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iVend Mobile POS makes the user-friendly functionality of iVend Retail terminal Point-of-Sale more personalised by bringing the same experience to mobile devices.

Whether during a promotion or on a daily grocery run, when shoppers get ready to check out and go home, not wait in a long queue! That is the biggest reason for abandoned carts and lost revenues. iVend Retail’s Mobile POS is the answer retailers are seeking to save those lost sales and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

Store employees can now interact with shoppers across the floor and complete transactions anywhere. iVend Mobile POS is an advanced retail solution by CitiXsys with an interactive POS system, combining personalised selling with express inventory look-ups, wire free payments and the powerful retail workflows. The retail workforce can now be more efficient as they can instantly create new invoices, search customer information, and create new customer data on the go. A Mobile POS can also be used to perform inventory lookups on the shop-floor, all while interacting with the customer.


Business Benefits

Faster Checkouts

Faster Business Expansion

Offline mode operation

Frugal capital investment in cutting-edge retail

Enhanced Retail Experience

Save retail space and raise inventory assortment


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Deployment Landscape