Continuous Learning – A must for Successful Organizations

Recently I was talking to a few partners who created successful businesses selling CitiXsys products with SAP in their local geographies. I noticed that the most important aspect of their business success is also their biggest challenge – “User training”. A Retailer can have a world class ERP like SAP Business One, SAP Business All-in-One or similar products, with iVend Retail to streamline their Retail Operations. Customers with warehouses successfully implement Inventory Pro for their Inventory Management System with SAP Business One however the major challenge remains training the users who actually use the systems implemented for an agile function.

I have seen that every time a partner sells one of our products, he engages our consultant to train customer users. Larger partners have in-houses resources trained in CitiXsys products who in-turn impart training to the customer. This is not only expensive but also impractical at times. Getting all users in one room is a challenge. Not only this, but also the training resources need to block their calendar for individual training.

Considering all these aspects, we have developed e-learning lessons for all our products. These are very detailed training lessons hosted at A partner can have their implementation & training consultants fully trained on our products. Customers can have their users undergo these online lessons at their own time and get fully acquainted with the system.

Business Growth Tool – E-learning is an essential tool for business growth. Employees need to be coached and their skill set must be upgraded on a continuous basis. If done correctly,this can produce great results by decreasing costs and improving performance. Unlike one time classroom session, online courses are available to every employee of the company.

Productivity Increase – Video based sessions are great tool to give the skills needed to enhance performance and productivity. Video based platforms are not bound by location or time; one can control training’s impact on production by training people at any time – whenever there is a need. By including online learning in your employee skill enhancement exercise, you’re asking people to do more with less.

Anytime Access – Classroom learning requires participants to align their schedules to the training calendar.  Online courses eliminates this because the courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any location.  I have seen our own colleagues take lessons of product line to enhance their skill set.

Building interest – Interactive video based courses in combination of PowerPoint presentations and recorded demos can produce a very rich learning experience that is repeatable.  Some good practice sessions with feedback can make an environment help learners retain the course content that will produce positive results.

Reduced Training costs – With an effective learning schedule, each time the course is accessed by your colleagues, your ROI improves because you are not spending on classroom training.  You also have savings immensely by not hiring a consultant, reducing travel, and improving skill set.

Make it a part of your appraisal system – A well-trained employee is worth several times more than an unskilled employee. When you hire a new employee or you implement a new system, you need to train your existing employees; the biggest challenge is training them adequately to make them productive as soon as possible. E-learning bridges the gap between employee skill set and newly implemented system.  You get more from the software much more rapidly with a fully trained user.

Keeping the benefits of video based online interactive courses in mind, CitiXsys has developed e-learning lessons of all products. Some lessons are available in interactive mode with powerpoint slides and online demo combined whereas some are available in the good old and other media. Idea is to make a lesson available in whatever form for the users so that learning remain continuous. There are new lessons uploaded on a weekly basis. Enjoy learning and happy holidays.

Support process

CitiXsys support process is managed centrally from our On-line Portal at If you are a CitiXsys partner or customer, please contact the Program Office at pmo [at] citixsys [dot] com for your login details.

CitiXsys offers access to Support Network to the customers under AMC Agreement. We create a designated routing in our system and a Client can select preferences when creating or forwarding Cases to us. CitiXsys support system allows continuous monitoring of the processing status of all cases escalated by the Client.

Our local support is managed by the onsite consultants in customer countries from Chicago, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne and New Delhi. Our Partners are equipped to handle level 1 calls.

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CitiXsys Technologies has set up a Global Competence Center in New Delhi, India to be the primary service network for SAP Business One and CitiXsys Technologies partners & customers worldwide. The Center has the mission of supporting local and global markets, developing top-class solutions, and driving innovation and competitive advantage for SAP Business One.

The Global Competence Center also provides proactive services such as remote consulting expertise for SAP Business One customization, project and design advice, application configuration, custom programming, and web services, to help ensure the optimum performance of the SAP Business One solution. CitiXsys Technologies can also provide 24 X 7 technical assistance to partners and customers for any location and any time zone. This technical assistance includes both telephone and email assistance for SAP Business One and CitiXsys Technologies software solutions.

To find out more about CitiXsys support services, please send us an email at: support [at] citixsys [dot] com

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