iVend retail integrates with Biometric Fingerprint IDs: Futuristic view to Retail Point of Sale Security

Transformation of retail POS has been tremendous over the past decade. Despite transactional complexities & other glitches: Security, safe transactions, accountability & accuracy have been dominant concerns for global retailers since theft losses continue to mount each year.

Safeguarding customer information is not the only concern among global retailers, currently they struggle to protect their sensitive business information including their costs, sales numbers, profit margins, etc. A corrupt, fraudulent employee or deceitful hacker can prove to be a financial disaster that can reoccur.
One password theft makes a retail POS security fragile & vulnerable to attack. Access of an intruder inside the retail system can lead to a data theft, cash register manipulation, inventory mismanagement and a number of other damaging actions. These can shatter the entire system, because in case of a password hack or theft, tracking the exact point of responsibility is next to impossible.

To address these concerns the latest version of iVend Retail, a leading Retail management solution integrates with leading fingerprint biometric DigitalPersona to enable retailers to quickly and securely identify users when performing tasks or accessing applications and records. As per data released by the National Retail Federation (NRF), nationwide employee theft topped $19B in 2006 and the amount is increasing each year. Biometric security integrated with retail management software is a suave way to combat such threats. The fingerprint reader solution easily integrates into POS systems so businesses can reduce fraud, ease tracking, lower IT costs and enhance efficiency.

How does iVend Retail Biometric Fingerprint Readers Work?

iVend Retail solution integrates itself with DigitalPersona, biometric fingerprint reader so when an employee logs into the retail POS system, instead of punching in his id & password, he simply scans his thumb or finger on the biometric fingerprint reader. The scan of his fingers is pre-stored in the HO database, hence the POS searches the preregistered database for identification, so any time the employee attempts to access a password-protected area of the retail point of sale software, he is required to scan his finger. Furthermore iVend system ensures that fingerprint scan is mandatory for access making id and password access secondary. The fingerprint reader can give instant access to a cash register, reducing the login time considerably & increases employee accountability that avert financial losses & data thefts

Benefits of iVend Retail Biometric Fingerprint solution-

Implementation of biometrics in a retail business can give an unmatched sense of Security & added peace of mind. Simple benefits of the system are-

  • Precise Employee Accountability
  • Confirmed Audit Trails
  • Data Protection
  • Stealth Security
  • Improved Compliance
  • High-Risk employee identification
  • Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • Protected Access Control
  • Actionable Role-Based Security

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  2. […] iVend Retail integrates with Biometric Fingerprint IDs: Futuristic view to Retail Point of Sale Secu… […]

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