iVend Retail Certified for eSELECTplus Card on Moneris Pinpad

iVend Retail is now certified to process Card Present Transactions via eSELECTplus on a Moneris 7800 Pinpad.

Congratulations to iVend Team on the successful completion of the eSELECTplus Card Present Integration certification performed on Thursday, May 12, 2011.

Solution Description

Solution Type Value Added Reseller Solution
Solution Name iVend Retail
Solution Version 5.X
Operating System and Platform Windows
Transaction Supported for Credit Purchase, Refund, Purchase Correction
Transaction Supported for Debit Purchase, Refund, Purchase Correction
E-Commerce Indicator E00 – Normal Presentment
POS Terminal Moneris 7800 PIN pad (DT20 v6.27 & POSPAD v3.05)
Batch Close eSELECTplus Initiated Batch Close
EMV Capability Yes

Thousands of stores in over 15 countries run iVend Retail to manage their retail operations. iVend Retail, a PCI compliant and SAP Certified solution, is a complete Retail Management Software,seamlessly integrated with SAP suite of Business Management Applications.

iVend is a comprehensive Retail Management Solution to manage Head Office, Store and POS operations. The SAP certified fail safe integration with SAP keeps the head office always connected with the store operations across the complete retail chain.

Integrated Loyalty module, Gift Card features and integration with leading payment processors & gateways allows retailers to have a 360 degree visibility of their operations spanning from Store Operations on one hand to Financial and Supply Chain on the other. High levels of scalability are brought about by latest technology, simple & intuitive interface, with robust Head Office engine backed by SAP – and industry leading business management application.

Its unique replication and integration services completely take away the constraint of being always-connected to the Internet. iVend Retail allows retailers to continue doing business even if the Internet connection between the Head Office and the store is severed.

Moneris 7800 Pinpad is Ideal for use in a variety of merchant environments, including single-lane point-of-sale, multi-lane retail and stand-alone.

Features 7800 Payment Processing Terminal

  • Compact hand-held PIN pad with CHIP card and magnetic stripe card readers.
  • Large backlit graphic display offers clear presentation of data and commands.
  • Long card swipe ensures optimal magnetic stripe card reading.
  • Compatible with the Moneris HiSpeed 6200 terminal and eSELECTplus® card present virtual terminal.
  • Multi-application functionality allows implementation as a basic or intelligent PIN pad.
  • Integrates to ECR/ PC POS environments via RS232 or USB interface
  • Backward-compatible to most Moneris POS PAD, PINSmart and SC550 environments.
  • Compliant with the current card scheme association standards for physical and logical security (i.e. PCI PED certified).
  • 32-bit processor supports powerful encryption to ensure confidential data is secure.




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