Mobile POS – The New Point of Service

iVend Mobile POS, is one of the latest innovations from CitiXsys and forms an important part of the iVend Retail Management Suite. Built to operate on iOS devices and Andriod tablets, iVend Mobile POS suites the retail strategy of retail leaders who adopt innovative retail technologies to make their customers happy.

As an application, iVend Mobile is as relevant to mid-sized retailers who want to expand their retail footprint much faster, as it is to large format retailers who utilize iVend Mobile as a queue buster and also as a tool to optimize expensive real estate space.

The application allows small format retail chains to expand faster and open new outlets by significantly reducing time required to setup an IT infrastructure. This is achieved by iVend Mobile’s ability to directly connect to iVend HO Server. On the other hand, iVend Mobile allows a large format retail chains where a retailer would like to increase the checkout points without compromising on expensive real estate space. In this case iVend Mobile connects to the store server.

This one feature of iVend Mobile gives all retailers an unprecedented leverage for a faster expansion without any compromises.

iVend Mobile will be made available at Apple App Store and Google Play in July 2013 and will get installed on the mobile device like any other App.

The configuration settings which include setup of the peripherals, preferred language, printers, etc. are done on the handheld device.

User can either specify a fixed time during the day when the synchronization is to be executed OR the user can specify the synchronization frequency at which the transactional data from iVend Mobile will get synchronized to the iVend Server.

The transactional data gets synchronized in real time whereas the updates from iVend HO server get synchronized at the defined frequency.

iVend Mobile not only works when the device is connected to the store or the HO server over a WiFi or 3G connection (on line mode) but is also designed to work even when there is no network connectivity (offline mode) With little to no investments in IT Infrastructure, iVend Mobile turns out to be an extremely affordable solution. The costs associated with procuring and maintaining retail peripherals for terminal POS are far more than those of running mobile POS.

The money value of time saved for the customers by busting queues is an important factor in enhanced customer satisfaction. In addition to the time saved at the checkout counter, a mobile POS gives an opportunity to the store executive to upsell items while interacting with the customers on the floor.

How iVend Retail Can Help Footwear Retailers

Fashion Retailers in general and footwear retailers in particular are faced with additional challenges. FootwearFast changing fashion trends, an extremely cost sensitive consumer, stiff competition from departmental store with well-appointed shoe departments; discount shoe stores and outlets, as well as general merchandise discounters such as Wal-Mart, exert additional pressure on the footwear retailer to remain competitive.

Trade regulations aside, retailers heavily rely on imports from Far East at extremely competitive prices. Not only is the logistics of delivery critical, it is equally critical to source the right mix of style, size and color. Ability to collate, analyze and act on consumer buying patterns, sales trends and changes in fashion industry are imperative to succeed in the footwear industry.

A Footwear Retailer is faced with the challenge to:

  • Keep in touch with the fashion industry – ensuring that the stores have the right mix of styles, colors and sizes
  • Periodically run promotions & campaigns to increase footfall and decrease slow moving items
  • Remain closer to the consumer and analyze his buying patterns and sales trends.

Such a balance requires an integrated business management solution that allows flexibility to cater to the diverse & unique demands of Footwear Retailers. A system that seamlessly integrates all business processes from the POS at store to the planners at the Head Office lowering the overall cost of operations, simplifying expansion and enabling the Footwear Retailer maintain his unique proposition and positioning.

iVend Retail – a complete retail management suite offers to footwear retailers ability to address these business and operational challenges. The application suite allows footwear retailers to:

  • Stay connected with business operations

iVend Retail comes as an end-to-end retail management solution for footwear retailers, seamlessly integrating point of sale, in store inventory management, logistics, back office store and head office operations.

iVend Retail has certified integrations to SAP suite of business management solutions and also integrates to other ERPs and accounting applications through its APIs. This failsafe integration with an ERP / accounting application keeps the head office always connected with store operations across the complete retail chain.

  • Inventory control and replenishment planning

Head office operations get complete visibility of stock across the retail chain and can effectively replenish stocks rather than relying on store requisitions. Additionally the merchandising department can raise purchase orders in time to avoid stock out situations.

Store Managers and POS operators can gain complete visibility of stock across stores or at the main warehouse / distribution centers right from the POS interface.

  • Promotions that maximize profitability

Manage targeted promotions in multiple formats by easily analyzing detailed customer trends at individual stores and across the retail chain.

  • Retain customers and manage customer communication

iVendLoyalty allows retailers to define flexible / attractive campaigns, ensuring customer loyalty.

Visit to know more about how can iVend Retail Management Suite can help you before more profitable and your customers more engaged.


Milano Impex goes live on iVend Retail

COMPANY : EGLE (Milano Impex Pvt. Ltd.)

COUNTRY : Chandigarh, IndiaLouis Alberti

INDUSTRY : Retail – Footwear

Milano Impex Pvt. Ltd owns two brands EGLE & LOUIS ALBERTI and has been successfully selling them in the Indian market. Post carving a niche in European market, Milano Impex Pvt Ltd introduced brand EGLE in India in 2003 followed by introduction of LOUIS ALBERTI.

Milano Impex initially followed the dealer & distributor business model which contributed to a major chunk of their revenue. Company had presence in the domestic market with the help of their dealers. Hence to set its footprints in the Arena of high street retail, company ventured to set up their first Retail outlet at Chandigarh, India.


Milano Impex Pvt. Ltd., a fast-growing brand name in high-end casual and formal footwear, appointed Merino, a CitiXsys partner to implement iVend Retail Management Suite with SAP Business One.

Milano began implementing at stores that gave the company limited visibility and reporting of in-store stock and warehouse. With ambitious plans to grow the business, Milano chose iVend Retail Management Suite to manage their Retail operations with SAP Business One as backend ERP. The need was to have a system that could manage a fast growing business and be easy to use & maintain with limited IT resources.

  • Management of inventory and consolidated view of existing stock was unavailable
  • Inefficient stock monitoring and movement
  • Implementation of discounts & promotions was impossible due to inadequate information
  • Complex and inaccurate sales & invoicing process
  • Unmanageable data consolidation

Solution :

iVend Retail Management Suite with SAP Business One


  • Unified view of inventory at POS helped in Rapid stock turnaround
  • Overall employee efficiency increased due to availability of integrated data at store and Head Office
  • Synchronized data transfers between Stores and Enterprise ensured operational accuracy across Retail chain
  • Reduced shrinkage due to operational transparency
  • Considerable reduction in invoicing & stock-take errors and replenishment planning errors
  • Achieved faster order processing
“With iVend Retail we have a modern, secure, fast and scalable solution with integrated inventory management, promotions management and much more. The implementation process and the post implementation support from CitiXsys and the implementation partner, Merino has been excellent. A professional team of consultants and subject matter experts really understood our business and helped us in further improving our business efficiencies.”
Prem Kumar,
CEO, Milano Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Imtiaz Supermarket goes live on iVend Retail

COMPANY : Imtiaz Supermarket

COUNTRY : Pakistan

INDUSTRY : Retail – Supermarket

CitiXsys Partner : Abacus Consulting

Imtiaz, a venture of Mr. Hakim Khan Abbasi began operations in the year 1955. His primeval idea was to kick off a small store which could provide general items of daily use to their customers. Over the years as business grew, Mr. Imtiaz Hussain envisioned of making Imtiaz Super Store, a store which would help make peoples life better. He had a vision to serve people by helping them save money in their day today shopping; a vision to strive and conquer their customer’s with love. Currently the Supermarket has three Stores, five warehouses and a packaging unit and this elaborate network is controlled from the Head office located at Karachi, Pakistan. Keeping pace with growth in Retail Sector in Pakistan, company is about to inaugurate a new Supermarket that be biggest one among all three existing super Markets.


In recent years, Imtiaz Group has achieved growth through an aggressive strategy for opening new stores. While Supermarket sales are a major driver for this strategy, the company’s warehouses had become burdened by poor inventory visibility and control and limited data that compromised its decision making.

As an expanding business they required a modern IT platform that could consolidate their Retail and warehousing operations and foster the planned pace of growth.

  • No centralized access to inventory information & availability of proper sales data
  • Inefficient stock monitoring & movement
  • High transaction time at point of sale and system constraint to handle high footfall at store
  • Data existed in siloes at each branch & lead inaccurate inventory calculation
  • Unmanageable data consolidation & audits

Solution :

iVend Retail Management Suite with SAP Business One


  • iVend Retail was able to enhance key retail transaction performance at store & increased overall employee efficiency
  • Synchronized data transfers between Stores & enterprise ensured accuracy across Retail chain
  • Allowed to measure sales numbers better and track inventory stock levels efficiently
  • Easy identification of slow moving inventories for improved purchasing decision making
“The benefits of our new Retail management system are splendid. We have full control on what is being purchased, what is being sold, and what is available in the inventory. Now we have obtained a fairly transparent view of store operations through process integration”
Waqas Hanif,
Imtiaz Supermarket

Simplyfying Retail for Electronics & Digital Stores

Apple Store running iVend Retail - banner

Mobility is indeed a buzzword these days and the biggest beneficiary of this boom is the retail industry. Powerful, feature rich Smartphones & tablet devices in the hands of the consumers coupled with much improved Internet technologies are forcing the retailers to adopt mobility in their business environment.

Retailers are today extending brand & product information, ordering capabilities and payment options on mobile platforms to consumers. These mobile platforms are either smartphones or tablet-based devices, which are either consumer owned or employee operated. A recent report shows that over 45% retailers are most likely to adopt mobile platforms to cater to rapidly changing customer expectations.

iVend Retail for IOS iPhone iPad and Android Tabs

iVend POS running on iPad & iPhones

Given the nature of these devices, it is far more likely for an electronics retailer to adopt a mobile platform to increase customer satisfaction and use this as a shopping differentiator. A consumer would use a mobile device for placing an order, looking for ratings, reviews, redeeming coupons, use passport services to store all loyalty points, coupons, gift certificates, etc.

A retailer would use a mobile platform to enhance in-store shopping experience by using mobile devices as line / queue busters, marketing functions like dynamic location based messaging for promotions, advertising, etc.

The possibilities are endless and so are the technological options available to both – the retailer and the end consumer.

It is no longer futuristic for a consumer to walk into a store, select an item, order it online using his mobile phone with an option to collect the item form the same store right there. By using the mobile platform, the consumer will be able to get a better deal online, redeem his loyalty points and gift cards and still walk out of the store with the item, as if it were tendered out at the till in the store.

All these points prompted iShops in Egypt to select iVend Retail – a Complete & Integrated Retail Management System in their stores selling amongst other, Apple products.

iVend Mobile POS - Checkout screen

Retailers in the Electronics Vertical are faced with a unique set of challenges. Hundreds of products in tens of categories, ever changing models and their series including sizes, different types of accessories and all serial controlled make inventory management a herculean task for the retailers to keep pace with the changes and evolution.

Not only this, electronic products are extensively compared for their features and underlying technology before a consumer decides on a particular brand and model. Recording these features with an ability to compare models across a price range is a fundamental expectation from a Retail Solution.

Electronic items are not limited to the ones, which are portable and can be carried away by the customer. These items also include big sized items, which require installation and configurations with custom shipping needs.

iVend Retail Management Suite with its integrated applications allows an electronic retailer to effectively manage these challenges across multiple sales channels – in-store or online. Actually, more so, on the online eCommerce offering that a retailer may have.

Electronics Vertical – Evolve to Expand

Consumer electronics globally has out performed all other industry verticals and has been resilient to the downturn of economy. Dynamism is inherently associated to this Electronics Vertical - Evolve to Expandvertical and managing a Consumer electronics Retail Store is a challenging task. More so because people visiting electronics store, walk in to Experience the Best in technology and feel its pulse.

Store formats in this vertical are variable with no limitations to size or range. One may see an e-store, mobile store, or large multilevel electronics and appliance superstores with elaborate displays and self-service Kiosks. But at all the places the one sentiment that electronics retailers share in common is that meeting customer expectations is a daunting task with a bigger challenge being efficient utilization of resources & retail space. Retailers strive hard to provide the right product mix to their customers in a constantly transitioning landscape of new product launches, models, and configuration.

It is therefore mandatory for these Retailers to strategically integrate their operations to differentiate themselves on high customer service levels while maintaining firm control of inventory at store and back office warehouse

Thousands of stores in over 45+ countries are running iVend Retail from CitiXsys Technologies and are more profitable and efficient. CitiXsys Technologies has a strong focus on Retail, Warehouse, and Inventory management offering innovative software solutions to its customers globally.

Enhancing modern retail industry experience, iVend Retail is a fully integrated, comprehensive Retail management solution to manage Head office and In-Store processes. iVend Loyalty, iVend eCommerce, iVend Mobility and  iVend Analytics are a few integrated modules making iVend the right choice for modern retailers of any size.

iVend eCommerce is an eCommerce and mCommerce solution that allows retailers to sell efficiently into multiple channels, all from one integrated system. With its seamless integration with iVend Retail, shoppers can conduct their business on the web in the same way as is done at the physical store – imparting customers a unified experience – where they have access to all products, images, virtual studios, promotions and schemes.

This application is not limited to retail and can be extensively used in industries like manufacturing, for listing their products and services on-line on the Internet

With 24X7 accessibility buyers can choose the buy products anytime, anywhere and retailers can sell their products to achieve the higher ROI. Our reporting tools are very comprehensive and allow you to see exactly what has sold where so you can make adjustments to maximize your sales and minimize your overheads.

An increasing number of leading retailers across the globe operating iVend Retail have realized significant business improvements and service differentiation. iVend Retail seamlessly integrates Head office functionality and In-Store functions efficiently into a unified organizational system with the backend ERP delivering better business results.

iVend Retail offers view of inventory across all stores enabling store managers and merchandize planners at the head office to have complete control over organizational inventory stock levels. Special orders with integrated shipping is available at all customer touch pints whether store or online. This allows better customer service right from Point of Sale by enabling product not in store stock to be drawn and shipped from the warehouse or to be delivered from another store

While buying electronics more and more consumers are using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to make purchases, find coupons and learn where they can get the best deals. iVend Retail mobile solution helps shoppers browse e-store using their smartphones with comparative pricing features. Retailers using iVend find an effective way to leave a positive impression among customers and take advantage of this technology to Click Sales..

iVOO Store goes live on iVend Retail

IVOO StoreIVOO StoreIVOO Store

iVOO – The flagship store of  Siragon offers a unique blend of innovation and technology together spread of thousands of sq yards of Store space with 30 point of Sales at Venezuela. The store had a grand opening on 28th September 2012 with a record footfall of about 7000 people on the very first day. The vast store which has hundreds of electronic models on display is bigger than an average Mall, and runs on iVend Retail with SAP Business All-In-One.

Siragon was born, a Venezuelan brand and in 10 years is ranked second in the market share in Venezuela and continues to reap success internationally. Since its launch, Siragon has positively influenced the market with attractive models from both standpoints aesthetics and technology.

The iVOO store that sells everything electronic, not only showcases Siragon’s product range but also is a storehouse of all leading Global electronics brands like Philips, Apple etc. iVend Retail is configured across all thirty registers in the store and customers are enjoying great in-store retail shopping experience with fast checkout at the store.

iVend Retail has provided operational efficiency through integration of business processes & easy  visibility of business data. A defined and structured retail process with easy to use front-end has enabled iVOO staff handle huge footfalls and manage transactions with ease.


Some of the business benefits that iVOO has started accruing include:

  • Efficient information sharing between head office and stores
  • Store management, maximizing sales with integrated and automated processes
  • Real time sales and stock level information
  • Increased business agility with proactive service

Siragon is a young company which has the infrastructure, design and innovation to reach the future objectives of the brand and position itself as a creator of solutions in electronics industry with a strong focus on providing answer to regional needs in the Latin American market. As Siragon is betting in the economy of scale and it is continuously working on expanding the brand to other markets in emerging countries.


Era of Modern Retail (in India) begins with FDI

The Indian Retail Industry is the 5th largest retail destination and the second most  attractive market for investment in the globe after Vietnam as reported by Global Research firm AT  Kearney‘s Era of Modern Retail begins with FDI. The  growing popularity of Indian Retail sector has resulted in growing awareness of  quality products and brands

All Indian households have traditionally enjoyed the convenience of calling up the corner grocery/ Mom & Pop or the “kirana” store, which is all too familiar with their brand preferences, offers credit with door delivery. New Mall based shopping formats are gaining popularity in most cities today, the price-sensitive Indian shopper has reached out to stores such as Big Bazaar mainly for the steep discounts and bulk prices, although most shoppers still prefer the convenience and access offered by the local store.

So how would these Western multi-brand stores such as Wal-Mart and Carrefour strategize their entry into the country and gain access to the average Indian household?

Wal-Mart has already entered the market through its partnership with Bharti, and gained opportunity for some early observations. The company’s entry into China sure must have brought some understanding on catering to a large, diverse market, and perspectives on buying behavior in Asian households. Carrefour on the other hand has launched its wholesale cash and carry operations in the country for professional businesses and retailers. The only ways we see these retail giants gain some quick wins while reaching out to the Indian consumer are-

For one, they will effectively harness their expertise with cold storage technologies to lure customers with fresh and exotic vegetables, fruits and organic produce.

Secondly, they will attract Indian consumer with a range of inspirational global foods and household brands.

Thirdly, by supporting domestic farmers will try ensuring supplies of essential raw materials to them.

Surely, these should engage shoppers’ and farmers interest–but what needs to be seen is whether they can effectively combine these benefits, with the familiarity, convenience and personalized shopping experiences that the local Mom & Pop  or “kirana” stores have always offered.

In emerging markets where FDI has been allowed, it has been observed that organized retail can’t grow beyond a point. The average share of Modern Retail in China is about 25%. Back home where it is open to large Indian corporations, only about 25 to 27% of trade is through Modern Retail. Extensive Market research indicates that an average family does three kinds of Shopping- daily, weekly and monthly. In monthly shopping, people usually buy groceries in bulk from larger stores for better deals. Weekly & daily purchases are top-up purchases and the key driver here is convenience. This is largely driven by door-to-door delivery. Modern Retail will struggle to offer such a facility.

Indian organized retail industry is one of the Sunrise sectors with huge growth potential.

Total retail market in India stood at USD 350 billion in 2007-08 and is estimated to attain USD 573 billion by 2012-13.

India is the second most attractive retail destination‘s globally from among thirty emergent markets. Foreign companies ‘attraction to India is the billion-plus population. Also, there are huge employment opportunities in retail sector in India. India‘s retail industry is the second largest sector, after agriculture, which provides employment. FDI in Retail is a blessing which would lead to massive job generation, inflow of foreign investments in villages, reduce farm wastage, provide farmers’ their due in form of higher prices for their produce and will not have any impact on a traditional Mom & Pop store or ” kirana” merchants in any way whatsoever. The strong back-end infrastructure of organized Retail would help reduce wastage from farm production and improve efficiency of a highly-fragmented food supply chain in India and give the much needed push to small & medium scale manufacturers where they can utilize multi-brand Retail chains as marketing interface to promote their brand among masses.

iVend Retail Management Suite is a complete solution from CitiXsys. The suite provides retailers a real time view of their operations with centralized control enabling effective and faster decision-making. It helps retailers succeed in their business by providing connected modules including: in-store management, eCommerce, Customer Loyalty Programs, Pricing & Promotions, Inventory Management & Planning, and Business Intelligence & Analytics

Retail Management to Control Pilferage

Retail business owners certainly appreciate how busy and complex operating a store can be on any given day, but how often do you really think about the huge amount of Pilferageinformation that needs to be tracked? Every piece of merchandise, every customer transaction, every time a cash register drawer is opened – all of these hold the potential for profit or loss. Multiply that by your number of locations, and you have an enormous amount of data to record and process. A comprehensive retail management software system can gather and process that data for you, putting the information you need to run your business most effectively right at your fingertips.

With the iVend Retail Management Software, you can track inventory, observe the buying patterns of individual customers and customer groups, find the availability of an item at one of your other locations, manage your online store, and so much more. One of the most critical benefits to an integrated retail management software system, though, is the ability to know what goes on in your store. One of the most common problems faced by retail stores and chains is the issue of pilferage; responsible for close to half of all retail losses, internal threats are the biggest source of loss for retail stores. Your POS system can help you keep those losses from pilferage under control.

Your iVend  monitors and records every transaction that the cash register processes – every sale, every return, every voided transaction, every time the drawer is opened. It records till counts, at the beginning and end of the day and periodically throughout, tracking variance. You can set up separate logins and passwords for each employee, so you know who was responsible for the register during which transactions. Biometric login strategies, supported by iVend, prevent employees from stealing one another’s passwords. By reviewing the logs of these transactions every day, you can identify any unusual activity – the drawer being opened an excessive number of times, several small returns or refunds, or anything else that stands out. Unexplained, anomalous behavior at the register can be a sign of theft or fraud.

Tracking your inventory is another way that retail management software helps you control pilferage. By keeping a regular, accurate count of your stock – and making sure employees know that your inventory is tracked by the software – you can reduce the chances of your merchandise walking out the door when it shouldn’t. Having the ability to track inventory offers advantages beyond loss prevention as well; retail management software allows you to check the inventory of other stores in your chain and for your online store, and to observe what sells well and what stays on the shelf, which can help you make future inventory purchasing decisions.

You can keep track of customer purchasing data with iVend Retail Management Software as well. You can analyze the buying habits of your customers, create discounts and sales, and develop and manage customer loyalty programs to keep your customers coming back. You can view customer contact information, balances, and credit limits at the POS, and record multiple billing and shipping addresses for your customers. These features allow you to improve your customer service, but they also have important loss prevention applications. Reviewing POS transaction logs with an eye to identifying unusual numbers of large returns and comparing them to inventory shortfalls at other store locations can help you identify potential fraud.

Our iVend Retail solution allows you to improve the efficiency and quality of service at your retail stores while controlling potential losses due to pilferage.

To know more about our iVend Retail management Suite Contact Us or mail us on [email protected].

How do I manage Retail operations to delight customers?

There’s just no getting around the fact that in today’s retail environment, keeping past customers, and attracting new ones, increasingly revolves around an operation’s
buying Integrated Retail ability to engage, and enchant shoppers across an ever expanding spectrum of contact points.

The playing field of retail operations is changing rapidly in response to the many revolutionary technological advances that have impacted every aspect of commerce over the last decade. Successfully staying abreast of these advances, and creatively integrating them into an overall retail marketing strategy, has become vital to capturing customer attention and maintaining commercial viability.

Be There Waiting
Managing a retail operation in a way that maximizes a customer’s user experience is increasingly the key to pleasing and keeping shoppers. Especially in an environment where your competition is often a simple computer keystroke away. Two of the biggest factors influencing shopper decisions and loyalty are ease of use and variety of choice.

Creating a dynamic and successful marketing strategy today hinges on understanding how existing and emerging technologies are shaping customer behavior, and incorporating this knowledge into an integrated retail plan that engages shoppers where they really are.

  • Point of Sale one of the latest trends in retail is giving the customer the ability to pay for products with a smartphone app. – known as mobile wallets. This brings added convenience to the shopping experience – and customers love easy.
  • Enhanced Loyalty Component – mobile wallet technology expands loyalty programs beyond a membership card, and sends attractive promotions and discount offers to customers via the electronic payment application of their choice. And every customer’s chief loyalty is to value.
  • Networking via the Customer – incorporating easy to use social media components into every venue where customers access your operation is crucial to a successful integrated retail plan. Giving your customers a concrete vehicle for spreading the word makes them happy – and your bottom line too.
  • Mobile Apps – shoppers use their phones to search, and buy, more and more each year. Having your own smartphone app simply puts your operation where the shopper is increasingly likely to be too. When they see your app – they’ll smile.

All for One
One of the key, and somewhat hidden, aspects of the increasing complexity we’re witnessing in the technological bells and whistles available to retail operations today, is the pervasive simplicity and ease of use it delivers to your customers. With each addition to a modern plan of integrated retail components, another layer of customers is incorporated into your network.

What seems rather confusing and complex when viewed as a whole is actually the picture of simplicity from the customer’s perspective. They don’t care that you have several elements to your marketing web that do not apply to them – they only care about the one that does. And since each one of these components delivers increasing ease of interaction to someone – your integrated retail plan constitutes a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Keeping an engaged and delighted customer base is one of the keys to the success of any retail operation. Developing an intelligently designed plan of integrating tools customers already love into the very structure of your retail operations will provide a steady stream of shoppers, and sales.