iVOO Store goes live on iVend Retail

IVOO StoreIVOO StoreIVOO Store

iVOO – The flagship store of  Siragon offers a unique blend of innovation and technology together spread of thousands of sq yards of Store space with 30 point of Sales at Venezuela. The store had a grand opening on 28th September 2012 with a record footfall of about 7000 people on the very first day. The vast store which has hundreds of electronic models on display is bigger than an average Mall, and runs on iVend Retail with SAP Business All-In-One.

Siragon was born, a Venezuelan brand and in 10 years is ranked second in the market share in Venezuela and continues to reap success internationally. Since its launch, Siragon has positively influenced the market with attractive models from both standpoints aesthetics and technology.

The iVOO store that sells everything electronic, not only showcases Siragon’s product range but also is a storehouse of all leading Global electronics brands like Philips, Apple etc. iVend Retail is configured across all thirty registers in the store and customers are enjoying great in-store retail shopping experience with fast checkout at the store.

iVend Retail has provided operational efficiency through integration of business processes & easy  visibility of business data. A defined and structured retail process with easy to use front-end has enabled iVOO staff handle huge footfalls and manage transactions with ease.


Some of the business benefits that iVOO has started accruing include:

  • Efficient information sharing between head office and stores
  • Store management, maximizing sales with integrated and automated processes
  • Real time sales and stock level information
  • Increased business agility with proactive service

Siragon is a young company which has the infrastructure, design and innovation to reach the future objectives of the brand and position itself as a creator of solutions in electronics industry with a strong focus on providing answer to regional needs in the Latin American market. As Siragon is betting in the economy of scale and it is continuously working on expanding the brand to other markets in emerging countries.



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