s Ocius for PC solution – the leading credit card processing solution in the market today.
iVend is seamlessly integrated with the latest version of SAP Business One 8.8. With this certification, CitiXsys reiterates its commitment to the UK market and its partners in UK & EMEA to reap business benefits from robust and intuitive applications.

“The certification process was done on-site which involved executing a set of test scripts. We were able to execute the test scripts flawlessly. iVend now has certified integration with Commidea payment processor in UK for Ocius for PC. We congratulate the iVend team and CitiXsys Technologies to have achieved this certification.” says Michael Dunkling – Implementations Consultant, Commidea Ltd.

“Commidea certification has been eagerly awaited by our Customers and Partners in UK & EMEA. I feel happy and proud that this certification will help our customers carry out credit card transactions with ease. This certification will also benefit our partners to confidently position iVend Retail in UK&EMEA” says Abinesh Agarwal – Product Manager iVend, CitiXsys Technologies

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iCharge 10.0 Why Should You Upgrade?

CitiXsys iCharge 10.0 is an enhanced, upgraded version of CitiXsys Credit Card solution. iCharge has a lot of new features which have been incorporated keeping the various business scenarios in mind. Some of the features which make for a compelling reason to upgrade to iCharge 10 are mentioned below

Why Upgrade

  • Synchronized processing between Credit Card Gateway and Document Posting in SAP Business One

Do you face situations where the document that was posted successfully in SAP Business One and the credit card authorization/settlement failed? Or let’s or say, the authorization/settlement of credit card was done successfully and the document did not post in SAP Business One?

With iCharge you can now keep your payment gateway and the SAP Business One completely synchronized.

  • Draw multiple base documents while Authorization / Settlement of Credit Cards

Do you want to create one invoice for multiple deliveries for a customer? Do you want to create one delivery for multiple sales orders? With iCharge you can now draw multiple base documents for creating a single target document.

  • Void Authorized transactions

With iCharge now you need not to go to Payment gateway and void the payment manually. Voiding the authorized transaction is just a click away with iCharge.

Does your business process require the document topassthrough many approval stages? With iCharge you can now have sales orders, deliveries and invoices go through SAP Business One configured approval processes.

What’s New?

Mentioned below is a detailed comparison between the two versions of iCharge.

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