Benefits Of Using An Integrated Software Solution In Fashion Retail

As a retailer, you understand that selling products is not the only thing you have done by the end of the day.

You also:
  • iVend Retail for Fashiontrack the sales of the day
  • sell gift certificates
  • keep an eye out for loss of inventory
  • print sales reports
  • ship items to website customers
  • communicate with the staff
  • open registers and then close them out
  • create new customer accounts
  • look up information about products
  • inventory your merchandise

It is humanly not possible to carry out all these functions manually. As a  retailer you would for sure need some assistance by way of automation to carry out these tasks.

Retail management software provides this much needed assistance. A Retail Management System can help you with all of the above and more! It helps manage all of your day to day functions, ranging from point of sales, to accounting, tracking of customers, schedules and ledgers, etc.

There once was a time when working with retail management software was considered being cutting edge, today it is simply a necessity. What is cutting edge, is being able to put all the programs together and make them work as one cohesive unit. To have an application suite which works together seamlessly saves you time, money, effort and frustration.

Point Of Sale Engagement With Retail Management Software

First impression on a customer is vital. This is one of those moments that will determine whether you will see the customer ever again.
Similarly, the last impression is just as important. This is where you thank the customers for coming in, and making them feel special so they wish to return. This goodbye could either create a lasting relationship or push them away forever. Customers are very sensitive and choosy. They want to be recognized for their worth and to know they are spending their hard-earned money in a place that remembers them. Everyone likes to be greeted by their name, so ending a transaction with, “Thank you for coming by, Mr. Smith”, goes a long way. This is all can be achieved with a good retail management software at the cash register.

Making For A Loyal Customer

In the days of old, when folks bought items at the local grocery, sometimes they were given an extra, be it a piece of meat, an ear of corn or a lollipop for the child accompanying the parent to town.
That tradition has continued through the decades and taken on many forms. Retail stores are not the only business to see the wisdom of this type of action. Think about all the rewards programs with credit cards, gas stations and frequent flier miles. This has been a way to ensure the customer will return to your particular store, or chain.

Retail management software introduced reward cards. These allow for the retailer to offer incentives. This may be done with vouchers. For instance, every five hundred dollars equals a voucher of twenty dollars sent to the customer. Or, perhaps when a customer buys merchandise, points are added to the account and a flier on the register shows what can be acquired for free with specific amounts of points.

Good Retail Management Software Does It All

With a good retail management software package, you can track all your activities in the store, track what each customer buys and reward them accordingly and help them check out more quickly and efficiently. And all the while, refer to them by name. This keeps a lasting relationship for years to come between you and the customer.


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