How to increase Sales and Customer Loyalty in Mobile Marketplace?

As the economy slowly begins to return to a state a stability, the large majority of consumers are still feeling hesitant as they begin to wade back into the waters of retail Loyaltyshopping. It is because of the reluctance to spend that most industries have enlisted the help of some kind of retail management system to assist with boosting sales, tracking inventory, and managing customer loyalty programs. Because these loyalty programs are so important in acquiring and maintaining customers, it is critical that retailers remain ahead of the curve with the latest technologies. Making use of a strong retail management system will help you to attract and encourage buying from consumers via mobile loyalty programs.

Why should I go mobile for my retail loyalty program?

In today’s world, everything from friendships to ordering pizza have gone mobile – so why shouldn’t your loyalty program? With the ever growing popularity of cell phone apps and the usage of tablets, consumers are demanding that retailers stay on top of mobile market trends by catering to their every need in a way that is easy to access and use, even while on the go. Here are a few of the many reasons that your retail management system should allow for mobile loyalty programs.

  • Impact before checkout – On the whole, consumers and retailers alike have grown accustomed to the fact that many loyalty programs don’t do much more than add “points” to an account. Once these virtual points reach a preset threshold, the customer will receive discounts upon checking out. The problem with this system is that once the consumer has reached checkout, it is too late to encourage an increase in spending as the customer has already finished shopping. When your retail management system incorporates mobile-based loyalty programs, on the other hand, consumers are able to access and view their benefits throughout the shopping process which will encourage them to buy more.
  • Personalization – Another great advantage to mobile loyalty programs is that it allows for personalization. Each time a customer checks in, your retail management system will be able to learn what appeals to and interests these consumers most. In this way, you will be able to provide personalized offers that will yield a higher response rate.
  • Social Media – Your retail management system should be able to link mobile loyalty programs into social media. Consider the impact of online communities like Pinterest on social networking. People love to share their great finds with their friends! Mobile loyalty programs that are hooked to social networks will allow customers to share their purchases and loyal activity with friends which reinforces the value of what they have bought while offering you free advertising.
  • Mobile Payments – One of the latest trends in cellphone and tablet apps is the ability of consumers to make payments directly from their phones. It is being predicted that the widespread usage of mobile devices to make payments at retail location is closer at hand than you may believe.

Quick facts-

Still unsure if incorporating a mobile loyalty program into your retail management system is right for you? Consider the following:

  • 73 percent of consumers say they have used their mobile devices while shopping
  • 47 percent of shoppers rely on smartphones to learn more about a product before buying
  • 93 percent of people who use apps in stores make a purchase at a physical location

Your consumers are already going mobile in your store – why not use to to your advantage? Mobile loyalty programs are the wave of the future and will lead to increased consumer satisfaction and higher overall revenue.


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