Implementing iVend Retail Got Easy with- A Successful Webinar Series


iVend Implementation Webinar series successfully concluded earlier on Friday (20/04/12).

The webinars were a resounding success with participation levels of over 90%. Spread over 5 sessions of 3 hours each, the series covered all the finer details of iVend Retail Implementation and gave the participants a complete view of the application set. Though scheduled for the APAC region, the webinar was attended by participants as west as Mexico.

The sessions ranged from installation & configuration to suggestions on how best to implement iVend Retail in different business scenarios. The sessions were extremely informative and gave the implementation consultants an opportunity to discuss implementation related challenges in a LIVE session.
The format of the webinars was such that the participants could interact with the organizer and panelists during the breaks between the sessions. The participants also interacted with a team of panelists on to get detailed explanations to their queries.

Not only were the features of iVend Retail discussed at length, the sessions also covered implementation scenarios where iVend Retail is being implemented in an already implemented SAP Business One OR is being implemented together. Also covered in the sessions were topics on how best to implement iVend Loyalty and other CitiXsys Line of Integrated Retail Solutions along with iVend Retail.

The last session covered the accelerated implementation templates and other artifacts required in iVend Retail implementation. Emphasis was given to the process of handover from implementation to support so that the support team is fully aware of the application landscape when extending support to the customer.
All the participants are now trained to undertake the implementation certification test on, Successful candidates will be awarded a framed certificate valid for 2 years.
For the benefit of the partners who could not join the webinars due to differences in time zones, the recordings of these webinars will be uploaded on CitiXsys website in the next few days. We will keep you informed on when the recordings will be available.
We once again thank the participants and the organizations they represent for making this a great success. We leave you with a promise to conduct these and such sessions more often in the coming future.

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