Turning the Mission Shopper into a Loyal Customer – How to improve your Small & Medium Size Retail Business’ Conversion Rate

The ability to consistently attract shoppers into your retail establishment and then convert them into buying consumers is the lifeblood of any retailer. Hopefully, along the way they’ll also end up buying more than initially planned. But as a rough economy and the internet continues to decrease the amount of visits a consumer makes to brick and mortar stores, conversion rates become even more imperative.

The advent of online retail and smart phones, while enabling the consumer, has created more challenges for traditional retailers already facing difficult economic times. And the small and medium sized retailer is even more sensitive to this issue.

The term “mission shoppers” has been coined to describe Web-savvy shoppers that enter a store with a purpose – they head directly to their intended purchase and leave without browsing. They’ve already used the web to investigate and analyze the goods. This is especially impactful for retailers dealing in name brand commodities like electronics, luggage, and appliances, but it will have an effect on every business.

Another potentially damaging effect of online commerce is the ability for a consumer to research the desired item in a brick and mortar store and then make their purchase online for the best deal. Many shoppers still desire that kinesthetic aspect of touching, seeing, and trying on merchandise before they purchase it. They’ve essentially used the store as an investigative tool but let price be the deciding factor in where they make their purchase.

Fortunately, many consumers still appreciate the individualized service one gets from an independent retailer, as evidenced by the success of American Express’ 2nd annual Small Business Saturday. The following strategies, when implemented consistently, allow your retail business to integrate the technological practices of large chain retailers with the personalized service of a small business.

Help your “mission shopper” find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. What if your customer wants a certain brand of luggage in a color that you don’t currently have in stock? In the time it would take your staff to call around to other stores, your savvy shopper has likely found the item on the internet, using their smart phone, in the color and style they desire. With the iVend retail management solution, your staff can locate inventory available at any of your locations quickly from their POS terminal, thus saving the sale and impressing your customer with their fast and efficient service.

You can offer flexible payment plans such as layaways to your customer. While they may save some money by buying the desired item online, they need to pay for it immediately and then wait several days to receive this item. Your staff can use iVend’s layaway feature to entice consumers to purchase without having to part with their cash immediately. Layaway terms can be arranged to fit the customer’s needs, allowing your staff to upsell items and increase sales. Many large retailers are bringing back layaways for the holiday shopping season.

Your staff can recognize and reward frequent and loyal customers easily. Our iVend Loyalty solution allows you to track your customer’s buying behavior and assign loyalty points, etc. Staff can use this to reward the frequent customer with discounts, gift cards, and more. Consumers who shop at small to medium sized stores generally appreciate the recognition and relationship they establish with the retailer. Why not reward them for their loyal behavior?

Make real time pricing decisions if needed. A friend of mine recently was in the market for a new television. He was the true mission shopper – after researching various brands and finding the best price online, he then asked two local retailers if they’d match Amazon’s price, which was $30 less. One savvy retailer quickly matched it and then threw in free shipping and removal of their old tv. It’s no wonder that this independent brick and mortar retailer has consistently done well, even though their prices are higher than most chain stores.

iVend is a complete end to end retail management solution that allows you to analyze and react in real time. Together with your personalized service and business savvy, the small and medium sized retailer can easily turn browsers into loyal buyers.

R3 Global automates Retail Process with iVend Retail

Company: R3 Global

Country: United States of America

Industry: Relational Marketing through brick-&-mortar and mobile stores

The mission of R3Global is to be the most superior Total Support System in the relational marketing industry by providing a complete range of Teaching, Training, Motivation, Inspiration, Communications, Calendar & Events, and Promotional Items.

With the passion to influence “Personal Development for Prosperity in the 21st Century” for each and every one of our customers, R3 Global reaches out to its customers through a well established network of distributors and members of its Relational Marketing Program.


  • Ability to quickly and easily setup mobile stores and kiosks
  • Transaction processing speed with minimal clicks to a sale
  • Seamless and deep integration with SAP Business One
  • Ability to capture Debit Card sale – in offline mode

As the business grew, with it grew the complexities and challenges of running a successful multi level membership business.

Even after replacing their aging QuickBooks application with SAP Business One, their existing POS system was not able to match to the pace at which transactions were conducted. Added to this was the unique business process where substantial portion of their sale was done in conferences and meetings.

The challenge was to have an application that could allow R3 Global quickly and easily set up mobile stores and kiosks to manage the transactional volumes. It was challenging to increase sales, reduce transaction processing time and reduce stock out & overstock situations. It was imperative to have flexibility in setting up promotions with inventory visibility across stores.

One of the other challenges was the ability to process debit cards – quickly and in off-line mode.

Required was a consolidated view of the retail operations, inventory and associated financials, and an easy way to transact with their customers, and members.

Solution: iVend Retail


  • Consolidated retail sales data with improved accuracy and transparency through iVend Retail Management Solution
  • Comprehensive view of the retail operations – revenue, costs and inventory valuation in real-time
  • Ease of use in executing the unique business processes

The move to iVend Retail with SAP Business One as the back end ERP was a clear step forward in integrating and effectively managing its retail and financial data more effectively. Selecting CitiXsys solutions to complement its SAP investment seemed the right choice as it easily integrated with SAP Business One.

The main benefits that the iVend solution provided R3 Global, was its ease of use, its complete integration with SAP Business One, and its overall speed of transaction processing. R3 Global has not only automated and streamlined its retail business processes but also gained a positive return over its IT investment for the present and in the long run.

“iVend has given us performance on the front line. The user interface is intuitive and easy to learn. The speed of (credit card) transactions is great.

Beyond the product strengths, we really like the configurability, especially with the user defined fields for our membership program.

Single thing we value most is the speed of processing”

Mark Morgan, R3 Global

CitiXsys announces local Consulting & Support

CitiXsys is pleased to offer local consulting and support services. Our team of SAP certified, highly experienced consultants are now available to schedule for implementation and training of CitiXsys solutions. This team will also handle L1 post go-live support and liaise with our offshore team for L2 and L3 needs. CitiXsys is constantly refining its commitment to the channel with innovative and convenient solutions to help you gain a competitive edge and win more business!
Top Benefits:
• Local help means local time zones
• Keen understanding and experience with the CitiXsys solution stack
• SAP Certified with 5+ years SAP Business One experience
• On site availability when needed
• Project Management services
• Report design and deployment
• UAT and Training

The skinny on PCI Compliance

Here is what you need to know about the new PCI compliance standard when choosing a solution partner:
First, see below definitions to know what we’re talking about (like we need more acronyms in this business right?)
PCI = Payment Card Industry
PA = Payment Application
DSS = Data Security Standard

These standards were actually created by the various payment card providers like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. PCI casts a very broad net; it includes the card providers, gateways, merchants, banks and applications. PA is any software or hardware solution that passes or reads/stores sensitive data. DSS is the standard the hardware and software solution providers must write their code and encryption levels to.
For us selling and purchasing solutions that store or transmit sensitive data, when a customer asks if your solution have PCI Compliance, they mean is your solution PADSS Certified? Only a Payment Application (PA) that is Data Security Standard (DSS) certified can be compliant. This certification can only be earned after engaging a qualified firm and passing a stringent audit process. Many end users are not even considering a solution that is not certified.
The reason is that for a business to be PCI compliant – using PADSS certified solutions is only a piece of the compliance pie – but a very necessary piece. Network firewalls, database encryption, updated antivirus software and passing security scans (for eCommerce) are some other qualifications.
CitiXsys solutions; iCharge and iVend are PADSS certified and become a valuable part of the PCI compliant path for end users. So next time a customer asks if your solution is PCI compliant you can confidently say “yes we are a certified application”.
Happy Selling-

iCharge – Credit Card Solution for SAP Business One 8.8 re-certified by SAP

CitiXsys Technologies gets its latest version of iCharge 10.0 re-certified by SAP for SAP Business One 8.8

New York, NY, September 23, 2010:  Keeping its commitment to provide robust, feature rich and secure applications, CitiXsys Technologies got its Credit Card solution – iCharge 10.0 re-certified by SAP for adherence to SAP Business One development guidelines. iCharge10.0 is seamlessly integrated with the latest version of SAP Business One 8.8. With this re-certification, CitiXsys reiterates its commitment to SAP, its partners and customers to reap business benefits from robust and intuitive applications.

“I am pleased to release a completely revamped iCharge application on the dot net platform which is compliant with SAP Business One Development guidelines. This will significantly increase the application performance and overall customer satisfaction says” – Mahendra Jha – Product Manager iCharge Application – CitiXsys

“Hundreds of our iCharge customers globally will benefit from this release and certification. We are proud of our achievement and this certification is an example of our commitment to keep raising our standards to offer better and secure products to our customers and partners” – says Pankaj Mathur – VP Solutions Delivery – CitiXsys.

About iCharge 10

iCharge 10.0 is the complete credit card processing application from CitiXsys. iCharge 10.0 processes credit card information between sales transaction in SAP Business One and payment processor service that obtains authorization information needed to approve the transaction. For all sales transactions generated in SAP Business One, iCharge 10.0 authorizes and settles payment in real time and integrates them back into SAP Business One.

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CitiXsys SAP Business One Credit Card integration with PayPal

With SAP Business One Credit Card integration you can easily process transactions, reduce errors and quickly and easily settle accounts. With the expansion of eCommerce many companies need to process their orders efficiently and easily. Watch the demo to see how we integrate with PayPal and can authorize an order, reauthorize if necessary, and then settle the account and have a happy customer and money in the bank.

 About iCharge 10

 iCharge 10.0 is the complete credit card processing application from CitiXsys. iCharge 10.0 processes credit card information between sales transaction in SAP Business One and payment processor service that obtains authorization information needed to approve the transaction. For all sales transactions generated in SAP Business One, iCharge 10.0 authorizes and settles payment in real time and integrates them back into SAP Business One.

 About Us:

 With over 4000 customers in 15 countries using CitiXsys products and solutions, we are the largest Software Solution Partner to the SAP Business One community. CitiXsys is a leading provider of software products in the Retail and Wholesale Distribution Supply Chain domain. A recipient of the SAP Pinnacle Award, all our products are integrated with SAP Business One while its flagship product iVend Retail also has integrations with SAP ERP for large and midsize retailers. CitiXsys’ clients include globally recognized companies like Swarovski Optik, Greiche & Scaff, Britannia, Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., Biotique, Colio Wines, Reeves Floral, Margaret Howell, Sharks, Yakult, Nestle and many more. In 2007, we were awarded the ISV Partner Sales Excellence Award for Revenue and in 2006 the ISV Solution Partner Quality Excellence Award by SAP.

 CitiXsys has its corporate headquarters in New York City, USA, an R&D center in New Delhi, India and offices in Chicago, Toronto, London, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. We also have strategic alliances with SAP US, UK, Australia, India and a number of other technology partners for product development and related services.

 For more information about us log on to www.citixsys.com

CitiXsys wins SAP Pinnacle Award

CitiXsys is pleased to announce it has been awarded an SAP® Pinnacle Award as the SME Global Innovation Partner. Pinnacle Awards were granted to leading SAP partners that have excelled in enhancing the customer experience by teaming with SAP to help customers address critical issues such as accelerating innovation and improving return on investment. Winners were selected based on nominations received from partners and SAP employees. CitiXsys received the award at a special awards ceremony held on the eve of SAPPHIRE® Vienna, SAP’s international customer conference being held May 19 – 21.

“SAP is committed to extending the customer experience by orchestrating a unique ecosystem to foster co-innovation between SAP, customers, and partners,” said Zia Yusuf, executive vice president, Global Ecosystem and Partner Group, SAP. “This year’s SAP Pinnacle Awards recipients have demonstrated industry-focused excellence, innovative solutions and reliable services that address high priority business needs and deliver exceptional customer value. We thank CitiXsys for their dedication and passion to teaming with SAP to help redefine the customer experience.”

As an SAP Global Services Partner, CitiXsys has one of the largest teams of customization and implementation professionals in the world and has been actively engaged with SAP in developing localizations for SAP UK, US and India product releases of SAP Business One. With impeccable domain expertise and commitment to develop high-end strategic business applications, CitiXsys delivers solutions that work. CitiXsys utilizes its unique SAP Business One competencies and extensive partner collaboration to provide local expertise to a global network .The company works closely with SAP to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions that ensure customers are up and running on SAP Business One quickly and efficiently.

“We are delighted to receive this award and earn this recognition,” said Duncan Wyeth, Vice President – Global Operations at CitiXsys. “Innovation is one of the keys to maintaining a leadership position and gaining substantial competitive advantage in the marketplace. This award validates the shared commitment of SAP and CitiXsys to deliver innovative business solutions in the small and midsize enterprise market and encourages us to strive further to ensure our customers achieve greater business performance and value from our solutions,” he added.