Workwear Industries benefits from iVend Retail & SAP Business One

Company: Workwear Industries

Country: Australia

Industry: Retail – Industrial Strength Workwear Gear

Located in Perth, West Australia, Workwear Industries has been supplying world-class protective wear for various industries ranging from heavy industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, to medical research. The range of products includes work garments, protective coveralls, disposable protective gear and other protective gear. Workwear Industries continues its tradition with emphasis on quality and commitment in providing the safest work wear and protective gear to its customers.


  • Fully integrated enterprise accounting application with retail operations
  • Improve inventory and customer management
  • Improve employee productivity and overall store performance

With its products sold throughout Australia, it was important for the back-office and point of sale solution chosen by Workwear Industries, to be robust and easy-to-use. The company began to explore the possibility of investing in a solution that could integrate their business processes and information across their enterprise. In addition, they also evaluated the possibility of acquiring a solution that could provide real time (POS) data, visibility and insight into sales numbers and help in accelerating and improving the execution of transactions. Their greatest challenge was to find an affordable, easy-to-use solution that would help them manage their critical business functions across sales, financials, and operations in one single integrated system.

The main benefits that the iVend solution was perceived to provide Workwear Industries during the review process, was its ease of use, its complete integration with SAP Business One, and its ability to scale up and keep pace with growth of the business. The staffs who use the system also commented on iVend’s friendly user interface and how quickly they grew accustomed to it.

Solution: iVend Retail with SAP Business One


  • Increased visibility across all sales and purchasing transactions
  • Intuitive solution scalable for future growth
  • Improved customer management & retention through gift cards and layaways
  • Comprehensive view of the company’s revenue, costs and inventory valuation in real-time

Previously using Nexus, Workwear Industries elected to implement SAP Business One and its integrated point of sale solution iVend Retail – which would be used at their retail outlets. The solution was so complete; there was no need to source alternatives. SAP Business One and iVend Retail offered it all. According to Leeann Stewart, General Manager Finance & Administrator at Workwear Industries.

“It was more about efficient processing of orders, keeping pace with business growth for now and for the future.” she said.

“We love the way iVend Retail integrates with SAP Business One, from the way it handles the transactions, ease of access of the transaction information, ease of use through touch screens and extreme ease to learn & train others.

iVend Retail with SAP Business One has greatly improved our information tracking through every part of the software.

It is now very easy to process information and the overall reporting is far more accurate and crisp”

Leeann Stewart,

GM Finance & Administrator Workwear Industries


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