iVend Retail 5.4.7 Released

This release of iVend Retail has many new enhancements and features. The database mirroring ability will now help retailers to create fail-safe deployments thereby reducing business loss during server crashes or IT disasters. Latin America countries can now use iVend with SAP Business One localized for below mentioned countries. Read below for many more enhancements.

License Management

This release incorporates a new Licensing System that allows license activation over the Internet. It is mandatory that you first request for an activation key before performing the upgrade to this release. Please email to licenses [at] citixsys.com for activation key request.

Fiscal Printer Integration for Panama

iVend is integrated to Bematech MP400 TH FI printer to support the printing of fiscal documents. Printing the fiscal documents is government mandate in Panama.

Club de Mercancia Integration (Panama)

iVend is integrated to Club de Mercancia application developed by our partner in Panama to cater to needs of local retail scenario.

Localization Support Extended

The following locations for SAP Business One customers are supported as an experimental beta in this release

  1. Chile
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Guatemala
  4. Mexico
  5. Panama
  6. China
  7. Germany

Support for Database Mirroring

With this release, iVend extends support for database mirroring. Database mirroring provides a fallback server in case the primary server is unavailable due to system crashes. Configuring this feature will enable the iVend system to automatically switch from primary database server to the secondary mirrored server without disrupting operations.

Please refer to install guide for configuration details.

Till Management Enhancement

Till management at the POS has been enhanced with this release of iVend. This release allows the team members to logon to the POS terminal without selecting the till for operations provided one of the team members have already selected a till in a previous login. iVend Retail Release Notes

Discount Management

Discount management has been enhanced with this release. A new setting has been provided on the product card to block the additional sale discount for the item if the line discount has already been applied.

Plutus Integration

Plutus payment processor integration for India has been incorporated in this release.

Transaction Search

An additional setting has been provided in retail profile for pre-populating the current business date in transaction search screen at POS.

Hardware Initialization

A button has been provided in user menu to display the list of hardware which has been successfully initialized at the POS.

Receipt Enhancement

Based on the print profile, the users can now print cash in and cash out receipt from POS.

Extended Language Support

Apart from English, iVend application is now also available in the following languages:

  1. French
  2. Latin American Spanish
  3. Italian
  4. Greek
  5. German

Language preferences for the users can be set from the iVend Management Console. After login in the system user would see the iVend GUI in the user preferred language. If the user language is not setup then English would be used as a default language.

Bugs Fixed

Bug ID: 9707

Bug Description: The iVend POS crashed when clicking on Open Till button while assigning the till to cash drawer.

Bug ID: 9804

Bug Description: The user is not able to issue the store credits if the store credit is setup as user defined.

Bug ID: 9805

Bug Description: The UDF integration was giving error if more than one UDF of SAP B1 was integrated with iVend.

Bug ID: 9806

Bug Description: The purchase order edited in SAP B1 on integrating with iVend was throwing an error.

Bug ID: 9771

Bug Description: When upsells are marked for auto add to transaction, then the system was not calculating the discounts properly on the upsell item.

Bug ID: 9772

Bug Description: The users are able to specify the inactive sales person while doing a transaction at POS.

Bug ID: 9773

Bug Description: Bug fix for restricting the addition of line to AP Invoice, if the AP invoice is copied from PO generated from iVend. This was creating an issue in SAP B1.

Bug ID: 9773

Bug Description: User is able to remove the till assigned to another user at the POS.


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