Customer loyalty programs in industries other than Retail

In this day in age, it is not at all uncommon for most service chains to be filled with customer loyalty program tags by various retailers. At nearly every turn, we are Loyaltyprompted to scan our rewards tag or enter our phone number in order to earn “points” or “cash back” for our spending. Though these programs are everywhere throughout the retail marketplace, the importance of customer loyalty programs is spreading to other arenas. Here we will explore how customer rewards systems can benefit and work within non-retail businesses.

Customer Loyalty Programs for Hotels
When consumers make travel arrangements, they are met with countless options for their sleeping accommodations. Because much of the country is still struggling with the economic downturn less people are traveling, and those who are want to get the best value for their dollar. It is for these reasons that customer loyalty programs are essential for attracting and retaining hotel guests. Many hotel chains have set up rewards services with member-recognition which allows guests to earn points for each night, or stay at one of their locations. After a certain amount of points, consumers can earn a free night. This is very attractive to consumers and adds the needed incentive to keep guests returning. In addition, some hotel loyalty programs also offer special promotions and discounts for loyalty members, such as reduced rates on special holidays or birthdays.

Customer Loyalty Programs for Airlines
The cost of an airline ticket can be staggering, which is why rewards programs for airlines are crucial to retaining flyers. For those who must fly frequently for work, or who simply enjoy travel, a customer loyalty service for flying is the best way to get the most bang for their buck. Because of this, many flyers will only travel with those airlines who offer these services. As with the case of hotel programs, customer rewards services for airlines enable flyers to accumulate points, or “miles” for their purchase of a plane ticket. Some airlines allow customers to strictly put these miles toward future flights, while others  will also allow their flyers  to use their points to upgrade to first class, receive cash back.

Customer Loyalty Programs for Credit Cards
Customer rewards services for credit card companies is another trend that has gained in popularity. These programs are extremely beneficial to both the spender and the agency, as customer loyalty plans for credit cards encourage higher levels of spending while offering great rewards options to consumers. Such programs will typically include some type of cash back rewards or the option to earn points for every “x” amount of dollars spent. Points can be saved and used to purchase a number of items from exercise to iPads and even travel accommodations.

Customer Loyalty Programs for Movie Theaters
As the popularity of customer rewards programs increases, it becomes more important for movie theaters to get on the bandwagon. Especially now, while consumers are not spending as much on entertainment, movie-going has become the top pick for some fun and escape from reality, and rewards programs will keep them coming back. Some theaters offer points for each movie ticket purchased, while others rack up points for every dollar spent, including at the snack bar. Points eventually entitle a movie-goer to a free night at the movies or free popcorn and drinks. You may even consider extending a free movie for the member’s birthday.

Regardless of whether a business is retail-based or not, it is important that all companies strive to reward their customers for loyalty. Establishing a rewards program with member-recognition is the most effective way to satisfy your consumers and keep them coming back.

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