CitiXsys January Newsletter 2015

The Cloud Advantage for Retailers
The Cloud as the Next Step at NRF 2015
At the National Retail Federation’s Big Show-2015, CitiXsys Technologies came out in force to showcase the power of Cloud Applications in the modern world of retailing. Kamal Karmakar, CEO, CitiXsys Technologies, talks about what trends are going to dominate the upcoming year, and his insights.
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CitiXsys Partner ICS Sharpens iVend Product Skills with Training
CitiXsys conducted a five-day, intensive training session on improving CitiXsys iVend Retail product knowledge for approximately 13 staff members of Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. (ICS). ICS is one of the Philippines’ leading IT solutions providers, with over 35 years of experience in providing technological expertise including nationwide sales and services.
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CitiXsys Partner ICS Sharpens iVend Product Skills with Training
Download Beyond CaseStudy
Beyond CaseStudy
Retail Insights
Retail Insights
Interview - Paula da Silva
NRF Video Podcast
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Upcoming Events
eCommerce Africa Confex 2015 – Cape Town, South Africa
Retail Business Technology Expo 2015 - Olympia, London, UK
Expo ANTAD – Guadalajara, Mexico
Recent Partnerships
Triphen Technologies Inc - United States
Triphen Technologies Inc – United States
Triphen Technologies Inc, specializes in technology solutions for the retail industry. Combining iVend Retail Management suite of solutions with hardware and the know-how helps their retail clients with the data and control needed to succeed in today’s fast paced economy. Their solutions are centered around carefully-chosen Point-of-Sale solutions, with additional tools to assist with business communication and marketing efforts.
Apzon Telecommunication Solution JSC - Vietnam
Apzon Telecommunication Solution JSC – Vietnam
APZON is an IT service provider and has 10 years of experience in providing IT solutions, as well as consulting services for clients in many sectors: telecommunications, retail, distribution, production, construction, manufacturing and service units of the state. As one of the first strategic partners of SAP AG in Vietnam – the leading ERP provider – APZON has been on a mission to empower its customers with optimal solutions and efficiency in management of business operations.
Recent Customer Wins
Game Day Detroit
Game Day Detroit
Game Day Detroit, formerly known as The Hook Up, is home to officially licensed sports apparel for MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL and select NCAA sports teams, as well as on-field apparel. The store carries both replica and authentic jerseys, in addition to photos, frames, sports figurines, autograph items and much more. The solution was implemented by our partner Support One, Inc. at their thirteen stores, Game Day is currently using iVend to power their sales. Beyond this, Game Day Detroit also took on the same number of iVend Store servers, over MCs and a HO console to get the winning edge during game days and beyond.
Attard Bros. Group
Attard Bros. Group
Operating since 1977, Attard Bros Group is today composed of six units which range from construction, finishing, joinery, construction materials, hard landscaping and full-scale developments. Their clients range from Toyota, KPMG, Vodafone, Hilton, Playmobile, HSBC, Hard Rock Café and Pizza Hut, among others. The Group has taken the advantage of iVend POS at four of their stores and the Head Office to streamline their business prowess, with assistance from CitiXsys’ partner Philip Toledo Ltd.
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Ease of Master Data Management in iVend eCommerce

Ease of master data management in iVend eCommerce_Citixsys_600x235

iVend eCommerce is the integrated eCommerce portal of iVend Retail Management Suite. Notwithstanding the business benefits of an integrated eCommerce portal, iVend eCommerce also extends a high level of convenience to the retailer – more from the view point of master data management. The fundamental and the most basic expectation from an integrated eCommerce portal is to not only have the transactions integrated, but also to have a common repository of the master data.

Master Data Management in the context of an eCommerce portal plays an important role in establishing a successful online business. One of the major aspects of master data management is the ability of the application suite to allow users a single application interface from where the entire master data can be managed. Specifically, we are referring to item master, their associated images, price lists, special price lists, gift cards, coupons, etc. In an integrated retail application like iVend Retail Management Suite, iVend Enterprise is the central repository of the entire master data. The configuration settings available in iVend Enterprise make it possible to either share the entire master data across the retail network or make it store or eCommerce specific.

Definition and management of images determine the aesthetics and usability of an eCommerce portal.Ease of master data management in iVend eCommerce_200X200 Since the customer does not have the option of physically feeling the products, the closest an online retailer can come is to show multiple different images and profiles of the product. Moreover a product can either be displayed on the home page or the entity page or on the product page or any other location on the eCommerce portal. The size of the image at all these locations is always different. Given the different locations (on the portal) and the image sizes, managing images can be a nearly impossible task.

iVend eCommerce resizes images automatically depending on the location (on the portal) where all the image is to be displayed. It is the same image that can be shown on the home page, entity page, product page, in the shopping cart, in the order confirmation page, etc. This feature significantly reduces the overhead of master data management for images.

Not only the images, iVend eCommerce being integrated to iVend Enterprise allows seamless integration of gift cards, coupons and loyalty cards between the two applications. Similarly price lists can be made specific to iVend eCommerce.

There are many more such features in iVend eCommerce that reduce the need to duplicate master data once it is entered in one of the integrated applications of iVend Retail Management Suite.

To know more about master data management in iVend eCommerce, please visit or write to us at [email protected]