iMatrix 5.5.5 Released for SAP Business One 8.82 with major enhancements

This post outlines the enhancements in iMatrix 5.5.5

This post also explains the business context of the 3 new features which have been developed in this release and has a video embedded which briefly describes these new features.

Release Description

This post outlines the enhancements / issues fixed in Item Matrix version 5.5.5.

Item Matrix 5.5.5 is only supported on

  • SAP Business One 8.82, PL04 and above
  • SAP Business One 8.81, PL03 and above
  • SAP Business One 8.8
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008


  • Multiple 2D Attributes – With this release, user can now define multiple 2D Attributes in the system and can associate any one of defined 2D attributes to any 2D grid item.

Till the last version of iMatrix, the user could only create one 2D attribute for the entire SAP Business One company. This release now allows to create multiple 2D attributes in the same SAP Business One company. For example – a multi brand retailer can now have multiple 2D attributes. One for shoes and the other set for apparels.

  • Item Matrix Initialization –With this release user can start working on Item Matrix with their existing SAP Business One Item Codes. A tool called IM Initialization is now available for mapping existing SAP Business One Items to Item Matrix SKUs.

Another major enhancement to the earlier version. Just like any other SAP Business One Addon from CitiXsys, it is now possible to implement iMatrix in an already implemented SAP Business One. This means that it is now possible to convert existing items to parent / child items.

  • Named Licensing – With this release Item Matrix Licenses would be consumed on named basis but not on login sequence basis, wherein authorized IM users would always be able to create SKUs irrespective of their login time.

It is now possible to name the user(s) in the organization who will use iMatrix. Till the last version the licenses were consumed based on login sequence.


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