Solution to Retailers PCI compliance concern

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is a set of requirements set up by credit card companies for businesses to haveiCharge it in place for any credit card transaction. Such requirements have been put in place to prevent banks, businesses and individuals from credit card fraud which has been rampant and on the rise compromising crucial information of credit card holders.

A modern integrated retail system is an important aspect for any business that wants to protect self and its customers. An integrated retail system allows your business to make quick decisions and provide vital information that could prevent fraud from taking place. With PCI compliance, information of the credit card holder is provided, which if used with your retail system can confirm information presented by a customer as a way of ensuring that they are not a victim to credit card fraud. This will protect your business from a possible suit for failure to confirm details of a fraudster trying to commit fraud.

Point of sale systems (POS), have also come a long way in making a sale transaction easier and faster for both businesses and customers. POS allows you to purchase new stock while also being able to generate a report on the sales made at any one time. Apart from this, they have been able to establish a new form of payment process that does not require physical cash. This payment method is similar to PIC, which allows customers to make purchases without having any money with them. PCI compliance plays an important part in POS interaction with customers as payments made are quick and easy to trace at any time.

Loyalty programs can go a long way to growing any business. More and more customers are likely to show loyalty to your business with the best systems in place. The aim of a loyalty system is to award customers that purchase your products and services frequently and so, it is a very important strategy as it allows loyal customers to be recognized and their efforts awarded. In similarity, PIC compliance ensures that your business continues to reap from the loyalty customers’ show to the business. This is because they feel that their important information is secure and not prone to compromise by fraudsters. Due this sense of security more and more customers will opt to continue doing business with you.

Multi – channels retailing has proved over time to be a very popular module that any business wishing to go into e-commerce could undertake. It revolves around the need to keep track of customers, inventory, products and so much more areas that involve the business. PCI compliance is also aimed at making the multi-channel approach easier for businesses. Multi-channel retailing is a form of business management that allows business leaders to be informed on the progress of their businesses continuously and on a daily basis. This is similar to PCI compliance that helps business owners’ account for the sales made on any one day. Its importance is therefore very vital to your business. Failure to comply with PCI complacencies can lead to lack of knowledge of developing problems facing your business hence making it not to grow like you intend it to.

Finally, PCI compliance is important as it not only prevents your business from facing major fines and penalties, but also allows your business to benefit in numerous ways in ensuring efficiency and that service delivery is your main agenda.


BURKE MARINE Installs iVend For Reliable End-To-End Retail Management Solution


COUNTRY : Australia

INDUSTRY : Speciality Textiles

Burke Marine, founded by Martin Burke on the shores of Sydney Harbour in 1971, Burke Marine has dominated the Australian and New Zealand Marine &  sail market for the last 40 years. Combining a wealth of boating experience with a vast knowledge of textile manufacturing, the family-run company has been one of Australia’s most respected and dynamic marine brands. Burke Marine is committed to providing the world’s best marine equipment. In addition to their own brand Burke, they represent some of the world’s best marine brands which include Henri-Lloyd & Seabrake.

Henri-Lloyd is a premium marine lifestyle clothing brand originating from Manchester, Great Britian. Founded in 1963 by Henri Strzelecki, Henri-Lloyd quickly became the leading marine technical brand for the sailing fraternity.

The brand has been worn by crews of the Volvo Round the World Ocean Race, America’s Cup, world champions, Olympic sailors and also brand ambassador three times gold medalist, Ben Ainslie.












Burke Marine owns a chain of stores spread over Australia and New Zealand. The company with its growing operations was unable to effectively and efficiently manage its store operations due to disparate and unstable systems, which meant they suffered from a lack of data consistency and reliability. With such disparate systems in place Burke Marine were unable to gain a complete view of their sales, inventory and store profitability, mainly due to it not being available. The manual checking of such key information became increasingly difficult to manage on an ongoing basis and was failing to provide upper management with key data to enable them to make important business decisions.

The existing system was unable to meet the local legislative demands of an Australian retailer and hence was inefficient and unable to streamline their store operations. Burke Marine needed a reliable system that could manage the end to end retail functions from Point of Sale (POS) to Head office integration along with inventory optimisation. The new system had to be scalable and therefore grow with the business and it had to provide flexibility in reporting while also giving upper management a holistic view on all aspects of the retail business.

  • Required a retail management solution that was fully integrated to SAP Business One
  • Improve their consumer centric approach to gain an edge
  • Focused approach for improved employee productivity

 Solution : iVend Retail with SAP Business One

 Benefits :

  • An end to end integrated application from POS to Head office with accuracy and transparency through iVend Retail
  • Enhanced Channel visibility- Sale & purchase
  • Effective gift card and Lay-By management has enabled our business to achieve improved customer loyalty and retention
  • Intuitive solution, scalable to meet the future growth of 360 degree view of different divisions, revenue, costs and inventory valuation in real-time

“Our staff have commented on how easy the iVend system was to learn and to operate – it has helped to alleviate the “human errors” that we have had experienced in the past. Good features in iVend are the ability to easily look at other store and main warehouse stock levels in real time, integrated eftpos has been great, gift voucher processing is easy and transparent and we have now just implemented Lay-By.”
Fran, Burke Marine, Australia


Approval of FDI for Multi-brand Retail in India – A big Leap ahead

The recent approval for opening up the retail sector for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India is expected to give a boost to Indian retail sector and shall bring ample business opportunities for small and medium business. CitiXsys is overwhelmed with the decision as it’s a tremendous leap forward in Multi brand retail business and allows large chains such as Walmart, Tesco and Carrefour make a global footprint in Indian Retail segment.

The current disinvestment opportunity will offer wider choice with better quality to consumers and bring in more business opportunities for SMEs. With large investments expected in this sector, global retailers shall be interested to explore the Indian manufacturing base more, once they are allowed to set up local operations here.

Multi-brand retail with 51 per cent ownership will change the game completely and make the market more competitive, it shall also reduce wastage and reduce distress sales for farmers involved in fruit & vegetable cultivation; that is expected to give a definitive surge for Indian economy. The organized retail is expected to increase affordability for consumers. The quality of products is expected to improve with greater transparency and easier monitoring of adulteration. The organized sector will redefine India’s supply chain infrastructure and bring down the prices, and the consumers shall gain from the same.

“Indian retail shall see a serious competition between the organized retail and traditional unorganized mom-and-pop shops, it will increase their effort to enhance their customer proposition through adoption of innovative ways. These steps  may vary from adding new product lines, brands, better display, renovation of the store, introduction of self service, enhanced home delivery, more credit sales, acceptance of credit cards, etc.” said Mr. Kamal Karmakar, CEO, CitiXsys Technologies Ltd. He further added ” for Retail Management & Integrated Retail Solutions CitiXsys has a Suite of Applications for business owners, hence we also see it as a welcome business opportunity for us in India.”

For more details about CitiXsys Retail solutions, log on to

iVend retail integrates with Biometric Fingerprint IDs: Futuristic view to Retail Point of Sale Security

Transformation of retail POS has been tremendous over the past decade. Despite transactional complexities & other glitches: Security, safe transactions, accountability & accuracy have been dominant concerns for global retailers since theft losses continue to mount each year.

Safeguarding customer information is not the only concern among global retailers, currently they struggle to protect their sensitive business information including their costs, sales numbers, profit margins, etc. A corrupt, fraudulent employee or deceitful hacker can prove to be a financial disaster that can reoccur.
One password theft makes a retail POS security fragile & vulnerable to attack. Access of an intruder inside the retail system can lead to a data theft, cash register manipulation, inventory mismanagement and a number of other damaging actions. These can shatter the entire system, because in case of a password hack or theft, tracking the exact point of responsibility is next to impossible.

To address these concerns the latest version of iVend Retail, a leading Retail management solution integrates with leading fingerprint biometric DigitalPersona to enable retailers to quickly and securely identify users when performing tasks or accessing applications and records. As per data released by the National Retail Federation (NRF), nationwide employee theft topped $19B in 2006 and the amount is increasing each year. Biometric security integrated with retail management software is a suave way to combat such threats. The fingerprint reader solution easily integrates into POS systems so businesses can reduce fraud, ease tracking, lower IT costs and enhance efficiency.

How does iVend Retail Biometric Fingerprint Readers Work?

iVend Retail solution integrates itself with DigitalPersona, biometric fingerprint reader so when an employee logs into the retail POS system, instead of punching in his id & password, he simply scans his thumb or finger on the biometric fingerprint reader. The scan of his fingers is pre-stored in the HO database, hence the POS searches the preregistered database for identification, so any time the employee attempts to access a password-protected area of the retail point of sale software, he is required to scan his finger. Furthermore iVend system ensures that fingerprint scan is mandatory for access making id and password access secondary. The fingerprint reader can give instant access to a cash register, reducing the login time considerably & increases employee accountability that avert financial losses & data thefts

Benefits of iVend Retail Biometric Fingerprint solution-

Implementation of biometrics in a retail business can give an unmatched sense of Security & added peace of mind. Simple benefits of the system are-

  • Precise Employee Accountability
  • Confirmed Audit Trails
  • Data Protection
  • Stealth Security
  • Improved Compliance
  • High-Risk employee identification
  • Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • Protected Access Control
  • Actionable Role-Based Security

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iVend Retail 5.4.7 Released

This release of iVend Retail has many new enhancements and features. The database mirroring ability will now help retailers to create fail-safe deployments thereby reducing business loss during server crashes or IT disasters. Latin America countries can now use iVend with SAP Business One localized for below mentioned countries. Read below for many more enhancements.

License Management

This release incorporates a new Licensing System that allows license activation over the Internet. It is mandatory that you first request for an activation key before performing the upgrade to this release. Please email to licenses [at] for activation key request.

Fiscal Printer Integration for Panama

iVend is integrated to Bematech MP400 TH FI printer to support the printing of fiscal documents. Printing the fiscal documents is government mandate in Panama.

Club de Mercancia Integration (Panama)

iVend is integrated to Club de Mercancia application developed by our partner in Panama to cater to needs of local retail scenario.

Localization Support Extended

The following locations for SAP Business One customers are supported as an experimental beta in this release

  1. Chile
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Guatemala
  4. Mexico
  5. Panama
  6. China
  7. Germany

Support for Database Mirroring

With this release, iVend extends support for database mirroring. Database mirroring provides a fallback server in case the primary server is unavailable due to system crashes. Configuring this feature will enable the iVend system to automatically switch from primary database server to the secondary mirrored server without disrupting operations.

Please refer to install guide for configuration details.

Till Management Enhancement

Till management at the POS has been enhanced with this release of iVend. This release allows the team members to logon to the POS terminal without selecting the till for operations provided one of the team members have already selected a till in a previous login. iVend Retail Release Notes

Discount Management

Discount management has been enhanced with this release. A new setting has been provided on the product card to block the additional sale discount for the item if the line discount has already been applied.

Plutus Integration

Plutus payment processor integration for India has been incorporated in this release.

Transaction Search

An additional setting has been provided in retail profile for pre-populating the current business date in transaction search screen at POS.

Hardware Initialization

A button has been provided in user menu to display the list of hardware which has been successfully initialized at the POS.

Receipt Enhancement

Based on the print profile, the users can now print cash in and cash out receipt from POS.

Extended Language Support

Apart from English, iVend application is now also available in the following languages:

  1. French
  2. Latin American Spanish
  3. Italian
  4. Greek
  5. German

Language preferences for the users can be set from the iVend Management Console. After login in the system user would see the iVend GUI in the user preferred language. If the user language is not setup then English would be used as a default language.

Bugs Fixed

Bug ID: 9707

Bug Description: The iVend POS crashed when clicking on Open Till button while assigning the till to cash drawer.

Bug ID: 9804

Bug Description: The user is not able to issue the store credits if the store credit is setup as user defined.

Bug ID: 9805

Bug Description: The UDF integration was giving error if more than one UDF of SAP B1 was integrated with iVend.

Bug ID: 9806

Bug Description: The purchase order edited in SAP B1 on integrating with iVend was throwing an error.

Bug ID: 9771

Bug Description: When upsells are marked for auto add to transaction, then the system was not calculating the discounts properly on the upsell item.

Bug ID: 9772

Bug Description: The users are able to specify the inactive sales person while doing a transaction at POS.

Bug ID: 9773

Bug Description: Bug fix for restricting the addition of line to AP Invoice, if the AP invoice is copied from PO generated from iVend. This was creating an issue in SAP B1.

Bug ID: 9773

Bug Description: User is able to remove the till assigned to another user at the POS.