How an SME can Shrink the Shrinkage from Employee Theft

Shrinkage in the retail industry is a serious matter, averaging over $30 billion dollars a year. And the majority of that shrinkage (43%) is due to employee theft, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation.

This can be especially problematic for a SME retailer; as the business grows, owners must accede control and oversight of the daily operations to others while focusing on the management and long term strategy of the business. This can leave them vulnerable if they do not have the proper controls in place to guard against internal theft.

Many rapidly growing small and medium retailers tend to rely on the trust of  their employees as well, especially long time members. They may not realize the need for security controls until it’s too late.

A good retail management solution, such as iVend Retail, offers key features that will successfully discourage many leading methods of theft. Consider these common scenarios:

(A) A sales clerk at one of your locations gives her login and password information to a friend, who then accesses the retail POS system and steals cash from the till, as well as hacking confidential customer data.

Security Feature: The iVend Retail management solution integrates with a leading biometric fingerprint reader, DigitalPersona, effectively tying security and user rights to the employee’s fingerprint. This allows for complete employee accountability, confirmed audit trails, prevention against unauthorized access, and more.

(B) An employee works in cahoots with an outside partner, who comes into the store to return a single item several times. The employee scans the return repetitively throughout the day, and processes several cash refunds.

Security Feature: The iVend Retail management solution allows only one return per each specific item. The system will lock that item from being returned multiple times, even if it’s at a different location.

(C) Several employees are pilfering small amounts of inventory from various locations throughout the year. While each item isn’t substantial, the total cumulative amount over a year’s time is significant. The discrepancy in inventory is only discovered at the annual physical inventory count.

Security Feature: Cycle counts of inventory can be performed through the iVend Retail management solution periodically throughout the year, thus identifying discrepancies in inventory on a timely basis.

(D) A store clerk gives random and significant discounts on purchases to her friends without any authorization.

Security Feature: The iVend Retail management solution allows you to set discounts, price controls, and price changes at different levels of management.

Other security controls include the ability to force reason codes and comments for returns and exchanges and till counts at various intervals throughout the day.

In these tough economic times, it is crucial for a business to have access to current information and control over operational data. Our iVend Retail Management solution, an SAP Business One addon, is a complete end to end solution that allows the management team to have complete control over each store’s operations in real time.


BURKE MARINE Installs iVend For Reliable End-To-End Retail Management Solution


COUNTRY : Australia

INDUSTRY : Speciality Textiles

Burke Marine, founded by Martin Burke on the shores of Sydney Harbour in 1971, Burke Marine has dominated the Australian and New Zealand Marine &  sail market for the last 40 years. Combining a wealth of boating experience with a vast knowledge of textile manufacturing, the family-run company has been one of Australia’s most respected and dynamic marine brands. Burke Marine is committed to providing the world’s best marine equipment. In addition to their own brand Burke, they represent some of the world’s best marine brands which include Henri-Lloyd & Seabrake.

Henri-Lloyd is a premium marine lifestyle clothing brand originating from Manchester, Great Britian. Founded in 1963 by Henri Strzelecki, Henri-Lloyd quickly became the leading marine technical brand for the sailing fraternity.

The brand has been worn by crews of the Volvo Round the World Ocean Race, America’s Cup, world champions, Olympic sailors and also brand ambassador three times gold medalist, Ben Ainslie.












Burke Marine owns a chain of stores spread over Australia and New Zealand. The company with its growing operations was unable to effectively and efficiently manage its store operations due to disparate and unstable systems, which meant they suffered from a lack of data consistency and reliability. With such disparate systems in place Burke Marine were unable to gain a complete view of their sales, inventory and store profitability, mainly due to it not being available. The manual checking of such key information became increasingly difficult to manage on an ongoing basis and was failing to provide upper management with key data to enable them to make important business decisions.

The existing system was unable to meet the local legislative demands of an Australian retailer and hence was inefficient and unable to streamline their store operations. Burke Marine needed a reliable system that could manage the end to end retail functions from Point of Sale (POS) to Head office integration along with inventory optimisation. The new system had to be scalable and therefore grow with the business and it had to provide flexibility in reporting while also giving upper management a holistic view on all aspects of the retail business.

  • Required a retail management solution that was fully integrated to SAP Business One
  • Improve their consumer centric approach to gain an edge
  • Focused approach for improved employee productivity

 Solution : iVend Retail with SAP Business One

 Benefits :

  • An end to end integrated application from POS to Head office with accuracy and transparency through iVend Retail
  • Enhanced Channel visibility- Sale & purchase
  • Effective gift card and Lay-By management has enabled our business to achieve improved customer loyalty and retention
  • Intuitive solution, scalable to meet the future growth of 360 degree view of different divisions, revenue, costs and inventory valuation in real-time

“Our staff have commented on how easy the iVend system was to learn and to operate – it has helped to alleviate the “human errors” that we have had experienced in the past. Good features in iVend are the ability to easily look at other store and main warehouse stock levels in real time, integrated eftpos has been great, gift voucher processing is easy and transparent and we have now just implemented Lay-By.”
Fran, Burke Marine, Australia


iVend retail integrates with Biometric Fingerprint IDs: Futuristic view to Retail Point of Sale Security

Transformation of retail POS has been tremendous over the past decade. Despite transactional complexities & other glitches: Security, safe transactions, accountability & accuracy have been dominant concerns for global retailers since theft losses continue to mount each year.

Safeguarding customer information is not the only concern among global retailers, currently they struggle to protect their sensitive business information including their costs, sales numbers, profit margins, etc. A corrupt, fraudulent employee or deceitful hacker can prove to be a financial disaster that can reoccur.
One password theft makes a retail POS security fragile & vulnerable to attack. Access of an intruder inside the retail system can lead to a data theft, cash register manipulation, inventory mismanagement and a number of other damaging actions. These can shatter the entire system, because in case of a password hack or theft, tracking the exact point of responsibility is next to impossible.

To address these concerns the latest version of iVend Retail, a leading Retail management solution integrates with leading fingerprint biometric DigitalPersona to enable retailers to quickly and securely identify users when performing tasks or accessing applications and records. As per data released by the National Retail Federation (NRF), nationwide employee theft topped $19B in 2006 and the amount is increasing each year. Biometric security integrated with retail management software is a suave way to combat such threats. The fingerprint reader solution easily integrates into POS systems so businesses can reduce fraud, ease tracking, lower IT costs and enhance efficiency.

How does iVend Retail Biometric Fingerprint Readers Work?

iVend Retail solution integrates itself with DigitalPersona, biometric fingerprint reader so when an employee logs into the retail POS system, instead of punching in his id & password, he simply scans his thumb or finger on the biometric fingerprint reader. The scan of his fingers is pre-stored in the HO database, hence the POS searches the preregistered database for identification, so any time the employee attempts to access a password-protected area of the retail point of sale software, he is required to scan his finger. Furthermore iVend system ensures that fingerprint scan is mandatory for access making id and password access secondary. The fingerprint reader can give instant access to a cash register, reducing the login time considerably & increases employee accountability that avert financial losses & data thefts

Benefits of iVend Retail Biometric Fingerprint solution-

Implementation of biometrics in a retail business can give an unmatched sense of Security & added peace of mind. Simple benefits of the system are-

  • Precise Employee Accountability
  • Confirmed Audit Trails
  • Data Protection
  • Stealth Security
  • Improved Compliance
  • High-Risk employee identification
  • Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • Protected Access Control
  • Actionable Role-Based Security

For more details contact us or write a mail on [email protected]

iVend 5.4.6 released with numerous enhancements

iVend 5.4.6 is released today. In addition to the numerous enhancements to the features, the application is also available in 4 languages.

License Management

This release incorporates a new Licensing System which allows license activation over the internet.

It is mandatory that you first request for an activation key before performing the upgrade to this release. Please email to licenses[at] for activation key request.

Moneris Integration

iVend Retail is now certified to process Card Present Transactions via eSELECTplus on a Moneris 7800 Pin-pad. Moneris 7800 Pin-pad is Ideal for use in a variety of merchant environments, including single-lane point-of-sale, multi-lane retail and stand-alone.

Sales Order Integration from SAP to iVend

Using this functionality the users can create a sales order in SAP Business One then mark these sales orders for store deliveries or payment collection at stores. These sales orders can then be searched from iVend Retail POS and the corresponding deliveries against these sales orders can be managed at the corresponding retail store. The sales orders that are created from SAP Business One can only be edited from SAP Business One.

Customer Facing Displays

Customer Facing Display feature allows you to open a special customer facing display window that will show the customer their transaction. It serves the same function as a traditional POS Pole display but instead uses a full computer monitor.

Assigning the default POS terminal to the Till

iVend 5.4.6 provides store managers the flexibility of assigning the default POS terminal to the till. This will help stores to reduce the overall cashier’s login process. If a POS terminal is assigned to a Till then upon login if the cashier logs on to the same POS the cashier does not have to select the till before moving from Till Assignment to the Transaction screen. The system will automatically associate the till to the POS when the user logs into the iVend POS.

Limiting the Maximum Price for an Open Item

Manager can now restrict the upper price limit for an open item.

iVend Add-on Enhancements

The iVend add-on for SAP Business One includes the following enhancements:

iVend Setup Wizard – This release incorporates a setup wizard which will guide the user through the sequence of steps for configuring the iVend Add-on

On-Line Help – This release incorporates screen sensitive help. Users can press CTRL+SHIFT+V to bring up the help for the active screen.

New Release Notification – Whenever a new version of the product is released the system will display the update notification as a SAP Business One alert.

Extended Language Support

Apart from English, iVend application is now also available in the following languages:

  1. French
  2. Latin American Spanish
  3. Italian
  4. Greek

Language preferences for the users can be set from the iVend Management Console. After login in the system user would see the iVend GUI in the user preferred language.  If the user language is not setup then English would be used as a default language.


Bugs Fixed

Bug ID: 9707

Bug Description:

In case there are multiple gift certificates are sold in a transaction then while reprinting the gift certificates system does not give option to reprint some of the gift certificates and prints all the gift certificates again. This is specially required when there is printing error while printing the gift certificates.

Bug ID: 9700

Bug Description:

iVend POS does not show all the payment types, in case there are more than 12 payment types defined through the iVend Management console.

Bug ID: 9709

Bug Description:

If the layaway item is voided in the transaction then also the default layaway deposit amount does not change. The user was required to change it manually. This can was happening in case if the Sale Level layaways are applied.

Bug ID: 9710

Bug Description:

If the user exceeds the number of failure attempts specified in the security policy then the user was getting locked and future login attempts were disallowed by the system. However even after unlocking the customer the failure counter was not resetting due to which customer was getting locked after the next failed attempt.

Bug ID: 9699

Bug Description:

Goods return report from iVend Management console is not printing after creating the Goods Return document.

Bug ID: 9711

Bug Description:

If the barcode is not resolved the system makes a sound, but if the system does not have the good speakers then this sound is not heard by the cashier and if the cashier ignores the message displayed on the system then the cashier would assume that the system has scanned this item. This sometimes creates issues if the cashier is not vigilant and could result in loss of revenue for the store.

Bug ID: 9712

Bug Description:

Current fulfillment setting means items stay committed (AR Reserve Invoice) until delivery.  Stock on hand not reduced until fulfillment is carried out.  System does not have the functionality to setup separate fulfillment plan for layaways.

Bug ID: 9712

Bug Description:

Open price item does not ask cashier for entering the price of an item if it already added once in the transaction.  This makes it difficult to work if the cashier wants to add more than one open priced item to the transaction.

Bug ID: 9712

Bug Description:

Committed Quantity of the warehouse does not change in SAP Business One even after doing the cancellation of Layaway from iVend.

iVend Retail 5.4 certified on SAP Business One 8.8 by SAP ICC

CitiXsys Technologies now has its flagship application iVend Retail certified by SAP for SAP Business One 8.8

New York, October 22, 2010: After releasing iVend Retail compatible with SAP Business One 8.8 in February, CitiXsys Technologies now has iVend Retail certified by Integration and Certification Center at SAP.

The certification confirms that the development of iVend Retail is as per the SDK development guidelines prescribed by SAP and comes just in time when the retailers are gearing up for the festive season. CitiXsys Technologies is one of the largest Software Solution Partner to SAP. With this certification, CitiXsys reiterates its commitment to SAP, its partners and customers to reap business benefits from robust and intuitive applications.

“The certification is an expression of our commitment to adhere to the stringent guidelines laid by SAP. This (certification) will allow partners to confidently position iVend in the market and will provide an assurance to the customers of licensing an SAP certified solution.” says Pankaj Mathur – Vice President, Solutions Delivery, CitiXsys Technologies.

“I’m very impressed with the overall functionality of iVend.  I’ve worked on “RetailPro” and “BeanStore” in the past and iVend is by far the most user friendly POS software I have used” says Marco Albrecht, Director Operations, In Add Minus, Los Angeles, CA

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iVend Retail gets Commidea payment processor certification in United Kingdom

London, October 18, 2010: iVend Retail, a complete Retail Management Solution from CitiXsys Technologies gets Commidea payment processor certification in UK for Ocius for PC.

CitiXsys Technologies got iVend certified for Commidea’s Ocius for PC solution – the leading credit card processing solution in the market today.
iVend is seamlessly integrated with the latest version of SAP Business One 8.8. With this certification, CitiXsys reiterates its commitment to the UK market and its partners in UK & EMEA to reap business benefits from robust and intuitive applications.

“The certification process was done on-site which involved executing a set of test scripts. We were able to execute the test scripts flawlessly. iVend now has certified integration with Commidea payment processor in UK for Ocius for PC. We congratulate the iVend team and CitiXsys Technologies to have achieved this certification.” says Michael Dunkling – Implementations Consultant, Commidea Ltd.

“Commidea certification has been eagerly awaited by our Customers and Partners in UK & EMEA. I feel happy and proud that this certification will help our customers carry out credit card transactions with ease. This certification will also benefit our partners to confidently position iVend Retail in UK&EMEA” says Abinesh Agarwal – Product Manager iVend, CitiXsys Technologies

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Retailers adapt mobility to remain competitive

Mobility is about transacting real time data at the point of activity and accessing relevant business information whenever or wherever required. In retail this allows more staff to be available on the shop floor, where the customers are, and not at the back office.  The benefit of concentrating staff availability in customer facing areas can have a marked impact in the perception of service offered thus making the retailer more agile and competitive.

Mobile POS

Everyday more sophisticated and flexible solutions are provided by mobile computing platforms that are becoming more and more attractive to retailers.  This is due to wide acceptance of Wi-Fi and 3G networks as an everyday technology and the advantages they brings in being always connected, allowing instantaneous update of data, and real time provision of information to store employees at the point of activity as well as corporate bosses in any device.

Mobility of technology is often achieved through the provision of hand-held devices like iPhone, iPad, Android based devices and many more, which can be used to transact a process in software solution at the point of sale or where the work needs to take place. Managers can access consolidated data with a click of a button on any device possible.

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Maximize ROI on SAP Business One with transaction rollups in iVend Retail

Modern Retail Systems are known to generate enormous amounts of data, irrespective of the size of operations and their spread. This data, which mainly comprises of historical transactions, is used for all the analysis purposes. Reduction in hardware prices, specifically of storage space and the need to ensure business continuity in scenarios of network breakdowns necessitates the duplication of data across applications and databases across the enterprise.

In order to understand the situation better, it is important to understand the evolutionary cycle of a mid-market retailer from the view point of investment in technology.

In the formative stages of the business, a mid-market retailer has his focus set on setting up and expanding his business. At this stage, issues pertaining to sourcing the merchandise, finalizing the price points, where to open store(s), overall marketing, take precedence than a big investment in a formal fully integrated retail solution. From the initial years to the point where the business gets established and the retailer has found that niche; focus on IT investment is relatively less. Most of the mid-market retailer we have interacted with started with in-store automation, which is not a bad or a wrong place to start with. [Read more…]

Expanding scope of Customer Loyalty Programs

At the center of all commerce activities is the customer. The recessionary times of last year has made marketers realize in more ways than many that customer retention and a sizable share of his expenditure is equally important, if not more than going all out to acquire new customers.

Today, Loyalty Programs are a norm even in non-consumer based industries like manufacturing, and non-profit organizations. The need to be closer to the customers, understand their buying pattern and offering customers a value for their money has prompted these diverse industry segments to seriously think and deploy customer retention strategies.

Ensuring customer loyalty, enhancing it and effectively managing it is one of the most crucial factors impacting sales. It is no longer important to have a formal loyalty management application but it is equally imperative to move forward from the short term promotional campaigns to a well defined customer focused, relationship oriented programs.

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