How to succeed in Retail multichannel, multinational market?

MNC MultichannelImplementing a comprehensive and fueling integrated multichannel retail system is essential when ensuring the smooth, daily function of any Retail business. Regardless of the vertical type that means, from restaurant to department store, having all facets of the business directly communicating with one another is important. In absence of an integrated  system that communicates well ,needless errors and avoidable problems occur, reducing possible profit flows and draining valuable man hours. Using an Integrated retail system, which converges data of all multichannel retail touch points and is able to do so in multiple languages with multi-currency facets is vastly important in the success in any global company.

Retailers whether big or small are now keenly focusing to invest in Retail technology that  communicates in multiple languages and has built in currency conversion features, which was earlier ignored. The multi lingual, multi-currency integrated retail system connects all areas of the business across borders, across locations ranging from ordering new products, to placement of shipments, when shipments are expected & received, what is out on the floor and when particular material is running low in stock. All this while, relevant data is stored at the local store server as well as the Enterprise server. Facilitating smooth operations of a Retail chain is an important concern of a multichannel retail company, which is ensured by an Integrated Retail management solution. Each branch must consist of its own, locally based currency and language system, in order to best service the department, and customers.  Reports in respective language can then be sent back to the head office, detailing information regarding sales & other allied functions. This pinpoints popular products in different areas of the world, allowing management to determine what services should be offered in different countries and regions.

The point of sales (POS) system is essential in helping customers and clients feel comfortable with the company. This is the point in which the individual pays for and buys the desired product. Often times, this is the only time (when done in person) where face to face interaction is performed, although many companies are moving towards self-service. The POS, acts like a point of Service with the Integrated retail systems, it is possible to follow when products are sold, what is the most popular, sales during a given point in the day and what customers like specific products the best. A POS that functions in the local language & processes all data & prints in local language connects well with a local customer service system, improving  customer-management & strengthening relationships, as complaints and concerns are handled locally, with agents who speak the language and understand their way of life.

The opportunities Multichannel Retail presents to  businesses are both exciting and challenging.  Businesses that embrace innovative technologies are able to act quickly and adapt to reap benefits at the expense of their slower moving counterparts.

Single Channel Retail Sales Are Dying

In an ever-changing retail market, multi channel retail methods are replacing the traditional methods of retail sales. Almost all successful, large, chain retail stores have multiple channels integrated into one system available to employees, vendors and customers. Consumers want to find the product they are looking for. If the particular store they visit is out of stock, they want other options available to make their desired purchase. Multi channel retail allows the customer to find what they are looking for either at another store or online. Single channel retail limits the ability of retailers to meet their customers’ needs.

Why Single Channel Retailing is Dying

Single Channel Retail is dying because more and more businesses are going online, providing their customers with an easy alternative to the typical POS at a retail store. Most large chain retailers have a website where all of the products they sell in their stores are available, as well as other products that are only available online. The way to make online sales more effective is to integrate this system with the physical stores. Make it easy to find out if a product is available online if it is not available at the store. Customers still need to be engaged at the store level POS, but making products available online and integrating the online system with the stores will drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Effective Loyalty Systems

In order to effectively retain the business of returning customers, a loyalty system has to be integrated across all channels in a multi channel retail business. Rewards for customers returning to your business have to create enough incentive for the customer and be redeemable both in the stores and online. An integrated system that makes customer information available in the stores themselves as well as online is crucial.

Web Storefront

Multi Channel Retail is the Answer

Multi channel retail creates a new venue from which customers can buy products. Instead of using the internet primarily for promotion and advertising, maximize profits by creating a website where customers can purchase products. With an integrated retail system in place, buying products online is easy and extremely cost efficient.

New Innovations in the Retail Sector

The retail industry becomes a little more digitized every day. In order to stay in front of this trend and make it work for your business to drive sales and profits, your business must be limber enough to stretch and bend with your customer’s preferences. The capability to sell products not only in stores but also online and in kiosks and other venues is the key to your business’s flexibility. But multi channel retail is only as effective as its integrated retail system is efficient. Online presence is a must for every retailer now to be competitive.  With new innovations come the increasing need to invest in an integrated retail system that fits your business and drives your sales.

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