Electronics Vertical – Evolve to Expand

Consumer electronics globally has out performed all other industry verticals and has been resilient to the downturn of economy. Dynamism is inherently associated to this Electronics Vertical - Evolve to Expandvertical and managing a Consumer electronics Retail Store is a challenging task. More so because people visiting electronics store, walk in to Experience the Best in technology and feel its pulse.

Store formats in this vertical are variable with no limitations to size or range. One may see an e-store, mobile store, or large multilevel electronics and appliance superstores with elaborate displays and self-service Kiosks. But at all the places the one sentiment that electronics retailers share in common is that meeting customer expectations is a daunting task with a bigger challenge being efficient utilization of resources & retail space. Retailers strive hard to provide the right product mix to their customers in a constantly transitioning landscape of new product launches, models, and configuration.

It is therefore mandatory for these Retailers to strategically integrate their operations to differentiate themselves on high customer service levels while maintaining firm control of inventory at store and back office warehouse

Thousands of stores in over 45+ countries are running iVend Retail from CitiXsys Technologies and are more profitable and efficient. CitiXsys Technologies has a strong focus on Retail, Warehouse, and Inventory management offering innovative software solutions to its customers globally.

Enhancing modern retail industry experience, iVend Retail is a fully integrated, comprehensive Retail management solution to manage Head office and In-Store processes. iVend Loyalty, iVend eCommerce, iVend Mobility and  iVend Analytics are a few integrated modules making iVend the right choice for modern retailers of any size.

iVend eCommerce is an eCommerce and mCommerce solution that allows retailers to sell efficiently into multiple channels, all from one integrated system. With its seamless integration with iVend Retail, shoppers can conduct their business on the web in the same way as is done at the physical store – imparting customers a unified experience – where they have access to all products, images, virtual studios, promotions and schemes.

This application is not limited to retail and can be extensively used in industries like manufacturing, for listing their products and services on-line on the Internet

With 24X7 accessibility buyers can choose the buy products anytime, anywhere and retailers can sell their products to achieve the higher ROI. Our reporting tools are very comprehensive and allow you to see exactly what has sold where so you can make adjustments to maximize your sales and minimize your overheads.

An increasing number of leading retailers across the globe operating iVend Retail have realized significant business improvements and service differentiation. iVend Retail seamlessly integrates Head office functionality and In-Store functions efficiently into a unified organizational system with the backend ERP delivering better business results.

iVend Retail offers view of inventory across all stores enabling store managers and merchandize planners at the head office to have complete control over organizational inventory stock levels. Special orders with integrated shipping is available at all customer touch pints whether store or online. This allows better customer service right from Point of Sale by enabling product not in store stock to be drawn and shipped from the warehouse or to be delivered from another store

While buying electronics more and more consumers are using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to make purchases, find coupons and learn where they can get the best deals. iVend Retail mobile solution helps shoppers browse e-store using their smartphones with comparative pricing features. Retailers using iVend find an effective way to leave a positive impression among customers and take advantage of this technology to Click Sales..

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