Mobile POS as a Customer service opportunity

Whether or not you know it, you have used a Mobile POS system and it has made your experience at a retailer much better. As far as customer service is concerned, aMobility Mobile POS system puts the store at a customer service representative’s hands, which allows them to answer questions, look up prices, access inventory and stock, and contact their suppliers all from the same system.

But what exactly is in it for you, the customer? An integrated retail system stream lines what used to take several employees: it inventories, price checks, orders, and keeps stock current all while you are checking out at the cash register. Let’s say you are purchasing a pair of socks. As soon as the bar code on the socks is scanned, the Mobile POS system lets the inventory know that there is one less pair on the shelves and subtracts that pair from stock as well. The pair subtracted form stock is added to the order from the supplier and once the stock is decreased by a certain amount, the supplier sends the order to your retailer. The automation of an integrated retail system takes the menial processes out of your hands and allows you to focus more on what your company relies on: The Customer.

Another key feature of the Mobile POS system is the effectiveness of its customer loyalty systems. Keeping track of details is what POS systems do best and customer rewards, although essential, are just another tiny number that can be overlooked. A POS system can tell you all of the facets of a customer’s buying experience down to the very last detail: How much they spent? How often they shop? How many items they bought? &all of this data can be utilized as a positive information to engage with clients on the shop floor. It suddenly becomes much easier and more reliable to reward customers for their loyalty in an unbiased way.

The real benefit of a Mobile POS system is the elimination of long queues at the POS and the freeing of floor space, which enhances customer experience & saves investment in Real estate. It allows the floor manager to move out on Retail floor equipped with all information & move freely to interact with the customer actively ; combined with the mobile accessibility of inventory and ordering, the sales person can more effectively close a deal while the customer is present. The mobile POS system seamlessly integrates with your existing POS system, thus eliminating overhead for a new system.

The cutting edge technology that a Mobile POS system brings to a retail cannot be underscored enough; with immediate return coming from the customer experience and the sales person interaction with the customer heightening the overall customer experience at your company.

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