Inventory Pro released today with enhancements

Inventory Pro is released today. This version of Inventory Pro is an improved release over its predecessors.

The release is not only compatible with SAP Business One 8.81 but also has enhancements and resolutions to the earlier bugs.


  • Compatibility with SAP Business One 8.81 – With this version, Inventory Pro is now compatible with SAP Business One 8.81 (PL03 and above).
  • Best Fit Quantity – Allocation Method – A new allocation method “Best Fit Quantity” has been incorporated in this release. This allocation method allocates item quantities from bins which best fulfill the required quantities.
  • RF Enhancements – Following enhancements have been incorporated in the RF Module:
  1. Display Last Item Scanned – When doing a Stock Take in scan each mode, the RF Module will now display the Last Item Scanned.
  2. Menu Navigation – A new configuration parameter has been provided in the RF module configuration file to allow the RF user to remain on the same transaction menu or return to Main Menu.

Bugs and Defects Fixed

  • Bin Lookup Sort Order in RF Module – In the previous release of the Inventory Pro Add-on, the Bin lookup in the RF Module was only sorted by Zone Preference and not by Bin Preference. This has been fixed in this release, i.e. – Bin lookup will now be sorted by Zone Preference and then further by Bin Preference.

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