Multi-Channel Retail – One Critical Key to Success

If you are like most business owners your number one concern is how to get your business name and product out effectively to consumers. How do you get what you are selling a topic of discussion and a solid referral base established? The answer lies in multi channel retail.  The first and most crucial step being ecommerce, it is essential that your business has a very strong online presence. A custom website that is both easy to use and secure is a must. Having your business name on blogs, and various social media outlets is a sure way to skyrocket your business.
Customer Loyalty managementNext, is customer loyalty. How do they remember you? What better better way to remember a place than to be given a little something extra, this can be in the form of a sample or in building a loyalty system. Further you must create synergies with other businesses so consumers recall your product when they least expert it, think coca cola and movies. Also placing your product at unique locations can develop the same strong pairing.

Multi channel retail is exemplified in the kiosk. This quick simple station at any local mall is the epitome of driving your sales numbers without the harsh investment of opening up another store. The placement of the kiosk is key, making sure that whatever you are selling is aligned with the stores around you is another smart move that will pair your product with the very thing the consumer is looking for. An example, if  you are selling accessories place yourself near one of the major department stores where you can attract those ladies that just purchased that perfect dress and really need that missing touch. On the subject of major department stores here is an ideal place to sell your product and really benefit from the consistent flow of people.

Without multi channel retail, especially with this very competitive arena, and with the struggling economy, your chances of success really dwindle. Making sure your product is linked to something unique stems from the idea of synergy, however instead of the pairing with a product, perhaps a better idea would be the pairing with a cause. An example would be for each item purchased a similar item will go to an individual in need, or perhaps for each dollar amount spent a percent will go to a certain charity. Make sure that the charity or the giveaway correlate appropriately with what you are selling.

One of the strongest ways to ensure your customer will return is to engage them during the process of the purchase. At the  point of sales each customer should receive stellar treatment which spotlights their uniqueness, focuses on them being appreciated as a shopper, and makes them feel welcomed. These are key components to ensure that your customer will come back and make a purchase if for anything that warm pick me up by the sales associate. Mobile POS within the store on a Windows or iPad or Android devices is a must for competitive retailing. Customer experience is the most important factor for customer retention by retailers.

The main idea of multi channel retail strategy is to set yourself apart by being everywhere in very distinctive ways. Setting yourself apart from the competition is the best way to get ahead of them, and placing yourself in various locals will make you a household name sure to increase your sales. Giving personalized treatment to your buyer will bring them back time and time again. This concept of integrated retail systems mixes having your store in more than one place with a unique shopping experience, and further establishing a solid online experience. It is ensuring that your name comes up whenever a buyer is looking for what you are selling.

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