Improved inventory visibility and product performance with iVend Retail

COMPANY : Laksala – Sri Lanka state gift & Souvenir Boutique

Country: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Industry : Specialty Retail

Partner : Pristine Solutions

Laksala is the only State owned Gift & Souvenir Boutique in Sri Lanka and was established under the National Crafts Council And Allied Institutions Act, No. 35 of 1982.

Since then Laksala has witnessed numerous changes with an ever growing list of products on sale. Today Laksala operates through 13 branches located island wide and offer the widest variety of all Sri Lankan products at a competitive price. Most importantly, Laksala enables the numerous industries that supply goods to it to stay both profitable and in business.


Download CaseStudy

Download Case Study

  • Non-integrated data management
  • Invoicing and extraction of financial data was time consuming
  • Needed a reliable retail management system with streamlined inventory view
  • Scalability of system was an issue

Laksala’s sole objective is to be a commercially viable and socially responsible marketing organization which creates opportunities for rural products to enter mega – markets. Their vision is to transform Laksala to a profit making organization within the Government sector. For this, Laksala needed an appropriate, standard and certified solution which covered the unique aspects of their organization. To effectively manage their retail, warehousing processes and accounting functions, they wanted a seamlessly integrated application.
Laksala were using a software, which included the POS system. They realized that their system had reached a threshold and had grown obsolete. The application could not integrate finance data with the operational data and could generate only elementary reports.


iVend Retail with SAP Business One

Benefits :

  • Enhanced employee efficiency with integrated back office processes
  • Complete inventory control and real-time inventory visibility
  • Synchronized data transfers between Stores & enterprise ensured accuracy across Retail operation
  • Achieved faster order processing & flexible promotion management
  • Streamlined and accurate billing process

Benefits of the newly implemented system were evident, a transparent view of the entire work data and ability to generate management information quickly were most remarkable. Management noticed some immediate benefits which are as follows –

  • Additional benefits of the system:Increase inventory turns and reduce inventory levels
  • Faster order processing led to increased customer satisfaction
  • Provide cross-channel information for efficient operational actions
  • Enable better planning and forecasting capability
  • Offer competitive retail price and promotion management

“Generally iVend is covering our POS system quite satisfactorily. Laksala expected iVend to support our sales outlets by having a fast & accurate billing system since iVend can have independent databases to each store.
Once iVend was implemented, Laksala’s customer service improved and customers were satisfied with the quick service.”

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