Inventory Pro released today with major usability enhancements

Inventory Pro is released today. This version of Inventory Pro greatly enhances the usability of the application by providing useful features and tools. While the enhanced feature set helps to improve the processes efficiencies, the tools enable faster and better implementation of Inventory Pro.


Following features have been added / enhanced in the Inventory Pro version

  • Inventory Pro Setup Wizard – This release incorporates a setup wizard which will guide the user through the sequence of steps for configuring the solution.
  • On-Line Help – This release incorporates screen sensitive help. Users can press CTRL+SHIFT+P to bring up the help for the active screen.
  • New Release Notification – Whenever a new version of the product is released the system will display the update notification as a SAP Business One alert.
  • Sample Pick Ticket Reports – Sample Pick Ticket reports have been included in the add-on. The sample reports will be placed under the \CTX\Inventory Pro\Sample Reports folder on installation. These sample Pick Ticket reports can be used as a reference / starting point for report customization. A guide for customizing Pick Ticket reports is also included with the product documentation.
  • GUI for generating the RF Configuration File – The Inventory Pro add-on includes a new screen for defining various RF configuration parameters and exporting a RF Configuration file based on the defined parameters.
  • Installer Enhancements for Inventory Pro services – Installers for Inventory Pro services include a GUI for defining the connection parameters during the install routine.
  • Language Support – Inventory Pro GUI is now available in the following languages:
  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • Latin American Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese

Bugs and Defects Fixed

Following bugs have been fixed in this release:

FIFO Allocation Method – In the previous release of the Inventory Pro Add-on, stock was not appropriately allocated as per the FIFO Allocation rule.  This has been fixed in this release.


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