iPlan 1.5 released for SAP Business One 8.82, PL04 and above


Release Description

This document outlines the enhancements / issues fixed in iPlan version 1.5
iPlan 1.5 is only supported on:

• SAP Business One 8.82, PL04 and above
• SAP Business One 8.81, PL03 and above
• SAP Business One 8.8
• Microsoft SQL Server 2005
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008


• Ability to inactivate an item: With this release, you can now mark an item as inactive for MRP Run, OTB and Forecasting. The system will continue to make stock transfer recommendation for items which have stock on hand.

• Ability to add manual recommendation: With this release, you can manually add additional rows to MRP Recommendations before executing the order recommendations.

• Import planning parameter: With this release, the “Minimum Inventory” information for the item warehouse combination can also be imported.

• Forecasting of new items: With this release, new items can be forecasted based on the sales history of a replacement item.

• Analyze forecast in terms of cost and sale: With this release, apart from quantitative view of forecast, the forecast can additionally be viewed as an amount based on a price list.

• Overriding forecasted data: With this release, you can now override the forecasted data at Item group level which will get applied to all the items in that group.

• Imported historical sales consideration: With this release, the treatment of the imported historical sales data can now be based on any one of the following parameters.

  • All – All imported historical sales will be considered while generating the forecast.
  • None – The system will not consider any imported historical sales data while generating the forecast.
  • Previous – Only those imported historical sales data that are prior to the first transaction of the same item in SAP Business One will be considered while generating the forecast.

• Auto application of distribution rule: With this release, the system can be setup to apply the distribution rule automatically in the MRP recommendations.

Bugs and Defects Fixed

• Plotting of historical graph: Due to an issue in the previous release iPlan considers the historical sales as zero for the month that has not passed yet and therefore the graph plotted for the month shows 0 sales for the month. This has been fixed in this release.

iPlan – Inventory Planning for Business One is a tool that allows organizations to further improve inventory management processes. The enhanced MRP (Material Requirement Planning), OTB (Open to Buy) and Forecasting engines enable companies in Retail, Warehousing & Distribution to have a better control on their inventories resulting in better margins. Forecasting enables predicting sales in the future based on past or legacy data. MRP enables the procurement process per warehouse. OTB ensures optimal spend on inventory as and when required based on forecasted sales.

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