Using Retail Software To Improve Sales And Productivity

Gone are the days where just a cash register is all that a retail operation needs.  Contemporary retail operations not only need the most current and compliant point of sale systems available; retail operations also need integrated retail systems that can increase sales, improve profits, and boost productivity.

Integrated retail software solutions can give your business significant benefits:

  • Increased sales through automated up-sell and cross-sell suggestions, quick access to product information and availability, and better points and rewards programs
  • Improved profits through better inventory management, suggested sale items and clearance options, and reduced overhead through more efficient staffing
  • Boost productivity through better automation and more efficient processes that move the inventory to where it will sell, utilize the latest in mobile and web technologies, and better overall supply chain management

Retail software solutions must meet this increased demand for integrated systems without inhibiting the existing business processes.

iVend Retail for GroceriesAs part of increased sales, shopper engagement can be improved through retail software solutions.  The more engaged a shopper can become, the better the chances of that shopper increasing the sales transaction, building loyalty, returning for more purchases, and making positive referrals to their friends and family.  Imagine your point of sale system with the ability to “recognize” repeat customers, make recommendations of products or accessories to up-sell or cross-sell, or offer special incentives?  What if your ecommerce website could also recognize repeat visitors and provide custom offers based on purchase history?  All of these techniques can be facilitated through a robust point of sale system that is fully integrated to customer relationship management and other business systems to make the ability to cultivate shopper engagement much easier.

Loyalty programs work to improve customer experiences and to attract new business. With retail software solutions that incorporate loyalty campaigns and programs into their services, a business can easily provide a variety of options for their customers and potential customers in the form of loyalty incentives.  Loyalty programs can attract new customers, increase the purchases of existing customers, maintain customer retention and also encourage sales of more profitable items.  Integrated retail software solutions can offer loyalty programs that can be customized for a particular store or throughout your entire enterprise.

Multi-channel retailing is an approach that is used by retailers of all sizes.  With integrated retail software solutions, your business can coordinate efforts on the retail store level, at the ecommerce website, with mobile marketing, and more.  Through an integrated approach, all of your multi-channel retail systems will have visibility to inventory availability, pricing, and customer data in order to make sales quickly and seamlessly.  Your customers will be presented with a consistent experience regardless of the channel, and your enterprise will have access to detailed reports that track channel effectiveness.

The retail sector continues to evolve and there are new methods to reach customers, build loyalty, and increase brand awareness and market penetration.  Mobile marketing technology and the use of mobile devices as part of the point of sales experience are becoming even more prevalent.  Social media continues to prove itself as an effective marketing tool to bring traffic to your website and to your retail doorway.  More interactive innovations from television, tablets, iPads, smartphones, and other technologies will bring you closer to your customers in new and exciting ways.  Retail software solutions should be prepared to accept these new innovations and utilize them to benefit your business.

From point of sale to website to mobile device and more, integrated retail software solutions can help to build new customers, grow existing customers, and help sales and profits to increase in order to meet your business goals.


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