Milano Impex goes live on iVend Retail

COMPANY : EGLE (Milano Impex Pvt. Ltd.)

COUNTRY : Chandigarh, IndiaLouis Alberti

INDUSTRY : Retail – Footwear

Milano Impex Pvt. Ltd owns two brands EGLE & LOUIS ALBERTI and has been successfully selling them in the Indian market. Post carving a niche in European market, Milano Impex Pvt Ltd introduced brand EGLE in India in 2003 followed by introduction of LOUIS ALBERTI.

Milano Impex initially followed the dealer & distributor business model which contributed to a major chunk of their revenue. Company had presence in the domestic market with the help of their dealers. Hence to set its footprints in the Arena of high street retail, company ventured to set up their first Retail outlet at Chandigarh, India.


Milano Impex Pvt. Ltd., a fast-growing brand name in high-end casual and formal footwear, appointed Merino, a CitiXsys partner to implement iVend Retail Management Suite with SAP Business One.

Milano began implementing at stores that gave the company limited visibility and reporting of in-store stock and warehouse. With ambitious plans to grow the business, Milano chose iVend Retail Management Suite to manage their Retail operations with SAP Business One as backend ERP. The need was to have a system that could manage a fast growing business and be easy to use & maintain with limited IT resources.

  • Management of inventory and consolidated view of existing stock was unavailable
  • Inefficient stock monitoring and movement
  • Implementation of discounts & promotions was impossible due to inadequate information
  • Complex and inaccurate sales & invoicing process
  • Unmanageable data consolidation

Solution :

iVend Retail Management Suite with SAP Business One


  • Unified view of inventory at POS helped in Rapid stock turnaround
  • Overall employee efficiency increased due to availability of integrated data at store and Head Office
  • Synchronized data transfers between Stores and Enterprise ensured operational accuracy across Retail chain
  • Reduced shrinkage due to operational transparency
  • Considerable reduction in invoicing & stock-take errors and replenishment planning errors
  • Achieved faster order processing
“With iVend Retail we have a modern, secure, fast and scalable solution with integrated inventory management, promotions management and much more. The implementation process and the post implementation support from CitiXsys and the implementation partner, Merino has been excellent. A professional team of consultants and subject matter experts really understood our business and helped us in further improving our business efficiencies.”
Prem Kumar,
CEO, Milano Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Imtiaz Supermarket goes live on iVend Retail

COMPANY : Imtiaz Supermarket

COUNTRY : Pakistan

INDUSTRY : Retail – Supermarket

CitiXsys Partner : Abacus Consulting

Imtiaz, a venture of Mr. Hakim Khan Abbasi began operations in the year 1955. His primeval idea was to kick off a small store which could provide general items of daily use to their customers. Over the years as business grew, Mr. Imtiaz Hussain envisioned of making Imtiaz Super Store, a store which would help make peoples life better. He had a vision to serve people by helping them save money in their day today shopping; a vision to strive and conquer their customer’s with love. Currently the Supermarket has three Stores, five warehouses and a packaging unit and this elaborate network is controlled from the Head office located at Karachi, Pakistan. Keeping pace with growth in Retail Sector in Pakistan, company is about to inaugurate a new Supermarket that be biggest one among all three existing super Markets.


In recent years, Imtiaz Group has achieved growth through an aggressive strategy for opening new stores. While Supermarket sales are a major driver for this strategy, the company’s warehouses had become burdened by poor inventory visibility and control and limited data that compromised its decision making.

As an expanding business they required a modern IT platform that could consolidate their Retail and warehousing operations and foster the planned pace of growth.

  • No centralized access to inventory information & availability of proper sales data
  • Inefficient stock monitoring & movement
  • High transaction time at point of sale and system constraint to handle high footfall at store
  • Data existed in siloes at each branch & lead inaccurate inventory calculation
  • Unmanageable data consolidation & audits

Solution :

iVend Retail Management Suite with SAP Business One


  • iVend Retail was able to enhance key retail transaction performance at store & increased overall employee efficiency
  • Synchronized data transfers between Stores & enterprise ensured accuracy across Retail chain
  • Allowed to measure sales numbers better and track inventory stock levels efficiently
  • Easy identification of slow moving inventories for improved purchasing decision making
“The benefits of our new Retail management system are splendid. We have full control on what is being purchased, what is being sold, and what is available in the inventory. Now we have obtained a fairly transparent view of store operations through process integration”
Waqas Hanif,
Imtiaz Supermarket

iVOO Store goes live on iVend Retail

IVOO StoreIVOO StoreIVOO Store

iVOO – The flagship store of  Siragon offers a unique blend of innovation and technology together spread of thousands of sq yards of Store space with 30 point of Sales at Venezuela. The store had a grand opening on 28th September 2012 with a record footfall of about 7000 people on the very first day. The vast store which has hundreds of electronic models on display is bigger than an average Mall, and runs on iVend Retail with SAP Business All-In-One.

Siragon was born, a Venezuelan brand and in 10 years is ranked second in the market share in Venezuela and continues to reap success internationally. Since its launch, Siragon has positively influenced the market with attractive models from both standpoints aesthetics and technology.

The iVOO store that sells everything electronic, not only showcases Siragon’s product range but also is a storehouse of all leading Global electronics brands like Philips, Apple etc. iVend Retail is configured across all thirty registers in the store and customers are enjoying great in-store retail shopping experience with fast checkout at the store.

iVend Retail has provided operational efficiency through integration of business processes & easy  visibility of business data. A defined and structured retail process with easy to use front-end has enabled iVOO staff handle huge footfalls and manage transactions with ease.


Some of the business benefits that iVOO has started accruing include:

  • Efficient information sharing between head office and stores
  • Store management, maximizing sales with integrated and automated processes
  • Real time sales and stock level information
  • Increased business agility with proactive service

Siragon is a young company which has the infrastructure, design and innovation to reach the future objectives of the brand and position itself as a creator of solutions in electronics industry with a strong focus on providing answer to regional needs in the Latin American market. As Siragon is betting in the economy of scale and it is continuously working on expanding the brand to other markets in emerging countries.


CitiXsys Leadership Summit 2012

The message was clear: The CitiXsys group wanted to Rediscover the purpose & Realign the Objectives

CitiXsys Leadership team

March 2nd 2012-The entire leadership team was together under one roof at Bangkok for a complete working week. Series of meetings, group discussions, product demonstrations, and welcoming partner meets made this event a grand success.

CEO speaks, interacts and thus discovers that the team is passionate, committed, reliable, trusted, and has that ‘Quality’ software and services being delivered globally to the Retail & Wholesale Distribution space of the ERP segment. Internal processes were strengthened, the management institutionalized controls and the strategy was laid forward for the Year 2012-13. CitiXsys proud Partners from Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Thailand, attended the parallel Sales & Implementation Tracks where the products were showcased and the roadmap ahead was shared. Our immense Thanks to the associates for their invaluable participation and providing their inputs to improvise our systems.

Not to miss the cocktail dinner party towards the end that really upheld further that this young group is fun loving and definitely “Party Harder” category!

The message is clear: the CitiXsys group has a purpose and a team to fulfil that purpose.

We will soon be meeting again… Destination Europe? LatAm?