Industrie USA [In Add Minus Stores]

“CitiXsys has really made sure that customers have all the necessary resources needed to educate themselves and find answers to questions fast and easy. I’m very impressed with the overall functionality of iVend.  I’ve worked on “Retail Pro” and “Bean Store” in the past and iVend by far is the most user friendly POS software I have used. “
Marco Albrecht

VP Retail Operations
Director Operations

Reeves Floral Products Inc.

“I would like to take a moment to compliment you on the team you have working for you. I have worked on several implementations in the past and have never worked with a group who wereas eager and talented asyour associates.
Even with the time difference between India and the United States, the ren ever seems to bean issue completing any development that arises.
Thank you again for all your help.”

Chuck Woodring, Warehouse Manager, ReevesFloral Products,Inc.

MiniJumbuk (a Retail – Home Wares company)

“We needed a better system to support our company, so we went with SAP®. Our retail shop also needed an easier, user friendly system which integrated with SAP so we selected iVend Retail. We are now better able to track transactions through the system and can also create gift certificates on the fly.”

“Due to our location, the CitiXsys team arrived on Saturday night, and on Sunday, they began training some of the staff that were commissioned to handle this transition at MiniJumbuk. The software was loaded on either Sunday or Monday and was tested out that very day. It’s incredible but we actually went live on Tuesday,”

Angela Hahn, MiniJumbuk, Australia

Nagreeka Foils Ltd

“A key win for us is that managers will be able to access information instantaneously as and when required, instead of waiting up to two weeks for a report. As a result, strategic planning will be better supported, enabling us to react faster to changing market requirements. Having a single, accurate, and up-to-date source of information for all employees will increase coordination between departments and reduce errors. As a result, our operations will run more smoothly – and more cost-effectively.”

“With SAP, we know we have a road map that we can follow in the future without encountering integration issues as we develop. And we know we can rely on CitiXsys to help us exploit the full potential of SAP software.”

Mr. Satish Patwari, Managing Director


HILLZEEZ, Australia

“I’ve worked with many support partners on many solutions, and without hesitation, I can say CitiXsys has met my expectations in areas where many previous ‘support’ partners haven’t. They take an interest in your business processes and don’t expect you to compromise for the sake of the product. If you are not happy in an area that you feel has not met your expectation, they will act to remedy it at once, taking the approach that if one client wants this today, it will most likely be another client expecting it tomorrow. Remote support is no issue; it is like they are on your doorstep anyhow.”

Glenn Callegari Managing Director

Silicon Valley Sports Entertainment, USA (Sharks)

“The implementation and roll out of iVend Retail at SVSE utilizing the consulting resources of CitiXsys was definitely a positive experience. We found their attention to detail matched our Company’s high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Communications between all parties was prompt and professional. We will continue to grow our business using software and services from CitiXsys”

Mary Keen, GM Merchandize